Friday, May 30, 2008


freaking moody now..sien..i duno wat happened not really following my classes..most of the time in class half there half not..then sometimes some class really damn noisy..make ppl a bit pissed off..they think it's funny but at times it gets annoying..then basketball..i juz wanna play for fun,i've never think of playing it serious..i dun care if im a noob or wat,it's juz something i do for leisure not as profession..i dowan to train! i dowan to join any team or watsoever! dun force me pls..i say dowan means dowan. then..the next thing..i hope u guys will know..yes frens and frens should treat each other good but shouldnt there be a limit as we r juz frens? dun treat me too good pls..i cant stand it..makes me feel very uncomfortable..i dowan to be treated special or wat,im juz an ordinary person,ur ordinary fren..if u want me as fren..u know wat to sorry but seriously..i cant stand makes me feel like im owing u coz u do so much stuff 4 me..i dun like to owe ppl especially favors..i wanna treat u as fren too but u do like this i very hard to pretend ntg happen =.=" haih..and i really hope can be alone..i juz dun feel like sticking to ppl..haihz duno la!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thinking too much again..

well once again the creative mind of mine start thinking stupid things again..feeling moody..haih..duno want how 2 say..and i duno can find who..i really duno..i juz know,i think back of a lot of stuff again..and suddenly im moody..2day i feel like contacting ppl i've neglected for some time..i sms them..all of them replied as if it's so damn weird that they receive an sms from me..zzz..all reply by asking y u sms me? izit that strange that im keeping in touch wif an old fren? then juz now play truth or dare with my old frens at fren's hse..suddenly something which i didnt think of for quite some time surface again..actually i've always feel that something is wrong's been really quite some time since i really like a guy =.=" it's not that im desperate or wat..and it's not that im not enjoying my life now..but somehow..i feel kind of can i not haf feelings for any1? =.=" i duno ler..watever for fun..k la..the end.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Should sad past things really be forgotten?

this few days..i duno wat's wrong..somehow i juz keep thinking back of something that i shouldnt be thinking's not something good obviously lol..this "thing" happened 2 years ago..but somehow..the details are still in my mind..i wonder if i really cant 4get wat happened or if it's me who do not want to 4get it haha..stupid not gonna share my story in this post..juz wanna write down how im feeling now haha..

enjoy =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

BluR bLuR~

Im awake so freaking early 2day class starts at 9am,i set my alarm to 7am and yday i tot im so tired that i was afraid that i couldn't wake up haha..but i end up waking up automatically at 4.30am =.=" couldn't get back to sleep so i decided to wake up and check on my cabal's new id, watch a bit of drama, catch up wif ppl on msn and check my frenster..i was organasing my photos and i notice i havent's got any new photo's uploaded for ages haha..and finally i start to miss my long hair T_T i've been trying to keep it back for months but it seems to have grown only 1cm? sad sad...since i cut my hair short i already planned wat style to try this year haha..but that hair requires long hair T_T i've been wanting to try that hairstyle for ages but last time dun haf the courage to cut short as it's a combination of long and short hair..all i can do now is juz wait and wait for my hair to grow back long..until now i still haf frens who say,"serve u rite,last time hair so long who ask u go cut short?" haha..

Going to class is very tiring..y i duno. but everytime im home from college sure feel very tired and sleepy >.< my classes are progressing freaking fast. i enrolled late 1 week only,go to class only assignments and projects have already been handed out -_-" then some subjects even proceeded to the 3rd chapter d on the 2nd week only! lots of catching up work to do and my notes are so when i enter class still got the blur blur feeling lol. ntg much special 4 me in college..everything is quite the same except that now most of my classes are held in the new campus. the new campus ah..ok ok lah..i dun like the classrooms coz it's too bright. when lecturers are showing slides and notes it's very difficult for us to see. the lifts are kind of slow, the canteen is so much smaller and cramped. new frens ah? dun haf...the subject that i think i will be having fun the most this sem is Interactive Media? =D it's like kinda fun learning how 2 make Flash~! i've always enjoy creating things lol..hopefully it's not too far from far i imagined the class to be lol. my last sem's class Computer Graphics and Editting which is SUPPOSED to be fun turned out to be a disaster thanx to the "nice" lecturer ^^ she is so damn "nice" that she failed almost half the class =) well well..i shouldn't be backstabbing haha..past already anyway,dun care her =P

During my break boring..duno wanna go where..go library? i used to do that in the 1st sem but now i realise library is so boring~ go asia cafe? go there do wat pool? i duno how 2 play..foosball? i duno also..go FTZ dota? i stopped dota quite some time d..go eat? i dun really eat and dun really like the food around wat else can i do? T_T besides that i dun really have a fix gang in college haha..i join whoever i know but most of them i will walk around alone aimlessly lol..hmm can any1 gif me some suggestion on how 2 spend my break? XD if only Inti provide a sleeping room for ppl who has got ntg better to do during break time where we can go over and rest haha XD i know i know im bring too imaginative =P

how 2 make my life more interesting ler? how how how? how? howwwwwww?? lol..wat is interesting life anyway? since i started college very long didnt go travel d..actually i love going trips to some other places wif a bunch of frens..i miss going penang and redang the most. Redang is a nice place to visit if ur wif a bunch of frens,and i do enjoy there too..but everytime i feel like wanna go i will haf another doubt which is the after effect of Redang,SUNBURN and TANNED T_T my life in KL is like night stalker the moonlight more than sunlight which makes me not that tanned. besides that..i guess most girls also prefer to be fair than dark rite? =P although im not that girlish but hey,im still a girl haha XD

before i end this blog..wanna say very happy to know 3 guys from cabal which is xginginginx,MissingBlade and ImbaWarrior fun playing wif u all. 2gather gang ppl,and the 3 of u also very jaga me and help me ^^ i think if i didnt meet the 3 of u this game will be more boring haha..miss the times we go kacau popcorn and gangbang ppl =P im gonna post the screenshot here ^^

~*~MissingBlade,krazygal (Me ^^),ImbaWarrior,xginginginx~*~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Semester,New Beginning?

well long time didnt update my blog coz im sooooooooooooo busy gaming haha =P i didnt know got ppl actually read my blog lol! my holiday came and went juz like that T_T without realising it 2 weeks have gone haha..but i gave myself 1 week "extra holiday" coz i havent get the money to enrol from my loan and my mom =P 3 weeks of hardcore gaming for me..everyday wake up cabal,then play play play until tired open shop afk and go sleep. the next day when i woke up,trip continues haha..i wanted to go shopping but i juz cant bear to leave my character unattended at home >.<>.< game ="x" social ="P">.< Got C+ for my marketing..pathetic. didnt expected this..i know how 2 answer the questions 1 ler! but those that i duno how to do and i thought i will do badly still ok la..hmm..duno wat else to write for now. juz back from college few hrs ago and my line is bad,cant game haha..

go watch drama while enjoying my mcflurry =D tata~