Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas @ Times Square & Sg Wang

I went to Times Square and Sg Wang to look around since Mega Sales has already started. Well it was quite disappointing because I ended up going home empty handed but the christmas deco at Times Square is so beautiful~ ^_^

The moment I enter Times Square I saw this big spinning christmas tree

All the stalls around are decorated with christmas feel as well

Isn't it beautiful ^^

More stalls and stage at the Lower Ground floor

Snowmans are everywhere! =D

A stall selling cute Teddy Bears

So sweet~*

The teddies come with a Birth Cert =P

The "Snowman Cottage" stage

When I saw this well, I thought it's something like a wishing well where people throw money in but I was wrong =x only saw presents inside haha.

Christmas tree and baubles~

I wish I can have that much of presents!! Santa please grant my wish and I promise I will be a good girl *grins*

After finish shopping at Times Square, went to Sg Wang. They decorated the place by the theme of "Swan Lake".

The main stage

Flying and swimming swans

The Swan Lake

I do like the colour and lights but I think compare with Times Square's christmas deco, lose a lot =x There were a lot of ppl busy taking photos at Times Square but I don't see any doing so at Sg Wang lol. I haven't seen snow before, wish I will have the chance to make snowman =P

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