Sunday, April 13, 2008


Didnt update my blog since last month coz of 3 reasons, exams are coming, Cabal Online and because ntg made me emo haha XD im gg'ed this time coz i discovered and started the game Cabal Online juz b4 my finals are starting! T_T im so addicted to it that i rather stay at home and leveling than going out yam cha wif my frens haha..finals coming im supposed to study but i cant get myself away from my character in game T_T although i will be worried and guilty to be gaming at the time i should be studying but still..haha..i continue gaming wif worries and guilt =x nvm la..1 more week only and im free! then i can cabal all i want and up lvl or go out =P

My finals already started actually..took moral paper yday. it was sad..the lecturer actually fooled us. she gave us "tips" of wat the finals questions are including the page where u can find the answer. awesome rite? we thought so too. bcoz i dun really like moral coz the lect makes the subject so boring,i only study according to her "tips" loh. she sent us all email wishing us good luck and b4 entering the exam hall i tell my frens i wonder if my lecturer sends the email while grinning evilly coz she's tricking us. the moment we open the paper and read the questions only,all also got the GG expression on the face haha! her tips...tak boleh pakai langsung! we thought that she is giving out answers coz she's already leaving. Virtue ethics woh...2 questions woh...i memorise the virtue ethics so hard in the end 1 question also didnt come out T_T human comm exam next! muz study well! *say only haha*

Feeling quite lifeless at the moment lol. since i start cabal,im back to the old me haha. only game and ntg else. everytime i start a game also i will be like that 1. i will keep chasing others, try to be better than others so i wun be bullied. bcoz of cabal i kind of like stop dota already haha. well i do miss dota at times, but seriously without dota i really less emo. dota is my source of emo. eversince i started gaming,i can juz stay at home and game all day haha. ppl will always think that i've vanished lol coz i no longer go out and meet them. i can c all of this happening again =x im only communicating wif my frens in game,those who dun play this game i didnt really get to talk to them coz i lazy sms when im hitting mob XD my msn pula got prob..stupid maxis! Sux like !@#! msn kenot connect, torrent all blocked so kenot dl, ggc kenot play coz the connection is so damn bad that i can haf 6secs delay+spike, cabal also always dc,watch movies on9 also hard coz the line is so damn slow it takes years to finish buffering a movie. i really wonder y the @#$! i pay RM138 a mth for the stupid broadband which i can only use to surf the net. besides that sometimes no connection also! use until i damn geram >=( still got contract but i really cant take it anymore so 2molo im gonna be going wif Ricky to KLCC's maxis centre and cancel the damn broadband. hope can coz i dowan 2 waste my money like this already. cancel it and apply another broadband better...hope my attempt will be successful =x btw,o2jam close down d luu..less 1 game 2 play >.< evisu say better coz now i can concentrate on 1 game only haha..

well time 2 continue studying =P i was studying until a bit bored so mess around wif my comp haha..wish my luck =x