Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 ^^

I guess some of you might be real surprise to see a new post from me after SOooo long! XD Sorry, I know I've abandoned my bloggie almost completely since July but I've found something that took all my attention and time.. =x

Ok ok..the truth is I've been MIA playing Rappelz (MYSG server). I went back to my old hobby, gaming. Need to "chiong" level everyday that's why I've abandoned my bloggie for quite sometime lol.. From this game I've met a lot of great new friends, and many things happened in game as well.
Might compose a review on Rappelz soon =P

Anyway, I don't know why but I saw my blog when I start my Google Chrome and I just feel like writing something, update it, or whatever you call it haha. 2011 is here, but somehow I don't feel the excitement on 31st Dec, it just came to me as another day =/ perhaps it's the ppl I joined, or perhaps it's just me who changed? No idea~

This post is gonna be short and non pictorial coz it's actually a very random post lol. Anyway I'm listening to a club mix that was shared on Facebook by my friend and I think that it's quite good, hope this can help to kick off the "Monday Blues" for the 1st Monday of 2011 =P

DJ BENXH - Club Top 40 Mix by DJ Ben Xinghao