Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to Piece of My Mind~!

Piece of My Mind is officially 2 years old now! I just realised it few days ago when I looked back at my old posts. Although I don't update much last time but still, Hey~ I actually blogged for 2 years xD

Looking back at my old posts, the way I write is really different. Back then, this is just a place for me to release emo, writing whatever that makes me not happy, or what I really think and feel at the moment. But now, I don't want to be so emo all the time, so I try to blog more on other stuffs instead and it helped =)

This is a screenshot of my blog on April 23 2009. The reason I took it was because of the number 2222 =P As you can see, even my blog layout was emo last time lol. I've learn quite a bit on basic HTML/XML from blogging lol. It helped when I have to create a blog for my "Interactive Multimedia" subject last time =P

I My Bloggie =)

Happy 2nd Birthday~!! ^^


Supia Chao said...

Happy 2nd birthday to your blog.. ^^

kRaZy said...

Thanx! =D

Nikel Khor said...

hapi birthday to my 5nd birthday to my blog lor..wakaka

from Nikel Khor

HenRy LeE ® said...

happy birthday to ur blog! eh ur old layout quite cute also leh :p

The CleverMunkey

kenwooi said...

happy birthday to your blog.. you actually blogged longer than me.. =)

ohmywtf said...

happy birthday to ur baby!! :-)

Kenzo said...

happy birthday!! =D cake pls! =P

kRaZy said...

ur blog 5 years?

Haha thanx =P ya cute but emo type lol.

TQ~! I may start earlier than you, but you blogged much more than me haha..

thanx! ^^

Thanx haha, u want a piece of that cake? I can try photoshop a slice for u 1 =P