Friday, October 14, 2011

For Me To Remember...

.....and not for you to know =)


I just found out there are still people reading my almost dead blog LOL! Well, that does motivates me to write back =)

So ya, I will start by changing the damn skin 1st, then I will try my best to blog back as often as possible. Besides, it does feel great to have a space to write out nonsense which might annoy my friends, or thoughts too deep for some =x

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forgot How To Edit HTML Codes T.T

Wanted to change my blog template, and as most of you know I haven't been touching my blog for like a year.

Didn't know so many things changed in a year time -_-" I experimented with the new template designer function. Wanted to do some customization for the template, went to edit HTML. I am very surprised that I don't even remember how to change the background T.T

Not only that, somehow the codes seems to have changed a lot. I couldn't locate some of the areas that I wanna edit from the bunch of codes, I tried searching for those names that I'm familiar with but I couldn't find them..

Damn...have to learn all over again *sigh* Will only change my blog's template when I know how to =(

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relieved =D

I felt really relieved and happy that I have finally made a decision. I didn't know that I will feel so happy after doing what I've decided.

I guess there won't be any rants or emo posts here for a while ^_^ Hopefully everything will be good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something That Made Me Smile =)

For the past few months I've been really lost and upset due to work stuff, but after the trips to Singapore and Hong Kong few weeks ago I somehow have something I can think of and smile again ^^

There were a lot of happy memories and silly things which made me smile just by reminiscing them lol. The one that made me happiest would be how I made a friend in Hong Kong lol. It was something rather silly, and not something that I would normally do but I'm really glad that I made the move anyway.

If I didn't I guess most probably I will have something to add on to my I-Regret-I-Did-Not-Do-This list haha XD From the trips I made, I also realised that I get attached to something/somewhere easily. I actually felt sad when I'm leaving the countries, thinking that I might not be able to meet the friends I met again.

That is the worse feeling ever. Although it will not last for long but can actually make someone cry. I miss all the friends I have from other countries, hopefully you guys are fine wherever you are and hopefully I'm not forgotten! =x

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I really wonder, what are the paths available for me, and what are the paths I can choose from? Am I on the right path now, or it's just a path that I'm passing through to get to another path.

These are some of the questions that have been lingering on my mind for more than a month. I really don't know what to do, and what I can do.

My friends asked me, do you have any things that you are really good at? No
Any things that you are really passionate about? No
Any things that you wish to do? No

With all these questions, I start to ponder, what is there for me? What do I have? I really have no idea at all. It's not like I've never thought of this before, but for years and years I still have not found the answers to any of the questions above. And this made it even harder for me to decide what I should do..

I understand the fact that friends can give you opinions/advises and all, but it's you who will be the decision maker in the end. No one can decide for you on what you should do, but I really don't know what I can do..

People are telling me different things, and since I do not have any opinion of my own yet I do not know which advise to heed. What should I do....time to change, or just continue the path I'm walking now?

And this all comes back to the point of I hate to choose =.=

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Should I do?

I wish and wish, but I know that this ain't fairytale and wishes do not come true

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Survival Game..

Another emo happy day was ruined..thank you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 Months Worth of Rants

Had a really bad month, I thought June was bad..but July was even worse. Had a lot of disagreements and arguments with people around me, work is not going smoothly and I have problem sleeping properly due to my imba mood.

Seriously, it sux, despite my birthday being in the month of July as well, I didn't really have a great day on my birthday. I am really tired and stressed, especially at work. There's so many things going on around, and I have really thought of giving up for n thousand of times but it's thanks to a few of my friends who kept supporting me and told me to go on that's why I'm still surviving till now.

I have never really work more than 1 month for a permanent job before (excluding the Dubai one because for that I have no choice, I couldn't just come back to Malaysia and say I don't want to work anymore right?). For my current job, it's my 4th month there but somehow it felt like I've been working for at least a year. Time pass by really fast there, and things change really fast as well.

It's really difficult to adapt to the inconsistent changes, and the stress. To tell the truth, I have never really liked doing sales. This is something that I am aware of since I'm 15 years old and yet my job are still mostly sales based because:

1. Good Pay
2. When people look at my resume, they ignore my cert and only take my work experience into account and that's....sales...

It's really freaking sad you know, the reason I took mass comm instead of business is because I know I don't like business. I want something with free working time, not so routine kinda job, and also a job which doesn't care the process but only the result. My current job started off like what I wanted, but as time goes on, everything changes.

I can't control my emotions and it's affecting literally every aspect of my life. Because of some incidents that took place last time, I no longer trust people at work so end up I'm solo'ing in the office. When something happens and I really need someone to talk to, there's none because I don't trust people from my workplace.

I chose to keep everything to myself, but how much capacity do I have? Even a balloon would explode if it's filled with too much air right? Thankfully I still have this blog least there is still somewhere for me to write down what I really feel.

Besides work, other stuff is not going well too. Friendship for example, things got complicated and the once good frens are no longer good frens. And there's more than 1 place got no 1 to trust + good frens also no longer can talk to = eat myself.

Gained a lot of weight over the past 1 month, reason? My mood swings. Whenever I feel moody, I will shop for food, then I will go on a eating spree. It does help, but it has it's side effect =/ Anyway feel so much better now after blabbing out everything here. I don't know who will read this, and I don't know if my post will be related to you or not, screw it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Need a Peace of Mind..

3:58am in the morning of 9th July 2011. Everyone is going on and on about the Bersih Rally while I'm being troubled by other stuffs until I don't really care whether the protest is on or not.

Was facing some issues which kinda held me up till just now. My emo partner Algin asked me to on Skype to chat. It did help, really..but after the conversation ended, another new trouble came. I wish I can elaborate here but too bad it's work stuff which contains too much of sensitive issues so I can't just write it down wherever I like haih...

I doubt I will be sleeping tonight..and I really wish those troubles will just disappear. I'm trying to not think about any of the stuff that's bothering me..but it seems really impossible to do so..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Another post full of rants..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

Recently after I started working, I have a habit of getting name cards of places I pass by and wanna approach for work purposes. So what I will do is I will just go to their counter and ask them for their name cards, and if I'm asked why do I want it for I will just tell them it's for me to make reservation in future.

After "lying" for so many times, finally I kena cheat back once =.= I went to meet a client last Friday at a spa, everything went on smoothly. If you guys noticed my Facebook status last week, you might remember there was one of my status that says about ppl giving me the WTF face when I tell them I'm single. This is the client that I meant in my post lol..I jokingly ask him why? Wanna intro bf to me? XD I was about to leave, one of the staff asked me for my name card saying that he have a fren who owns a bar and is interested to do online marketing. So without suspecting anything I just gave him my card la. It's not the first time people intro client to me anyway. I didn't really think much of it until today =.=

Around 6pm, someone with an unknown number called me. I picked up the phone, and he said he is the guy I gave my name card to. I thought he's calling to inquire on behalf on his friend, but no...he's actually calling me to get my permission to call me =.=

Wth man..he ask me if I will drop by that area again and if he can buy me a drink LOL! I really don't know if I should feel funny or shocked or what ~_~ It was then I realised..he doesn't have a friend who owns a bar/pub I assume, and he doesn't have a friend who wants to do online marketing as well. So many awkward silence during the call, I really don't know what to say =.=

FML, retribution for always "cheating" the people I'm taking name cards from I guess.. so girls and guys, don't cheat/lie on others coz some day you will kena back =x wonder if it's this was planned by my client because I jokingly asked him izit wanna intro bf to me =.=

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

I came upon this deal on Groupon and decided to try it out as it's not that far from my place and someone told us that the pasta portion is really big =P I bought 2 Groupons, so brought Leafy with me to eat together =D

Went there last Saturday for lunch, when I reach there it seems like I'm the 1st customer haha.

They have a menu specially for the Groupon customers to choose their pastas and special drinks

Their ala carte menu

I ordered Carbonara with Ham and Mushroom, and Leafy chose Aglio e Olio. We ordered a side dish, Fried Mozzarella Cheese (don't really remember the name d) as well.

My Ice Lemon Tea (to tell the truth, it tasted like Honey Lemon more than Ice Lemon Tea =x)

His Ahmad Green Tea

Finally there starters here!

But I'm kinda disappointed la that the soup of the day is Pumpkin Soup coz I don't drink 1. It's thick, and quite sweet but I wanted something salty T.T The worst part is when I saw a couple sitting behind us using the Groupon too gets Mushroom soup instead of Pumpkin soup! Hey I thought you are not allowed to choose your soup? =/

Then the egg salad came~ If you are my friends you would know that I don't eat vege, but I gave it a try anyway and guess what? It's not that bad afterall XD

My Carbonara with Ham and Mushroom~

Leafy's Aglio e Olio

I kinda enjoyed my pasta actually. It's different from the pastas you have outside, where the sauce taste like it's can made. Leafy views differs mine though, he claimed that his home made carbonara is better than them =P

The Fried Mozzarella Cheese we ordered

This is how it looks like from the inside

The fried Mozzarella is nice too, crispy on the outside and soft from the inside. The melting cheese flowing from the inside, lovely~ BUT the sauce was really salty, and the bread kinda soaked the sauce coz we left it for quite a while before eating it.

Overall, I think this place is somewhat ok, a very elegant and classy place, but quite pricey. The spaghetti cost RM21.90 usually, and I don't think that it's worth that la. As for the soup, the plate is big but very shallow =D

The Verdict: I enjoyed the food for the Groupon price, but I will not go there if I were to pay the full price =D

My 1st Cheque From Nuffnang Finally Arrived!

Finally I have received my 1st cheque from Nuffnang~! I know it's kinda like a ritual for Nuffnangers to post about receiving their 1st cheque right so that's what I'm gonna do as well =P

I actually cashed out around mid January but I waited till March and I have yet to receive my cheque T.T I got in touch with Nuffnang personnel and they told me that my mail might be lost so they will reissue another cheque for me. Thankfully it didn't got lost for the 2nd time haha.

Was so happy when I saw this in my mail box XD

Ta daa~! The long awaited cheque (Almost 3 mths)

I'm not gonna censor the amount =x

I know most bloggers like to basically censor almost everything on the cheque but I won't be doing the same because I think there's nothing wrong about sharing the amount I got although it's not that much. Perhaps it can motivate new bloggers to blog more right? XD

Don't ask me what did I spend it for because it's still untouched haha, the cheque just cleared so I've yet to used any of it. There isn't anything in particular that I wanna buy now anyway =/ Anyway thanx Nuffnang again for the cheque above~ =D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Arghhhhhhh! Still no time/mood to change my blog template yet =/ changing blog skin takes me like 1-2 days usually and I have no inspiration on what I wanna change it into yet haha..

Anyway updates! I'm not sure how many of you are aware that I've quited my old job as "liong dei gun" aka pengukur tanah XD I have got myself a new job as a Business Consultant for Groupon Malaysia and I never regret applying and joining this company

I am quite happy now actually, people always complain about Monday Blues but I have not encountered it yet because it's really enjoyable working in a bungalow located on top of a hill with wacky colleagues.

Here's something to make you guys jealous *evil grins*

We have a swimming pool at our office....

.....and a sun deck with disco balls and our very own Mr Smith!

I also have an E.T colleague

And not to forget Shrek as well ;)

*Photo credits to Joanne*

Besides the photos above, there are actually a lot more awesome people and I noticed that each of them have a unique talent =x Will share with you guys more when I get to know them better I guess =P

Friday, April 8, 2011

I will be back =)

I just decided to blog back, but before I start blogging back most probably I will revamp my blog 1st. That's what I always do when I decide to blog back haha. So stay tune ya ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Wishlist

Haha I know it's a little late to write a wishlist now but who cares =P

Things I want for this year:

1. A new watch! Been wanting one since 2 years ago but I didn't really go and look for one lol

2. Go for a trip be it in or out of Malaysia. It's been quite a while since I've went for any trip =/

3. Shopping!! Fill my wardrobe with all sorts of stuff, and most important I want more shoes!

4. Meet some new great friends. From Rappelz most of the people I know are jerks EXCEPT my dear guildies and a few others =D

5. Lose some weight. This is a wish that will be on my list every year I believe haha XD

6. Earn more money

7. -To Be Filled-

8. -To Be Filled-

9. -To Be Filled-

10. -To Be Filled-

From my wishlist above, you can see I'm not a greedy person as I still have 4 slots to be filled XD Yaya I know I'm lame =x

I would also like to wish my dear Siew Ching and Rachel who's birthday are on this month.

Happy Birthday!! ♥

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 ^^

I guess some of you might be real surprise to see a new post from me after SOooo long! XD Sorry, I know I've abandoned my bloggie almost completely since July but I've found something that took all my attention and time.. =x

Ok ok..the truth is I've been MIA playing Rappelz (MYSG server). I went back to my old hobby, gaming. Need to "chiong" level everyday that's why I've abandoned my bloggie for quite sometime lol.. From this game I've met a lot of great new friends, and many things happened in game as well.
Might compose a review on Rappelz soon =P

Anyway, I don't know why but I saw my blog when I start my Google Chrome and I just feel like writing something, update it, or whatever you call it haha. 2011 is here, but somehow I don't feel the excitement on 31st Dec, it just came to me as another day =/ perhaps it's the ppl I joined, or perhaps it's just me who changed? No idea~

This post is gonna be short and non pictorial coz it's actually a very random post lol. Anyway I'm listening to a club mix that was shared on Facebook by my friend and I think that it's quite good, hope this can help to kick off the "Monday Blues" for the 1st Monday of 2011 =P

DJ BENXH - Club Top 40 Mix by DJ Ben Xinghao