Friday, January 29, 2010

What is wrong?

Does anyone know what happened to Blogger? Yesterday night before I went to sleep my blog is still fine, but this morning when I check my blog again, my Post Title and Post Footer changed. I was using Lithos Pro Regular previously and it's red in colour, but now it became Pink colour and I don't know what font is that =.=

My Post Footer is now showing below my Post title instead. I didn't touch my blog's HTML at all but it just changed by itself. Anyone with the same problem? And I tried editing it but it just won't change even though my codes are right zzz..

If any of you know what happened please tell me =.= I hate the stupid pink title now argh!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog To Impress or Express?

This is something that came to my mind few days ago. Blog, also known as web log, is supposed to be like a virtual diary where you write down things that happened to you and all. Majority of the bloggers would say that blogs are supposed to be an expression of the blogger itself and not to impress others, but I don't really see much of it happening now.

Nowadays with so many companies that provide ads to our blog, the purpose of blog begin to change. More and more people hopes to earn easy money through blogging. They want to increase the traffic of their blog and in order to do so, they start to "Blog To Impress".

No strangers will find your everyday life interesting unless you are someone Big and Famous, which explains why the Paparazzi exists. So to attract more people to read their blog, they will blog about things which they think people will be more interested in, such as all the "How To's", or some breaking issues that everyone already know about but can't get enough of them.

Some create fake profiles, with fake photos, and fake stories but presenting it in a manner as if everything is true. For example, pretending to be a rich, pretty and popular gal and bitching about everything but in real life, she could be someone who is rejected in class and have no friends. All of this, just to get people to read your blog. Is this the purpose of blog?

And there is a type that I don't really like, the type that ask every single person to link them up. Perhaps they hope that their name can appear on every single blog to show that they are famous? Who knows, but for me, exchanging links should only be done after some time, when you start to know the person better, or IF you really read their blog. What's the point of adding a person's link that you don't know and you won't read their blog?

I'm not saying that everyone should just blog to express and not impress, but don't let Impress take over Express. Of course, everyone will feel happy when their blog's traffic increases, but wouldn't it be more satisfactory if the traffic increases because you are being yourself instead of pretending to be someone else? ^^

Anyway, it's just my opinion. Hope no one would be offended by it =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Watched this movie yesterday, it was great! This movie is about Derek Thompson, an Ice Hockey player with the nickname Tooth Fairy because he always get people's tooth flying. He's a cold person who doesn't believe in dreams. He even told his girlfriend's daughter that there is no Tooth Fairy. So, he got a summon and was punished to serve as a Tooth Fairy for 2 weeks!

It's really freaking hilarious! Seeing the tall, muscular and manly "The Rock" in a pink Tutu? From beginning of the movie laugh until the end of the movie Haha! The best thing is, it's not the kind of lame jokes that will make you feel boring after laughing for some time.

I like the storyline as well, although a bit more to the fairytale and children type, I still enjoyed it. This will definitely make children believe in Tooth Fairy more and remind us adults that we once believed in Tooth Fairy too (I did too when I was a child!).

After watching this movie, I like "The Rock" so much haha. His teeth is so damn sparkling white that it's impossible for anyone not to notice it when he smiles. And I think that his acting is not too bad either, his facial expressions are good XD

Anyway, I would recommend you all to watch this movie if you want to have a great laugh and you don't mind watching something more fairytale type ^^

Tooth Fairy Premiere Screening @ TGV, 1 Utama

The screening of Tooth Fairy was held yesterday 9pm at TGV 1 Utama. This is the first time of me attending an event oraganised by Nuffnang haha. I brought along a friend of mine, JJ, to join me since I've got an extra ticket. We decided to meet at 1 Utama by 8.30pm.

The ticket collection counter

When I went and collect my tickets from the counter, they told a devastating news. Only left seats on the 1st and 2nd row from the screen!! choice la, already reach there takkan don't watch. So I took those 2nd row from the screen T_T

Lesson learnt: To get a nice seat, you MUST go collect the tickets early!

The complimentary ticket from Nuffnang ^^

JJ was late, he say he was caught in traffic jam and when it's almost 9, I called him again and he say finding parking. So I went and buy drinks first. When I walked over the counter, I spotted a guy with Purple hair, BaBeBaBoon =P I wanted to greet him, but I'm not too sure if it's him.

I don't know his real name, and it doesn't seem right to call him BaBoon? =x But then, he noticed I was looking at him, so I asked if he's BaBoon haha. The situation is quite awkward, especially when we were queuing up at different line haha. Anyway, nice to meet you BaBeBaBoon ^^

JJ reach not long after, and it was time to go in. When we found our seat, I looked up at the screen, and the Oh $#!T feeling came back T_T

JJ, he camera shy XD

So, the movie was great, review will be on another post. Sad thing is sit so front only, some of the part I can't really see the whole thing haha..Still, thanx Nuffnang for the screening =D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry, Section 17 PJ

Kenny came and find me just now because both of us were damn freaking bored lol. We decided to try out the mille crepe from Food Foundry @ Section 17, PJ.

None of us have been there before, and I remember seeing that the address is at Happy Mansion which I've been to once. It took us quite some time to locate the exact location because yours truly don't really remember the road properly =x We were turning round and round at Section 17 until I can't tahan and go ask someone from Shell. After getting the directions, we started moving again, anxiously hoping that we will see the shop somewhere haha.

Finally, Kenny spotted this and we are so glad that we didn't have to go back empty handed haha!

The signboard of Food Foundry, really happy to see it XD

Seeing all the desserts makes me drool =D~~
*I love desserts*

Food Foundry is famous for Mille Crepe. If you are wondering what is it, Mille Crepe is a French Cake with “mille” meaning “a thousand”. So basically, it's a cake made of crepe with many layers (not a thousand of course lol). I think this is a dessert that is really rare in KL. This is the first time I see and try a Mille Crepe lol. In Food Foundry, they have 3 flavours of Mille Crepe but we only tried 2.

Ta-Daa~!! The main star, Vanilla Mille Crepe ^^

And this is my Strawberry Mille Crepe =)

From it's outlook, I expected it to taste like sponge cake layered with strawberry and custard, but the first bite proved me wrong instantly! It is made of many thin crepes stacked together, so you can feel the layers. It is not sticky, and quite light. The fillings is not too sweet too, and I don't know why I think there's something "cheesy" about the fillings although I'm not sure if it contains cheese or not lol.

I tried Kenny's Vanilla Mille Crepe, it's nice but I prefer my strawberry one =x Vanilla is the best seller though. The Vanilla Mille Crepe is priced at RM8 each, while the strawberry and chocolate ones are priced at RM9 each. For me, it's worth trying la. It's not something you can find everywhere, and it's taste good too. I wouldn't mind going back to have more next time =P

Post Spring Cleaning Sale! =P

As I wrote on my previous post, cleaned my room yesterday. As I was cleaning, I found quite some stuff which I have bought but it's still unused. Some of it I wanted to sell it earlier but I do not know how to sell it. So I decided to sell it on my blog =P

All the things that I'm selling are for girls. Valentine's Day coming soon rite? Can buy as gift for your gf =P

1. Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation in Golden Beige 2.75

It's Long Lasting, Oil Absorbing, Hydrating with Antioxidant Protection and SPF 15 PA++ which gives a Natural, Semi Matte finish. (Source: Bobbi Brown)

100% Original. New and unused. Not tested. Without Box.

Reason for Selling:
This colour is too dark for me (I tested my friend's one, she bought the same colour)

Selling Price:


2. Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Concealer in 02 Light Medium

Conceals to perfection for a more lifted, radiant, flawless look. Minimizes lines, brightens dark circles and discolorations, moisturizes and protects—all with Resilience Lift Extreme skincare technology. Sleek, swivel-up applicator makes it easy to apply exactly where you need it.
(Source: Estee Lauder)

100% original. New and unused. Not tested. With Box.

Reason for Selling:
This colour is too dark for me (I tested my friend's one, she bought the same colour)

Original Price:

Selling Price:


3. DKNY Red Delicious EDP For Women, 50ml

A second bite of temptation. A bit more tantalizing, a bit more daring. Champagne, exotic lychee, red raspberry and Crisp Apple combine with violet petals, vanilla bean and patchouli. Completely irrestible.
(Source: DKNY Fragances)

100% new and unused. Not tested. With Box.

Reason for Selling:
My friend don't really like the smell

Selling Price:


4. Green Long Hooded Jumper



Green Long Hooded Jumper, the basket is velvet while the ribbon on the bear, the basket lining and the word peace are sequins. Bought it from a Taiwanese Boutique in Dubai.

100% new

Reason for Selling:
It was an impulse buy =x

Original Price:

Selling Price:


If you are interested in any of the items above or have any enquiries, please kindly leave a comment. I will reply as soon as I can. Remember to subscribe to the comments so you will know once I've replied.

Transaction method would be Cash On Delivery, area KL. I don't do posting so sorry for those of you who's not in KL.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Didn't on the whole day because I was busy cleaning my room. It's really really very freaking tiring..from morning after I wake up I start cleaning till just now 8pm only done =/

Anyway, room is tidier now and changed the all the furniture arrangement as well haha. There is satisfaction =P Finally I'm doing something besides facing my PC everyday haha..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Changed My Blogskin

I changed back to my old blogskin again because I really can't stand the black background of my previous blogskin. I don't really like dark coloured backgrounds..

This blogskin still needs editing, but I'm quite tired now, been editing it for 2-3 hours X_X So sorry ya, it's a bit messy now..

I need help, does any of you know how to add in menu bar which contain Home, RSS Feed, Comments and Login function? I have it in my previous skin but don't know how to add it myself T_T

Btw which do you prefer? My current blogskin or the previous one? And what do you think of my current skin? Please leave a comment thanx~*


Finally I manage to add those buttons doesn't really look that nice =x Use it 1st, next time find better one only replace it XD

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celcom VS DiGi Part 2

Previously I wrote a post by the title Celcom VS DiGi Live at my blog just because I think it's quite funny seeing both Telco ads appearing at my blog the same time.

Who knows, there's more to it! I saw a video which was shared on Facebook by my friend and it's featuring Celcom and DiGi too haha. The moment I saw it, I know I have to make a Part 2 in my blog XD

Videos on Facebook can't be embedded here, so I went and search in YouTube. I'm surprised there's more video on this! So behold all,Celcom VS DiGi Part 2 *grins*

*Video 1 and 2 quite violent. I shall rate them as 18PL xP You have been warned!*

1. This is the video I saw on Facebook. It's funny but too bad no audio =/

2. Funny, but violent =x

3. This is the original DiGi ad with something was added on behind =P

Hope you guys enjoyed it like I did haha! I love the word they used, "Pwned" LOL!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Going to the Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy~ =D

To those of you who don't know, I took part in the Nuffnang's I'm a Tooth Fairy contest earlier this month. We have to write what are the gadgets we would use as a Tooth Fairy, and this is what I wrote.

The invitations will be sent out to the winners on 20/1/10, which is today. I went and check my mail just now, and this is what I saw...

YESS!! I did it! I'm going for the Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy on the 25th of January at TGV 1 Utama woo hoo~~ =D

Thanx Nuffnang for the invitations ^^ Now the problem is, who should I be bringing along to the screening lol. If any of you who's going too, leave a message here and we can meet up on that day? =P Or whoever is interested to join me, since I don't know who to ask yet, leave a comment =P

KFC Malaysia disappointing Fans on Facebook

This is what happened yesterday on the 19th of January, 2010. As I've mentioned previously in my post KFC Zinger Tower Feed me Fast Contest, KFC Malaysia is having a contest that's runned on Facebook.

I took part in the contest too, with a lot more other Facebook users. There is a thing call Bonus Hour in the contest, where the daily winners will have to wait for it be announced, then be the fastest XX person to upload a proof of purchase of any Zinger Tower related product to win KFC vouchers. They will announce beforehand if there will be a Bonus Hour or not for the day, so we will have to continue waiting to win.

On Sunday, after the Daily Contest ends, they said that they won't be Bonus Hour today but there will be a big one tomorrow, meaning Monday.

This statement kept many of the fans waiting on Monday, because they made it sound like there's gonna be Bonus Hour on Monday. So many of the fans waited on Monday for the whole day and they ended up being disappointed of course. Many of them left comments asking, "Where is the Bonus Hour?", and this is what KFC Malaysia replied..

According to them, they didn't state that they will be a Bonus Hour on Monday and fans should refer to the daily post for info and updates. Ok so fine, some of the fans accepted it because KFC Malaysia is right, they really didn't say that they will be a Bonus Hour on Monday directly.

Then Tuesday, which is yesterday, 19/1/10, I joined again hoping that I can win the Bonus Hour vouchers. Well, I did qualify for it for the 2nd session and was quite happy then. When they announced the Daily Winners, they stated that there WILL BE A BONUS HOUR TODAY.

I was quite excited that there is a Bonus Hour because that is the reason I joined this contest for, the KFC Vouchers. So I waited for the Bonus Hour after it was announced at 3pm. One hour, two hours, three hours! The seventh hour is 10pm, and I begin to get impatient so I posted a comment asking when is the Bonus Hour.

To my surprise, there are a lot more who's waiting for the Bonus Hour like me. We were all starting to get impatient because, hey, 10pm already, still no news. A lot of us have been waiting since the Bonus Hour was announced at 3pm ok?

Anyway, I still waited till 12am, because by doing so, I can say that THERE IS NO FREAKING BONUS HOUR ON 19/1/10! Not only that, there wasn't even any updates or whatsoever to tell us what's going on. A lot of us who waited for the Bonus Hour left various comments and uploaded screenshots, demanding an explanation.

Click to Enlarge

But there is something more disappointing the Bonus Hour that didnt came, look at the screenshot below on what KFC Malaysia have to say regarding the matter yesterday.

Click to Enlarge

Ya, that's all they have to say for yesterday, technical error. Just one freaking TECHNICAL ERROR made don't know how many of us waiting for the whole damn night! For me, it's only one night, but for a lot others, it's two nights in a row straight! What's worse, this is the one and only reply they gave to all of us regarding this matter.

No further explanation, or details were given. They say they are gonna compensate the Bonus Hour by giving it out today but what's the point?? It's only for the daily winners of Day 10, but not us who waited the whole damn night for it! More questions were posted after that, but none were replied by KFC Malaysia.

Seriously, irresponsible. You think with just a post, saying that there's technical error can compensate all of us for the time spent in front of the monitor waiting for the damn Bonus Hour? And questions were left unanswered, details not clarified.

Anyway, I won't give a $#!t about this stupid Contest anymore. I won't waste another day waiting for the Bonus Hour that is once again promised today but God knows if it will come or not.

To you guys who's joining, have fun. Good Luck, and hope your Bonus Hour comes =)

UPDATED on 21/1/10, 1.26am
KFC Malaysia deleted all the screen shots that were uploaded by the disappointed fans regarding the Bonus Hour that never came. So this is how you handle issues, with a "Delete" button :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking for something..

I do not know where it is or where can I find it...

Been searching for it high and low, far and near...

What is it you ask?




Ya I know it sounds lame but I really need inspiration for my new blog design and also for the LG Chocolate contest at Nuffnang T_T Where can I find my dear "Inspiration"? =(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

KFC Zinger Tower Feed me Fast Contest

KFC Malaysia is having a contest where you can win Zinger Tower burgers or even RM100 KFC voucher! =D

To participate, it's very easy. All you have to do is just be a Fan of KFC Malaysia on Facebook, and look out for their status. They will be giving away free Zinger Towers to those who can complete the task given on the status within the random number of people stated.

I noticed this contest about 1 week ago, and I became a fan of KFC Malaysia for this. But too bad, most of the time when the contest is on I would be sleeping thanx to my "Vampiric" sleeping time.

Today, I stayed awake whole day and while I was checking my Facebook, I saw KFC updating their statuses asking their fans to be ready. So I thought, why not try, maybe can get free burger =P

I kept pressing F5 to refresh the page, hoping that I can be among the earliest to reply to their next status haha. Refreshed for like 12mins, suddenly..they change status already!! I quickly read through it, type the answer and hit the comment button.

Am I fast enough? Let's see....

I'm the 3rd to comment! YES! =D

The list with all the names of the winners

So yeah, I won a KFC Zinger Tower burger. But too bad, no bonus hour today. I was hoping that I can win the RM100 KFC voucher, then I can treat my friends eat together ^^ So you guys better wish me luck and hope that I win the bonus hour XD

For more info, you can check it out here. Contest ends 24th January 2010 =)

My Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, but I'm walking on the street alone without a date. Yeah sad, being alone on a Valentine's Day *sigh* Love birds are spotted everywhere! Hugging, cuddling, kissing, whispering, oh man, why am I even out at the first place? =(

*Walk walk walk, tripped*

What a day! Not only that I'm having a lonely Valentine's Day, I even have to get tripped while walking! !@#%!$@! What is the thing that tripped me anyway? =.=

*Looks around the floor*

A lamp? What is it doing on the road?

*Picks it up*

Hey, doesn't it look like the Magic Lamp from Aladdin!?
Hmm..I shall bring it home and check it out..


The moment I'm home, I excitedly rubbed the lamp at the side and................


OMG! It's really a magic lamp!!

Genie: Yo~! I'm the genie, and I can grant you a wish so tell me what would you like to wish for~

Me: *shocked* :O

Genie: Hello?

Me: Oh oh..sorry sorry. Hmm..1 wish right? Ok! I wish to spend this Valentine's Day with ASHTON KUTCHER as my date! *drools*

Genie: Your wish is my command *snap*

POOF! Ashton Kutcher appeared right in front of me!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!

Genie and the lamp was gone after Ashton Kutcher appeared, but I didn't really notice that because all my attention was on Ashton ♥

The first thing I did was go out again, but this time with Ashton Kutcher beside me! Now all of them on the street will be looking at me and the gals will be so envious of my date that they wish they were me now! Muahahaha! >=)

After some showing off walking, we went to a grocery store and bought the ingredients for candlelight dinner at home tonight ♥

Once home, we started preparing the dinner together. Of course, during the dinner preparation they are some cheeky moments such as dabbing sauce on his cute face *grins*

After dinner was prepared, I took a bath and groom myself to be at my best while Ashton was outside preparing the candles and all =P

Went out after I'm done, and another OMG! He's carrying a bouquet of roses walking towards me!!! *melts away...*

He hands over the bouquet to me, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Happy Valentine's Day".

It's truly truly unbelievable that I get to celebrate Valentine's Day with Ashton Kutcher. All of this is made possible thanx to.......Nuffnang!

Hahaha..the reason I'm writing this post about having Valentine's Day with Ashton Kutcher is because they are giving away 80 pairs of Valentine’s Day Premiere tickets to 80 most creative blog posts on how would our Valentine’s Day be if we could be spending it with one the cast from Valentine's Day.

Nuffnang, I hope you are entertained with my Valentine's Day story and give me the invites to Valentine's Day please~~~ =P

Something for my own

This post has been encrypted.

No need to ask me for the password, I'm not gonna give it to anyone =)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mist Club @ Bangsar

Went to Mist Club yesterday. Fredrick asked me to join him go and I haven't been to Mist Club before so I agreed. Every Friday is Lollipop @ Mist Club and tonight's theme is Phat & Furious where they have loads of awesome cars parked around the Club. Most of the cars I saw is Mazda Rx8, all with different themes and designs. It's really cool seeing so many nice cars there ^^

One of the car featured there, goes by the theme of Need For Speed.

Closer shot of the car

Awesome looking cars outside, wild party people inside =D

Dj doing their thing. One of them is the featured Dj Monkey

I met Adrian, and he brought me up to the VIP area to join some private party there =D Thanx a lot Adrian. You really saved my day night =P He introduced some of his friends to me as well. Besides that, I also saw some of my super-long-time-no-see friends XD

Adrian getting cranky and the blur me =x

Most unexpectedly,or should I say expected? *Unexpected is because I don't know he will be there, and expected is when I see Rx8 cars all over Mist Club* I met Wayne when I was going in the club. His car was one of those that were featured at the club. (The Need For Speed car is his =P) Since saw him, so I asked him to take a pic with me *grins*

Me and the GODmother XD

Got kinda tired after dancing for quite a while at the dance floor, so decided to take a seat and rest. While sitting there with nothing to do, I randomly snap some shots to be uploaded here haha. (Ya I already planned to blog about it the moment I'm there haha)

Love the light effects a lot ^^

Took this from the VIP area. Everyone is partying hard and having fun at the dance floor =)

The limited Lollipop tee for the 1st 50 ladies =D

Overall, I think Mist Club is not too bad, kinda happening. The crowd there is made up all races, and younger groups. Quite a lot of hot chicks XD Music wise, I still prefer Poppy =/ Anyway I would still say, it's worth checking out Mist Club ;)

P/S: Please nang it if you enjoyed reading this post ^^
P/P/S: You will need to press nang it again after being redirected to the innit page

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celcom VS DiGi Live at my blog

I was visiting my blog, and I saw this haha. Top is Celcom's X-pax ad, and on the side is DiGi Broadband ad.

Who will win? XD

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Blogskin

I'm planning to create my very own blogskin instead of using those that I get from free blogskin websites.

Somehow, I feel that sharing blogskin with people makes my blog like lack of uniqueness =x I guess it's the same feeling as when you see someone else wearing the same shirt as you somewhere haha.

So, if I make my own blogskin, then I wouldn't need to worry about seeing anyone with the same skin because it is the One and Only skin created by me XD

Anyway, it's just a thought I have now, don't know if I can really do it =/ Through this I can also test and see how much have I learnt about blogging =D

Will you support me? Give me ideas on what theme so I create my skin to be =P

Pan Mee @ Taman Desa, KL

In Restoran Sepetang, they have various stalls selling different types of food but the one that made me go back for more would be the Pan Mee stall. This Pan Mee stall has been operating for many years. I started patronising this stall since I'm still in secondary school, around year 2002 if I'm not mistaken. Even though the restaurant have changed a few hands and names, but the Pan Mee stall still remains there.

Restoran Sepetang

The Pan Mee stall that made me go back for more =P

The newspaper cutting that is displayed at their stall

The price list

The delicious Pan Mee

The reason that I love the Pan Mee from this stall so much is because of the noodles and soup. You know, at some places the Pan Mee is a bit limp, but the Pan Mee here is really good. The texture is smooth, and it's chewy and springy. Neither too hard nor too soft ^^

As for the soup, it has a strong flavour, unlike some stalls that provide soup that taste real bland or those made of MSG. They have fish and pork meat to choose from, but I've only tried the pork one.

Be it the normal soup Pan Mee or dry(kon lou) Pan Mee, they are still delicious. The price is quite reasonable too.

Anyway, if you are interested to try the Pan Mee, you can refer to the map below.

View Restoran Sepetang in a larger map

The stall is only open from 8am-3pm on weekdays, and till 2pm on weekends.