Sunday, December 13, 2009


Watched this movie just now with Kenny. Last minute plan to watch movie so we didn't even know what movie to watch haha. He wanted something more action packed but there isn't any action packed movie that make me feel like watching so we ended up watching Zombieland lol.

It's a gross + funny movie haha. The story is about the whole world is infected and almost everyone is a Zombie. The main character Columbus, is one of them who are still human. He heard that the West is safe from Zombie and started his journey to the West. He have his set of rules to keep himself safe from the Zombies.

The rules are freaking funny, although they are good surviving tips haha. "Rule #1, Cardio". The fatties are the one that is turned into Zombie first because they run slow haha! Not only that, still got a lot funny parts but it's not just laughing all the way. It's like laughing and suddenly see gross stuff then laugh again lol.

Overall, I think this movie is so so la, not too bad but some of you might think that it's not worth watching at the cinema. For me I think it's still ok, a bit like Epic Movie those kind of movies.So it all depends on you.

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