Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas @ Mid Valley Megamall

Kenny aka Rei came over to find me today. It's been quite some time since we last met and it's really nice meeting an old friend. Although the original plan was to eat Claypot Chicken Rice, but last minute changed it to movie session at Mid Valley instead haha. I will write my movie review in a seperate post later =P This is gonna be a christmas deco review haha.

The Center Court of Mid Valley Megamall. They are going by the theme of Castle Age christmas. A lot of flags hanging around and the big castle as stage.

This is a random shot of the tall Christmas tree from the 2nd floor. Somehow the bunch of balls at the middle reminded me of longan lol XD

Asking Kenny to be my model of the day haha.

Playing with my front camera. Good for self capturing =P

Caught on camera by Kenny

The very tall christmas trees. So tall that I can't really get a full shot of it.

This is the best I can do to capture it in full =x

The stage from front view

Baubles~ Somehow I still prefer Christmas trees with a bit of red instead of all gold. Most of the trees there are decorated with gold decorations only. Only a few are mixed with red decorations.

A stall selling gifts at the South Court of Mid Valley Megamall.

In conclusion, I think that the Christmas decoration in Mid Valley is very elegant and grand. They have a lot of performances as well at all the courts (North, Center and South). With stalls around for you to shop for the perfect gifts for your special someone ^^

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