Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cornflake Cookies

I'm gonna share the recipe for the cookies I baked as Christmas present here. It is a very simple recipe, so you can try it out ^^

P/S: I did double the dosage, so the illustrations are just for reference purposes. DO NOT follow the quantity seen in pictures.

75g of Butter
½ cup of Brown Sugar
1 cup of Flour
1 egg
Chocolate Chips
¼ teaspoon of Baking Powder (Not in pic)
¼ teaspoon of Salt (Not in pic)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence (Not in pic)

Preparation Time: 50 minutes (Including taking photo lol)

Baking Time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 50-60 pieces


1. Leave the butter at room temperature to soften it. Around 30-40 mins will do.

2. Cut the butter into half (half = 75g). Put half into the mixing bowl and keep the other half.

3. Measure ½ cup of brown sugar.

4. Put it into the mixing bowl with the butter.

5. Start mixing the sugar and butter mixture.

6. Mix till it is well blended. Around 6-10 mins.

7. Add in the egg into the mixture. Be careful not to crack the eggshells in as well.

8. Mix it until it is fluffy.

9. Add salt and baking powder to flour.

10. Add in mixed flour to the mixture. It would be better if you sift the flour first. Add in bit by bit while mixing instead of pouring everything in one shot. Remember to slowdown the speed of your mixer because the flour will be flying around if your mixer is too fast.

11. Mix it well.

12. Add in the vanilla essence. Continue mixing.

13 Crush the Cornflakes. You can put in as much as you like. Remember to crush it finer (mine is still a bit coarse)

14. Pour the crushed Cornflake into the mixture and mix it well.

15. Last but not least, add in Chocolate Chips. Be careful not to add too much as it may turn out to be too sweet. If you prefer lighter taste, then add in less chocolate chip.

16. Mix it with a spoon instead of the mixer as the chocolate chip might be beaten into pieces.

17. Preheat oven to 4.

18. Line baking tray with baking paper. This is to ensure that the cookies does not stick to the tray. It is a must to have baking paper because I tried once without it, and my cookies stuck to the tray, it crushed when I try to remove it from the tray.

19. Place the cookie dough on the baking tray. Use a spoon and a teaspoon to place the dough. Make sure your dough size is not too big or too small. The cookies will expand during the baking process, leave enough space for it to do so. Make the dough into the size of a teaspoon will do.

20. Put it in the oven. Let it bake around 15-20mins. I would suggest you to check it at 10min because different oven heats up differently.

21. The result:

Yummy chocolate chip cornflake cookies! ^^

Please leave your comments, suggestions or questions if you have any =D


Supia Chao said...

Yummmy ley... look so delicious... add extra chocolte chips for me.

Sly Nolan said...

i wan a big one! hee~

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

baked for me some! =)
then only I click your advertisement! *joking*

SuFang said...

nanged u~! saliva dripping*

fiona06 said...

nom nom nom! looks good, m sure it taste js s great