Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010 @ Sunway Pyramid

Clinique Star Tour 2010 has officially started on the 3rd of July 2010 at Sunway Pyramid. I got to join the contest for free thanx to FeeqSays Network and MyC! ^^
There was a truck and a canopy in front of the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid. I reached there around 11.30am and there were already many girls queuing up.
Clinique Star Tour 2010 is held in partnership with CLEO magazine. The girls who took part in the Star Tour will also have a chance to be featured as CLEO cover girl =D

In the canopy on the right, there have Clinique's products on display. Clinique are not only famous for their cosmetic products, but their skin care range as well.

Foundation and concealers

Blusher, eye shadow and mascara. So many choices!

Their famous skincare products =)

Young and pretty girls carrying the hope of being the next CLEO magazine's cover girl ^^

And here is a sneak peek on what to expect on the truck ;P

After waiting for 1 and a half hour, it's finally my turn lol. Advice to you girls who are interested, be there early so you don't have to wait that long for your turn haha..

First of all, the Clinique professionals did a skin test for me to check what's my skin type. After that, they chose products that are suitable for my skin type and recommended it to me. They will also answer any enquiries that you have regarding your skin ^^

After the skin test is done, I get to start with make up =P This bubbly girl's name is Alicia (if I'm not mistaken =x). She asked me what colour do I want for my eyes but I decided to let her choose for me instead~

Applying mascara XD

Before and after photo, see I so nice willing to share with my upclose photo of before unedited sumore lol.

Once make up is done, I got my hair done by the hairstylists from Salon Esprit. But a bit disappointed that the girl decided to make my hair wavy at the end, which is the same as my normal hairstyle =.=
When the makeover is all done, what is left is the photoshoot session =D The photo above is the outcome of my makeover =P I went there alone so I couldn't get anyone to take a photo of the process. The photographer is really good in guiding the girls to pose =x Got this photo from Clinique Star Tour 2010's gallery~

And of course, it doesn't end there! I was given a door gift which is worth about RM180! Just by paying RM30, you can get a full makeover + photo + products/vouchers worth RM180 o.o

So what are you waiting for girls? Click here to check out where Clinique Star Tour 2010 will be next, and be sure not to miss out the chance to catch them!

I will be ending this post with 2 camwhore photos =P
P/S: This is the 1st time ever that I've got a makeover and I lurveee it a lot! =P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Mesmerized at Derriere Le Masque, UCSI

Come one, come all and be mesmerized with a night full of fun, mystery and excitement. Come and witness who will win Ambassador’s title for Project Echo. Vote for this season’s winner for UCSI University’s Got Talent 2. There would be also Tarot Card Reading section where you can test your luck, foresee your future and also seek your love mate. In addition, there would also be a Magic Show where you can be dazzled with the world of magic. For those who appreciate the value of silence, come and be impressed with our Mime Performance where silence is golden.

Dress Code:
Casually Smart (Black, Red or White), Masquerade Mask Required

Tickets Price :

For more detail, logon to or follow us at twitter

P/S: Helping Jackie to promote the event. I'm quite interested actually but no companion. If you're going leave a comment here to let me know ;)