Thursday, December 3, 2009

Japanese Food Fair @ Times Square

As I was going up the escalator, something caught my attention.

Wow so Colourful! I guessed that it's some Japanese Food Fair. So as an "8" person to confirm my guess, I went down to check out what are they selling there.

BUahaha! I'm right, It's really Japanese Food Fair.

They have loads of stuffs. Biscuits, candies, chocolates, seaweed, instant noodles, Japanese sweet curry powder mix etc etc.

Shin Chan's favourite chocolate biscuit! (The box same ma although not crocodile =P)

Chocolates and chewing gum.

I saw a lemon flavour chocolate. Seriously I wonder how will it taste like =x But I didn't buy anything because I couldn't find the gummy I want. Although it's a fair, but the price is not cheap and I find some of the things are even more expensive than Jusco haha. They have a lot of things but their candies not much variety, they don't even have my favourite Lemon gummy with lemon juice =( If you guys love Japanese food but can't find them at places near you, go and visit the fair la =P

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