Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Title: Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Alternative Title: バカとテストと召喚獣

Episodes: Ongoing (Currently till 12)

Genre: Comedy, School, Fantasy, Romance

I was introduced to this anime when I went over to Josh's house during Chinese New Year. We have 2 hours with nothing to do before going for a movie, so he asked me if I watch animes and he let me watched this.

Seriously, the first few minutes of watching and it has already got my full attention LoL! The drawing is nice, it's very funny and I love school type anime very much! After watching Episode 1, I can't help myself but to watch on and on until I felt that I rather watch this anime instead of going to the cinema XD

This anime is about a school where students are treated according to their grades. Students from the top class will get to enjoy the best facilities, and even their classroom looks like a mansion while students from the worst class do not even have a proper table and chair. There is a way for them to upgrade their facilities, and that is by declaring an ESB with a better class and the winners can choose to swap their facilities.

I seriously find this anime very very entertaining and hilarious. I'm loving it to bits so far ^^

Mission Accomplished! ^^

Since early of the year, I was hoping that I can get..

Number of posts per month = Number of days per month

Well, I have finally achieved it! Not only that, there's even more than 31 posts this month *hurray~!!* =D

Hopefully I can keep it up too for the next month ^^ I know la not all of my 33 posts can be considered as something to read, but I didn't set what sort of posts to be counted as part of it XD

I do have something there I wanted to write now, but when I start to type it just can't come out -_-" maybe will post it next time =)

Just a friendly reminder from me, tomorrow is 1st of April aka April Fool's Day! So be very careful or else you might be the next April Fool of the year XD

Happy April's Fool Day (in advance =P)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm really pissed off now. I've just reformatted my PC 2 weeks ago, kena virus again. I 4got that the virus infected my pendrive and external hard disk too previously, and plugged it to my PC T_T The saddest part is my current anti virus (Avira) cannot detect it zzzz!

I've just got a new external hard disk last week and I have only 1 week time to try it and return if there is any problem. But how can I try it when I know there's virus lurking around in my PC! =.=" The 1 week period will be ending soon, and my external hard disk still cantik-cantik wrapped in it's box unopened.

How to clear that virus ah, howwwwwww?? T_T Very sien already argh! I uninstalled my Avira and using Kaspersky trial version hoping to clear it, but seriously, Kaspersky super lag! When it's scanning I can't do anything much with my PC =.="

Hope can settle by today, then I can try my new external HDD T_T

P/S: Don't give me advices such as don't simply open unknown websites, I kena from that stupid virus from the stupid company's PC during my internship and not from surfing the web zzzz.

Marie France Bodyline's Website is an Attack Page?

I was blogwalking as usual and I saw the Marie France Bodyline's ad in a blog

I clicked on the ad and a new tab pop out as usual. But instead of being redirected to their website, I was shown...


Wtf? Marie France Bodyline's website is an Attack Page!? o.O Well I was really surprised but to confirm it, I close the tab and clicked the ad again. Once again, that error was shown -_-" Any of you tried this also? I was using Mozilla Fox btw during the blogwalk session ~_~

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Aren't you all jealous of all the bloggers who got their chance to be featured in Malaysia's very own Online TV Show Project Alpha like Cheesie, KY or Shaolin Tiger? You might think that it will never be possible for your dream of being a featured blogger in Project Alpha to ever come true...

Well think again! The chance to get your dreams come true is here!! Do you know that Project Alpha's Audition is now OPEN? Yes you didn't not see it wrongly, and yes I'm not lying, it's really true!

Do not know what you need to do to be a Guest Blogger in Project Alpha Season 3? Don't worry, kRaZy is here to save your day~ =D

~How to Get Yourself featured in Project Alpha Season 3~

Step 1: Join ruumz or login to your account

Step 2: Join the Project Alpha ruumz group

Step 3: Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below the page

Step 4: Insert a title and a short description about your audition.
*Tip: You can also tag yourself to your video so that it will appear on your ruumz profile page*

Step 5: To increase your chances of being selected, get your friends and family to "Like" your video

*credits to ruumz*

The top 3 winners will be the next featured bloggers in Project Alpha Season 3! What are you waiting for? Go and shoot your audition video now! Do use all your creativity and wackiness to grab everyone's attention ^^

An example of an audition entry to help you out ^^

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I've Just Got a FREE Whole Mille Crepe from Humble Beginnings! XD

Last week, there was someone who left a comment on my post "Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry, Section 17, PJ". No name was given, he commented as an anonymous person.

As you can see, Anonymous suggested to me Mille Crepes from Humble Beginnings and even left me the website's link. As an absolute dessert lover, I went and have a look at the website of course.

On the first page of the website, I was greeted by the image of their specialty, Vanilla Mille Crepe *drools* =D~ Then I clicked on the image to get to their main page. After clicking the image, I was redirected to a page with introduction on Humble Beginnings. Then I clicked the "Enter Website" button, and I was redirected to another page again, but this page attracted me with a word.....

PROMOTION! I guess that word would have caught anyone's attention (self defensing) =x As I read on, I found out that they are doing a promotion from Jan 2010 till June 2010 and they are actually GIVING AWAY FREE MILLE CREPES WORTH RM62 EACH! o.o

I saw that the promotion for April is on 29th March, which is today. So I tried my luck and called. After calling for like 15 minutes, finally I got through and someone picked up my phone ! XD He said that I'm one of them who got the FREE crepe wei! Well that really made my day. It's a good start of the week =D

To you guys who love desserts as much as I do, don't miss your chance to get a free Mille Crepe like me =P check out their website @ for more info ^^

P/S: Thanx Anonymous! =D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do You Read The Posts That You Nang?

Well you know, everytime when you log in to Innit you will see everyone asking for or exchanging Nangs. I do exchange Nangs with people sometimes, but I noticed something. Some of them who Nang'ed my post didn't even read what I've wrote. I assume they just click the Nang button, without even stepping in to my blog.

For you info, I read every post that I Nang, and I don't just click the button like some of them. I find that there's really no point to just click the Nang button for the sake of getting back Nangs. Once, I asked someone for his opinion on my latest post which he have Nang'ed, but he couldn't answer me because he didn't read my post.

Nang button = Like. How can you like something that you've never ever seen before? Maybe you will think, "What does it matter? I just want my Nangs" but what I want is others to read what I've wrote instead of just a Nang.

So do you guys read the posts that you have Nang'ed or do you just click the Nang button? Do let me know what do you about this issue too =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mad Hatter's Party @ Zouk

Well I guess you all are tired of seeing the word "Mad Hatter's Party" over and over again in my last few posts haha. Finally it's here! I followed Adrian's car as he have the invitation and he's going too. I gave the guest slot of my invite to him because I don't know who to bring. And I've got another extra invite thanx to Kenny who decided that he didn't want to go. So I gave the extra invite to Henry who wants to go. He brought his cousin brother along.

The grand Petronas Twin Towers standing tall behind Zouk =)

They decorated the garden according to the theme with loads of mushrooms, tea cups and caterpillars XD Too bad, it rained earlier and it's freaking muddy there so can't really take photos with those decorations.

The mushroom decorated garden. That mushroom looks like poisonous mushroom LOL!

Caterpillar on a mushroom

Closer shot of another caterpillar XD

There's free Gelato near the entrance, I tried the Lemon flavoured one, yummy! =P Then my secondary school friend, Keng Liang, called me and asked if I'm at Zouk. He's there too and he got the VIP passes o.o I met him at the entrance and we went to Velvet where his other friends are. Actually, I know most of them too but I haven't joined them for a long time due to some incident.

Saw all this mannequins after the stamp checking area.

Then, I called Henry to see where is him, and he's outside at the garden so went back out to meet him. I didn't take much photos yesterday because he's with his DSLR, I paiseh la use camera phone only XD so maybe will grab some photos from him when he uploads them haha. Henry was with his cousin brother only, and 2 person buying a bottle of liquor is not worth it. So I asked them to join Adrian.

An artfully drawn wall in Bar Sonic

Adrian was at Bar Sonic with his girlfriend. They are having Long Island and suggest Henry and his cousin brother to get the drink too. I tried a bit of it, very nice le! Like drinking Ice Lemon Tea only haha. They said that it's quite strong, but I don't know la coz I only tried a few sips.

Adrian and his Long Island

That whole night I kept walking around all the bars XD I did went back to Velvet to find Keng Liang again and pull him to go Phuture with me XD Velvet was playing retro from 11pm till 12.30am. I heard Dancing Queen LOL!

Me and Keng Liang

Phuture is my favorite, because they play RnB music which I prefer more. Oh ya, there was a guy that really pissed me off. He was smoking on the dance floor wtf!? And his ciggy kena me zzz..If you want to smoke don't go smoke at the dance floor la!! Can't you smoke at the side already only come back?

Self capture a bit in the toilet =x That's what girls do in clubs anyway XP

To tell the truth, I can't really feel the "Mad Hatter's Party" feel, but nonetheless I enjoyed it as a clubbing night =D

My Date Night

My most memorable date night would be few years ago at Pulau Redang. Went there with a group of friends, made up of girls and guys. In the morning till evening we will be out snorkeling or swimming. There isn't much time to look around during the noon, and the beach would be freaking hot too so it's not too enjoyable.

When the sun sets, that's when the real fun begins! Well one my guy asked me to go the bars around with him. I don't want to waste my trip so I said ok and we bar hop. First we sang Karaoke @ Pelangi Resort. Next we moved on to the bar at Redang Bay which is really happening, with a lot of people dancing around and really good music. We drank and danced there till we are tired.

When the party ended, we decided to take a stroll along the beach to get some fresh air before going back to the resort. We sat on the beach and chat with millions of stars accompanying us =) Seriously I love star gazing very very much, and the night view at Redang is really very beautiful. The sky is clear, and most of the bars are closed, so it's quite dark allowing the star to shine even brighter.

That is the best date night I had. Not only we can have fun, we even get the chance to see the breathtaking night sky view. Till today I can remember how beautiful the night was, and I doubt any other dates in the city can match it =)


Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Going to The Mad Hatter's Party @ Zouk Tonight! =D

I'm really excited to go for the event tonight. Even more excited after I enquired Zouk. The invitation is not only for the Mad Hatter's Party, it also grants access to all the other clubs wei! =D Mad happy now XD Hope will have fun tonight =P

No updates today besides this because not free la..later need to choose what to wear and make up sumore =x But I'm gonna blog about the event for sure =P

Wishing everyone a happy weekend ^_^

P/S: Do have a look at my latest Innit post thanx! =D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Things That Women Lie About

Want to know what women lie about always? Below are from what I've analyzed other girls around me =P

5. Authenticity

Often, women who goes for facial or mask sessions to get a fair and radiant looking skin, will never confess to you that their fair and radiant looking skin is because of the facial and mask sessions. Most probably they will tell you it's natural, they are born with it or they have the nice complexion is because of their hardwork and effort of not eating fried and spicy stuff, using only water to wash their face and nothing else. Most of them are actually not real =P

4. Age

I'm sure most of you have heard that asking a women her age is a big taboo right? So the usual answer you will get is either "Secret" or she might tell you the age she wished she is now =) I'm not saying every women do this, but there are a handful of them who are really really age conscious! They believe that letting a guy to know their age is worse than revealing how much saving they have in their bank account x)

3. Weight
This applies to women of all ages be it 20 or 60 XD Now girls, don't deny it and make another lie =P I think there's something in our sub conscious mind that is set to answer the question "What's your weight?" with the answer of -2kg to -10kg of our actual weight. Ok lah I admit, sometimes I do that too but I didn't lie, I just use the weight I was at few months ago =P

2. Height

I don't know if any of you have encountered this before, but I've loads of time! There's one girl who told me she is 1.67m tall, but I am 1.67m and she's half a head shorter than me even with her heels -_-" Then there's another girl who told me she is 1.70m but both of us are standing at the same height. So finally, I've concluded that girls like to lie about their height too and unlike weight where they will -kg, they +cm =)

1. Thoughts/Feelings

This is the main factor that makes men thinks that women is the most complicated living thing on Earth LOL! Women have the capability of hiding their true thoughts and desires. She can be smiling in front of you acting all friendly, but deep in her heart she could be cursing you with words you can never imagine >=) It could also be that she is actually crazily in love with a guy, but she can lie to everyone else about her feelings by acting real cool towards the guy.

Leave your comments, let me know if you agree or disagree with what I've written ^^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie + Food at Mid Valley

You might be wondering why is it that I go to Mid Valley so often lol. The reason is because it's only 5-10mins drive from my house to Mid Valley XD So usually if I'm going out, it would be to Mid Valley =x Anyway, went to watch a movie with a friend whom I have not seen for some time. We watched Just Another Pandora's Box (越光宝盒) at 11am.

This movie sux to the max! Someone told me it's like 72 Tenant's of Prosperity, but at least 72 Tenants can make me really laugh because it's funny. Pandora's box is totally lame ok! The movie is about 1 hour and 30mins, and I truly laughed for a few seconds only. Others lame until I can't laugh at all! If you want me to rate this movie, I will give it a 1/10 only just because of all the casts of this movie.

After movie, we went for lunch. I remember reading from someone's blog about Spaghetti Grill having some Lunch Set promo, so we went and checked it out.

Their menu for Ala carte.

This is the list for Lunch/Dinner Set.

For me I think that it's really worth eating. Only RM9.95 (excluding tax) you get bottomless drinks + a main course! And there are many varieties that you can choose from for your main course.

My friend Cheah Siang who drove all the way from Klang =P
(That is the drink that comes along with our Lunch Set)

I ordered Fish & Chips because I don't feel like having Spaghetti

Cheah Siang's Spaghetti Bolognese

After the first bite, I've learnt my lesson which is "Always order the restaurant's specialty" T_T My Fish & Chips is not that nice. The fish's batter tastes weird and pepperish, while the Tartar Sauce is very salty but Cheah Siang said his Spaghetti is not bad =/

The portion of the food is ok lah for the price. So I would recommend you to try it out if you happen to be at Mid Valley and want something more economical for lunch =) BUT remember not to order the Fish & Chips! =P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Rewarding Day ^^

Yesterday, I was checking out innit reading new posts and all. Then I saw a post which attracted me with the title "The Mad Hatter's Party @ ZOUK KL, 1 invitation to give away". I was curious so I clicked and it led me to Carlorina's blog. She received an invite, but she is not interested to attend it and she is actually giving it out to anyone who's interested. So I dropped her a comment, and she said she don't mind giving it to me as long as I can pick it up from her office =D

I already planned to go back college today to settle some stuff actually, so I went to Puchong to collect the invites 1st. Once again I want to thank Carlorina for giving me the invites even though I'm a stranger =x

1st Reward: The Mad Hatter's Party @ Zouk KL's invitation ^^

The Invitation Card =)

After collecting the invitation card, I head on to Subang to apply for my transcript and get the withdrawal done as well. I didn't know students who have graduated need to withdraw -_-" I also met up with Rachel and Siew Ching, my good friends in college =D

Really nice to see them again. Rachel's hair is much longer now, while Siew Ching...ngek ngek. I won't be writing it out or else she will kill me the next time she sees me XD Actually I ajak them to yamcha today during their break time, but Rachel was really busy with her assignment, so ended up only me and Siew Ching.

2nd Reward: Meeting up with old friends ^^

Old pic =x

Just now while walking back to college with Siew Ching after eating, I noticed some stalls selling clothes in front of Asia Cafe. I decided to have a look before going back home. Luckily I did took a look 1st! They are doing some charity sale, and nice clothes + accessories are sold at a low price. I saw a top and a dress that I quite like and I bought them at a low price.

3rd Reward: Got a new top + dress at a cheap price ^^

Top + scarf for RM30

This dress's black collar is removable + belt for RM35.

So RM30 + Rm35 should be RM65 right? Well, I got it for RM55 only =P What to do, bargain skill good hahah. I didn't get to try it when I bought them, so the 1st thing I did when I was home was to try them on see got "naik kereta" or not lol.

The black top still ok la, just that the strap does not sit properly. As for the dress, it's a bit too short for me to make it a dress =/ And the belt also, looks weird when I try it on. Maybe I'll go get a new belt myself to match it.

Don't you think it's a rewarding day for me too? ;)

P/S: Sorry for the low quality photos, I switched it to 0.3M last time for MMS, and I forget to switch back to the normal mode =x

Monday, March 22, 2010

Write For Fun

Sent my mom off to KL Sentral just now. Yup, she has left again. Hope that she will recover soon and be fine =) fast 2 weeks past already. I didn't really notice that. Actually I don't think this is consider a blog post, just an update perhaps, for myself? Haha..or maybe I'm just too bored with nothing to do and I can't resist the temptation of blogging.

Nothing much to write d, tata =)

No Sweat

Imagine this, one day while you were driving at some highway with not much people who's using it, you spotted a young and pretty Damsel-in-Distress. Hoping that by helping her, you will get to know her and give her a good impression, you stopped your car and approached her.

You asked her what's the matter and she points at the tyre. With a look, obviously the tyre is punctured. As a macho and gentleman, you offered to help her to change the tyre of course. She delightfully accepts the offer and therefore, you started changing the punctured tyre.

The D-i-D observes your every movement while you were helping her with the tyre. You carried the big and heavy tyre single handed, showing off the well sculpted strong arm of yours to her. Deep in her heart, she is actually very impressed with you, a tough man with a soft heart.

She peeks at you from time to time, hoping that you will not notice that she is looking at you but you are actually aware of it, and acted cool. When you are done, you place the punctured tyre at the car boot and closes it gently.

Hearing the sound, she knew that you are done. So she walked over to you, hoping to thank you personally for being her knight when she's in trouble. She was smiling while walking to you, but as she is nearer and nearer, her expressions became more and more disgusted. Her intended warm thank you speech turned into something as cold as steel.

The reason? You are literally bathing in sweat!! And you should know, sweat is not cool! This isn't how the ending should be =/ If only you have discovered Adidas Action 3 earlier...things would definitely be different. With Adidas Action 3 Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray, it can give you a cool and refreshing protection against perspiration. It contains 0% Alcohol and has anti whitening as well!
Use Adidas Action 3 Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray so that the next time you help another D-i-D, you can say "No Sweat" =)

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Piece of My Mind~!

Piece of My Mind is officially 2 years old now! I just realised it few days ago when I looked back at my old posts. Although I don't update much last time but still, Hey~ I actually blogged for 2 years xD

Looking back at my old posts, the way I write is really different. Back then, this is just a place for me to release emo, writing whatever that makes me not happy, or what I really think and feel at the moment. But now, I don't want to be so emo all the time, so I try to blog more on other stuffs instead and it helped =)

This is a screenshot of my blog on April 23 2009. The reason I took it was because of the number 2222 =P As you can see, even my blog layout was emo last time lol. I've learn quite a bit on basic HTML/XML from blogging lol. It helped when I have to create a blog for my "Interactive Multimedia" subject last time =P

I My Bloggie =)

Happy 2nd Birthday~!! ^^

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Am I Not Using Streamyx?

I've been asked this question for duno how many thousands of times. You know when it really gets annoying? Not answering the same thing again to different people, but to the SAME PERSON! Seriously, there's quite a few of them, after asking me once which I've exlpained in details why am I not using Streamyx and not long later, ask me the same question again!

I'm really tired of answering it. I'm not a record player ok? Don't expect me to answer you again and again when you won't even remember it. So I'm writing it here now, and the next person who ask me this question again will have my post's link stuffed to them ^^

I am not using Streamyx because the condo I'm staying is not using Telekom Malaysia's line. I guess it's some contract thingy that at each residential area there must be a few parts given to other Telco. So the condo I'm staying is using TIME dotCom (Formerly known as Time Telekom)'s line.

This is Telekom Malaysia's Logo

This is Time dotCom's Logo

So...Streamyx is provided by Telekom Malaysia, while I'm having TIME dotCom's line. You don't expect me to purposely go tarik Telekom Malaysia's line to my place just because of wanting to use Streamyx right?

Time dotCom do have their own broadband services, but it's freaking expensive. 1.5Mbps package for RM128/month ok? Yes I know, if I get one, I can have smooth sailing internet surfing experience with constant speed and all, but it's almost double the price of the broadband I'm using now.

Currently I'm using Umobile, and I guess unknown to many of you, yes Umobile have broadband services and I've been using it for almost 2 years now. It's only RM68 per month (RM78 for me, because I took some package that comes with the modem last time), and I can assure you it's much much better than the speculated "Potong" broadband. (I'm sure you know which am I talking about ^^)

Glad I finally wrote this post, I will no longer have to repeatedly explain the whole thing again ^^