Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Things That Women Lie About

Want to know what women lie about always? Below are from what I've analyzed other girls around me =P

5. Authenticity

Often, women who goes for facial or mask sessions to get a fair and radiant looking skin, will never confess to you that their fair and radiant looking skin is because of the facial and mask sessions. Most probably they will tell you it's natural, they are born with it or they have the nice complexion is because of their hardwork and effort of not eating fried and spicy stuff, using only water to wash their face and nothing else. Most of them are actually not real =P

4. Age

I'm sure most of you have heard that asking a women her age is a big taboo right? So the usual answer you will get is either "Secret" or she might tell you the age she wished she is now =) I'm not saying every women do this, but there are a handful of them who are really really age conscious! They believe that letting a guy to know their age is worse than revealing how much saving they have in their bank account x)

3. Weight
This applies to women of all ages be it 20 or 60 XD Now girls, don't deny it and make another lie =P I think there's something in our sub conscious mind that is set to answer the question "What's your weight?" with the answer of -2kg to -10kg of our actual weight. Ok lah I admit, sometimes I do that too but I didn't lie, I just use the weight I was at few months ago =P

2. Height

I don't know if any of you have encountered this before, but I've loads of time! There's one girl who told me she is 1.67m tall, but I am 1.67m and she's half a head shorter than me even with her heels -_-" Then there's another girl who told me she is 1.70m but both of us are standing at the same height. So finally, I've concluded that girls like to lie about their height too and unlike weight where they will -kg, they +cm =)

1. Thoughts/Feelings

This is the main factor that makes men thinks that women is the most complicated living thing on Earth LOL! Women have the capability of hiding their true thoughts and desires. She can be smiling in front of you acting all friendly, but deep in her heart she could be cursing you with words you can never imagine >=) It could also be that she is actually crazily in love with a guy, but she can lie to everyone else about her feelings by acting real cool towards the guy.

Leave your comments, let me know if you agree or disagree with what I've written ^^

25 comments: said...

all are women secret! =)

HenRy LeE ® said...

i actually do agree with all of it but 1 thing for sure... whenever a girl look at the mirror, they will say,"Oh gosh! I gained weight!" Imagine a skinny lady saying that and surrounded by fat ladies...

Bazinga! LOL

The CleverMunkey

kRaZy said...

ya =P

Because they think that they've gained weight that's why they lie about their weight =P

Nikel Khor said...

y hide..shuld tell evribody wif proud

kRaZy said...

you won't understand how girl's think XD

Supia Chao said...

Totally agree... Lie is not a good thing. Can choose not to answer rather than lying right?

kRaZy said...

Sometimes have to lie because people keep pestering u and u dowan to tell the truth haha..

Weird Dan said...

I agree on the height..... LOLOLOL

Especially got one blogger keep saying she's 170cm and say why the world have short guys. Then when I met up with her, wtf, she's not even 170 LOLOLOL...

Okay... about girls and their feeling, guys can never understand them but there are things which girls dun understand guys. Anyway that's another topic. LOLOL....

Weird Dan said...

One more thing. Sometimes a guy might lie about his relationship status : Not becoz he dun love his gf, but to jaga status and duwan it to be private. Many things to blog about lolol

fiona06 said...

so true!

Jas said...

Women and their mysteries.... Hmmm =)

kRaZy said...

Weird Dan:
My post is about 5 things that women lie not men =P you can write something about men perhaps? haha..


Yup =P

Mindy said...

i'm a girl...i totally agree..haha

CripsyCaiHong said...

way agree with u!:)

kRaZy said...

LoL =p

Thanx ^^

jumei. said...

Very true esp the weight part! Haha. I always -2 to -5kg from my weight cuz I am fat *gasps* When I say I am fat, I really mean fat.

Height, sigh, people always think that I am lying to them. Wtf, 168/9cm is not even that tall.

Anyway, this post is nicely written!
Haha! Nanged :D

kRaZy said...

Sometimes I will -2kg also =x u r 168/9? o.O consider tall for msian gal la =) thanx for ur support ^^

MayLin :: Melinda said...

I don't lie bout my weight cause I never grow fat but I surely do bout my height, i'm only 156cm...sure wish my lies can come true..haha

Hazman said...

100 % agree wit u.... and woman feeling totally complicated...

Simon Seow said...

Yeah. Like if ask her, "Should we eat Japanese tonight?" Then she'll answer,"It's up to you." but in her thought she'll be thinking "I want to eat Italian you dumbass"

- eRiCa - said...

an interesting post indeed. LoL. i agree to some of them, esp the last in the list :)

by the way, how do u add the "nang it!" tab at the end of ur entry?

kRaZy said...

LoL icic..

Thanx =P

Haha ya, but for me I will say up to you, and let him list out then choose from what he listed out XD

Thanx ^^ Replied at ur chatbox =)

.::WaNiE::. said...

no 1 :D

domnodragon said...

this is a very good post hahaha! zomg i damn agree the last one xDDDD

kRaZy said...


Thanx ^^