Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Title: Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Alternative Title: バカとテストと召喚獣

Episodes: Ongoing (Currently till 12)

Genre: Comedy, School, Fantasy, Romance

I was introduced to this anime when I went over to Josh's house during Chinese New Year. We have 2 hours with nothing to do before going for a movie, so he asked me if I watch animes and he let me watched this.

Seriously, the first few minutes of watching and it has already got my full attention LoL! The drawing is nice, it's very funny and I love school type anime very much! After watching Episode 1, I can't help myself but to watch on and on until I felt that I rather watch this anime instead of going to the cinema XD

This anime is about a school where students are treated according to their grades. Students from the top class will get to enjoy the best facilities, and even their classroom looks like a mansion while students from the worst class do not even have a proper table and chair. There is a way for them to upgrade their facilities, and that is by declaring an ESB with a better class and the winners can choose to swap their facilities.

I seriously find this anime very very entertaining and hilarious. I'm loving it to bits so far ^^

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gus said...

Hehe... I have a friend who loves this kind of anime. One of his favourites is sailor moon. Yes, he.

I do agree that the story is interesting, not to mention funny script, Tokyo style. I've sat down on some episodes, but never on my own, always persuaded by people, the fans.