Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post for 2009

I believe this would be the last post that I'll be writing for year 2009 haha. Review of they year, pretty balanced I guess. There's some point when I'm really facing some hard times, but they are happy moments as well I guess =)

At least, I've gone a few trips such at Genting Highland, Malacca and I even went Penang twice XD

Bad stuff, I think most of them are recorded in my "Emo" labeled posts which I don't think I should talk about it anymore anyway.

I wanna take this opportunity to thank all of those who've helped me through my bad times.
You know who you are ;)

Bye Bye to 2009 and Welcome to 2010 ^^

Hopefully, 2010 will bring me more good surprises haha.

Happy New Year everyone!


P/S: I bought a Quart from BR with Caramel Turtle No Sugar Added Ice cream and Citrus Twist Ice XD That's my flavour~

Genocide DotA Movie

This DotA movie is really great! I love the soundtrack very much (coz I love Linkin Park XD), and the way they edit this video. I think that it's really amazing. I focus on the editing more than the content of the video though haha. So I'm sharing it with all the DotA players here, hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did =)

P/S: Do watch it even if you don't play DotA because I think this video is just great! ^^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolution

Time does really fly. Without realising, it's the end of the year again. I still remember this time, last year I was still in Dubai, and all of us were really excited about celebrating new year. Coming up with plans on what we should do, everyone helping out for the celebration so that we can have fun even though we are faraway from our home.

People always make New Year Resolution but I wonder how many actually achieved or did every single thing they said? =P Anyway, it's would be nice I guess to make some resolution for year 2010, so that I can have a look by the end of next year and see what is my problem that I can't achive it XD

So here it goes..

New Year Resolution for 2010

1. Find a [Good] Job (A must for me -_-")

2. Make sure I sleep the right time (been trying this since I'm 18 XD)

3. Lose weight! (This can achieve, but always will bounce back up T_T)

4. Save money (Not a good money saver =x)

5. Able to take care of myself without needing others to worry me ^^

6. Try to be LESS emo (less only, not 100% not emo! =P)

Ermm.. that's all ba, dowan make too much resolution. Later cannot achieve very "fish" 1 le haha. Notice my resolution don't have any material stuff 1 =/ So what new year resolution do you have? =P Share with me keke.

What's your flavour?

I have really sweet tooth so I love all kind of desserts haha. My favourite ice cream would be Baskin Robbins ^^ I've tried others too like Hagen Dazs but I think it's kinda sweet for me and the flavours are not as creative as Baskin Robbins (This is strictly my personal opinion only). Anyway, Malaysians are very lucky that Baskin Robbins in Malaysia have the Baskin Robbins Day on every 31st! *Yay~*

When I went to Dubai, I thought this is a worldwide thingy, but only then I knew I was wrong haha. So embarrassed when the BR guy look at me dumbfounded as if I'm speaking some alien language LOL =x So since then, I buy a quart almost every 31st for myself =P

31st December is coming, been wondering what flavour should I choose from? Hmm..tough decision.

Should I get this flavour of the month, Peppermint Patty? (Taste nice, cooling and the dark chocolate ribbon is not too sweet and have peppermint candies to bite as well)

Besides the Flavour of the Month, they have their permanent flavours as above. Among them, my favourite would be Gold Medal Ribbon! The caramel ribbon is just so thick and yummy *drools*

Rotators flavours are those that are available for only certain time of the year. Love Potion #31, I think that is the flavour that I love the most from Baskin Robbins. It is only available on February though T_T I especially like the love shape chocolate with raspberry sauce in it haha.

Sherbet, light and fruity. Usually I will choose 1 flavour from ice cream range and 1 from sherbet so that it's not as fat as both ice cream? =P Citrus twist ice rox! The taste of lime and lemon plus the fine icy texture, not something that a citrus lover can resist~

This is the healthier range from Baskin Robbins but sad to say, I've not tried any flavours from this range before LOL! Well, I think the flavours are a bit normal for me and I'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream so maybe that's why I didn't try any of them? =x what should I get this 31st? What would you get? =P

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cornflake Cookies

I'm gonna share the recipe for the cookies I baked as Christmas present here. It is a very simple recipe, so you can try it out ^^

P/S: I did double the dosage, so the illustrations are just for reference purposes. DO NOT follow the quantity seen in pictures.

75g of Butter
½ cup of Brown Sugar
1 cup of Flour
1 egg
Chocolate Chips
¼ teaspoon of Baking Powder (Not in pic)
¼ teaspoon of Salt (Not in pic)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence (Not in pic)

Preparation Time: 50 minutes (Including taking photo lol)

Baking Time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 50-60 pieces


1. Leave the butter at room temperature to soften it. Around 30-40 mins will do.

2. Cut the butter into half (half = 75g). Put half into the mixing bowl and keep the other half.

3. Measure ½ cup of brown sugar.

4. Put it into the mixing bowl with the butter.

5. Start mixing the sugar and butter mixture.

6. Mix till it is well blended. Around 6-10 mins.

7. Add in the egg into the mixture. Be careful not to crack the eggshells in as well.

8. Mix it until it is fluffy.

9. Add salt and baking powder to flour.

10. Add in mixed flour to the mixture. It would be better if you sift the flour first. Add in bit by bit while mixing instead of pouring everything in one shot. Remember to slowdown the speed of your mixer because the flour will be flying around if your mixer is too fast.

11. Mix it well.

12. Add in the vanilla essence. Continue mixing.

13 Crush the Cornflakes. You can put in as much as you like. Remember to crush it finer (mine is still a bit coarse)

14. Pour the crushed Cornflake into the mixture and mix it well.

15. Last but not least, add in Chocolate Chips. Be careful not to add too much as it may turn out to be too sweet. If you prefer lighter taste, then add in less chocolate chip.

16. Mix it with a spoon instead of the mixer as the chocolate chip might be beaten into pieces.

17. Preheat oven to 4.

18. Line baking tray with baking paper. This is to ensure that the cookies does not stick to the tray. It is a must to have baking paper because I tried once without it, and my cookies stuck to the tray, it crushed when I try to remove it from the tray.

19. Place the cookie dough on the baking tray. Use a spoon and a teaspoon to place the dough. Make sure your dough size is not too big or too small. The cookies will expand during the baking process, leave enough space for it to do so. Make the dough into the size of a teaspoon will do.

20. Put it in the oven. Let it bake around 15-20mins. I would suggest you to check it at 10min because different oven heats up differently.

21. The result:

Yummy chocolate chip cornflake cookies! ^^

Please leave your comments, suggestions or questions if you have any =D


This post was meant to be written on the 19th of December but I was busy going out everyday so now only I post it haha. Went to Dragon-I @ Sunway Pyramid for dinner before going to club at Phuture that night with Ken, Choon Yeh and Cindy.

Xiao Long Bao (小籠包)

You have not been to Dragon-I if you did not try out their famous Xiao Long Bao! This is the specialty of Dragon-I and is a must try for everyone. Xiao Long Bao is like dumpling but the thing that makes it different from normal dumpling is it is wrapped with soup in it. As you sink your teeth into it, you can feel the soup flowing out. According to Cindy, to correct way to take Xiao Long Bao is by using holding the tip of it with your chopstick so that the Xiao Long Bao won't burst.

Fried eggplant with fish fillet

We ordered a few dishes. I didn't try the fried eggplant with fish filler because I don't eat eggplant haha. But according to the others, it is delicious ^^

Egg with scallop (forgot the exact name =x)

This dish is very good. The egg is very smooth and the taste of the scallop goes well with the egg.
And I'm really amazed that it looks exactly like the picture in the menu lol. You know how most restaurants serve dishes that looks very different from the menu right?

Salt and Black Pepper Tofu

This is supposed to be a snack, but we ordered it anyway. The tofu is very very smooth and soft, fried nicely, not oily. And eating it with the sweet chilli sauce is really perfect match. With the dip, the tofu is salty and crispy on the outside, sweet and a lil spicy on the inside =D

Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs

I like the flavour of this dish. Sweet and spicy, the sauce is quite thick sticking on the ribs. And the ribs they serve is not just bone, with meat as well. I remember I once ordered Honey Pork Ribs rice from Kim Gary and almost all of it is bones only -_-"

Overall, the dinner was satisfying. None of the dish we ordered have any problem. Service is good as well. But it is quite expensive, the dinner is about RM130+ if I'm not mistaken. Thanks Ken for spending us =x

Just remember to try out their Xiao Long Bao if you ever visit Dragon-I =D

Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城)

Wanted to watch this movie the moment I saw it's poster at cinema. They are a lot of big casts in this movie and it looks interesting. Watched this movie with Ken, Choon Yeh, Jin and Wei Leng @ GSC 1 utama.

I have to say I love it! Storyline is good despite the ending is a bit dramatic. And with so many famous actors and actress, it is assured that the acting part will be good as well. This story is about the revolution era of China in Hong Kong. And when we mention revolution of China, who can forget Mr Sun Yat-sen?

I had trouble recognizing Nicholas Tse and Lai Ming in the movie lol. We didnt know the full list of actors and actresses, so we kept pondering if this is who or that is who haha. Lai Ming can't really be recognized at the starting part where he is a beggar on the street. At the later part of the movie, when he shaved and changed into better clothing only I could it's him lol.

After watching the movie, I think to myself, is it worth it? So many people died just to stall one hour for Sun Yat-sen. It made Choon Yeh emo after watching coz everyone die lol. Anyway, it's still a great movie. Should catch it =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

Well Christmas has just came and passed XD 2 years ago, I suddenly thought of baking cookies to give my friends as Christmas present. I don't know why, but somehow I think that it is something handmade, perhaps it will like show a bit more sincerity? Last year wasn't in KL during Christmas, and this year, once again I'm sending out cookies to people I think that I owe them a huge favor or those who've helped me a lot =)

Chocolate Chip Cornflake cookies (my own recipe XD) but this batch..a bit gg la. I put in a bit too much flour =x

Packed them with the flower wrapper. Only can make 8 packets lol.

Admiring my masterpiece (although failed a bit la =P)

Created this snowman card because I thought that well, cookies eat already nothing left. But with this snowman (although ugly) but can keep ma. At least something for memory? =P

It can be a bookmark as well. That is if you don't mind having this as bookmark =P

Tied it on with red ribbon. Christmas ma, so I chose red haha. Snowman in the front....

.......and a bow ribbon at the back! ^^

After done decorating all of it

Well besides giving presents, I received some presents myself too =x Happy~ haha. Well, I really didn't expect to get anything la because I didn't even tell the people I gave gifts too that I'm giving them gift =P ermm but this year is all except 1 la haha. Planned to meet up with Josh and already say exchange present haha.

Present from Josh. A cute lollipop towel =D

Present from Ivan ^^ Well this was actually something I ask him to buy for me at Langkawi and so nice of him that he really brought it back! And he's giving it to me as Christmas present haha. You might wonder why I need him to bring this back all the way from Langkawi. It's because.... is made in Australia! I only ♥ Cadbury from Australia or New Zealand because no Cadbury anywhere else can taste as good as them =x

Last but not least, I know it might sound a bit pathetic but..this is the Christmas present I bought for myself ^^ I saw this at The Curve, and I don't know why it just attracted me somehow =x So..I decided to get it haha. I think this is the first time I buy something like that for myself -_-"

Well, it might be a bit late, but I hope all of you had a
and may you have a great
next week ^^

Monday, December 21, 2009


Updates will be coming soon..maybe 3 or 4 posts? a bit busy no time write. But promise will update asap =P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old style shooting game

After watching this video I feel that the player is really W-T-F! I really wonder how long he took to be able to pass that stage! Really crazy 1 loh!

Anyone knows what game is this? Gonna challenge it? haha..

Skin For Google Chrome

Actually I just found out that I can change the skin of my Google Chrome when I went to Eve's place. I saw her Google Chrome browser in very nice pink and green colour. So I figure that the Google Chrome skin must be can change.

Went and search through Google just now, yay now I know where to change the skin haha.

The default Google Chrome Browser.....

And this is my "canggih'fied" version of Google Chrome *grins*

Isn't it cool~? =D If you wanna make your Google Chrome look cool too, just visit the Google Chrome Theme Gallery and select the skin that suits you best. Let your browser speak for you ^^

Note: The one I gave above is the official theme provider. There are alternatives to finding Google Chrome skin such as:-

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Braces

For those of you who don't know, yea I've braces. Got it on early November last year so around 1 year plus already haha. I have the normal metal braces so I can have fun playing with the colours of the bands =P Tried quite a lot of colour combinations actually. Hmm I started off with something light, pastel pink. Then the next month decided to try more colours and I picked neon green, yellow and pink. Result not bad, then continued playing multi colours with all the neon colours haha.

Getting kind of bored, wanted to try glow in dark today but they don't have that anymore T_T in the end sticked with normal colours again. Besides that did scaling as well. Dentist said that my teeth consider clean for a person with braces *syok sendiri* haha. Hoping that next month they will have glow in dark. Really wanna try it >.<

This few days didnt do anything interesting or go anyway, so ntg special in this post I guess =/ PLaying DotA quite a lot again, in fact every night lol. Getting back my feel and skill =x but I'm sure once I get a new job I won't play as much as now so now giving myself any expectations or wat. Just enjoy and have fun is enough I guess.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Watched this movie just now with Kenny. Last minute plan to watch movie so we didn't even know what movie to watch haha. He wanted something more action packed but there isn't any action packed movie that make me feel like watching so we ended up watching Zombieland lol.

It's a gross + funny movie haha. The story is about the whole world is infected and almost everyone is a Zombie. The main character Columbus, is one of them who are still human. He heard that the West is safe from Zombie and started his journey to the West. He have his set of rules to keep himself safe from the Zombies.

The rules are freaking funny, although they are good surviving tips haha. "Rule #1, Cardio". The fatties are the one that is turned into Zombie first because they run slow haha! Not only that, still got a lot funny parts but it's not just laughing all the way. It's like laughing and suddenly see gross stuff then laugh again lol.

Overall, I think this movie is so so la, not too bad but some of you might think that it's not worth watching at the cinema. For me I think it's still ok, a bit like Epic Movie those kind of movies.So it all depends on you.

Christmas @ Mid Valley Megamall

Kenny aka Rei came over to find me today. It's been quite some time since we last met and it's really nice meeting an old friend. Although the original plan was to eat Claypot Chicken Rice, but last minute changed it to movie session at Mid Valley instead haha. I will write my movie review in a seperate post later =P This is gonna be a christmas deco review haha.

The Center Court of Mid Valley Megamall. They are going by the theme of Castle Age christmas. A lot of flags hanging around and the big castle as stage.

This is a random shot of the tall Christmas tree from the 2nd floor. Somehow the bunch of balls at the middle reminded me of longan lol XD

Asking Kenny to be my model of the day haha.

Playing with my front camera. Good for self capturing =P

Caught on camera by Kenny

The very tall christmas trees. So tall that I can't really get a full shot of it.

This is the best I can do to capture it in full =x

The stage from front view

Baubles~ Somehow I still prefer Christmas trees with a bit of red instead of all gold. Most of the trees there are decorated with gold decorations only. Only a few are mixed with red decorations.

A stall selling gifts at the South Court of Mid Valley Megamall.

In conclusion, I think that the Christmas decoration in Mid Valley is very elegant and grand. They have a lot of performances as well at all the courts (North, Center and South). With stalls around for you to shop for the perfect gifts for your special someone ^^