Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who do you think you are? =)

i wanna tell u this..ur juz a fren of mine and im juz a fren of urs. frens haf limit so pls remember this. i am NOT ur anger venting tool. u not happy ur problem dun come and release ur anger on me. when i am not happy i didnt release my anger on u too rite? damn the end it still proves that wat i've always thought of u was right. i was right all along eventhough sumwhere in the middle i thought i was wrong. damn you. when u r lonely u find me? when u want ppl accompany u find me? u thought wat? im your backup now izit? argue wif gf then come kacau me. i can be a nice fren but i can be nasty too,dun challenge me pls. stupid. this is the 2nd time d, and so i guess no more chances 4 ur impression in my mind to be changed. i wun find you, u can do the same too =) another fake fren found ^^

Thursday, March 27, 2008


i hate ppl force me to do wat i dun want to do! so can u guys juz respect me when i say no? stop asking and asking and asking pls! even if after sumtime u've successfully got me 2 do wat u want but i can tell u i am 100% not willing to do so! so pls..stop instructing me wat to do...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SurPriSe SuRPriSe~ ^^

i've always thought that most of my frens dun really care about me except a few of them..but it surprised me that when i was sick,kenneth,my o2jam fren whom i didnt talk wif often actually called me and ask how was my condition..i wat really shocked lol. even my frens who i see everyday didnt bother 2 ask me lol. 4 me it doesnt matter coz i dun care whether ppl care for me or not. another surprise was a guy i didnt didnt expect him 2 msg me at all lol. i thought that i was juz his temporary fren but i was wrong indeed only i realise that there are ppl who care 4 me juz that i didnt pay attention to them lol..i guess i should change my attitude of not being so pessimistic lol..

thanx all of u guys who asked about me, im getting better already.. ^^

Sad.. T_T

i've been sick for the past few days so didnt attend classmate juz called me to inform me about my marketing test and coursework marks. so sad..they r quite bad. got only 11/20 for my course work and the test only 50 something..he told me that my total coursework marks is 30 something out of 60 only T_T meaning that i cant get A for this subject...cant blame any1 except myself for slacking. i skipped marketing quite a lot =x but i think it is unfair! his test 1 questions are all irrelevant >.<>=( been getting real lazy recently..dun gif a damn 2 my works anymore..sumtimes i do worry,but still i wun be doing anything lol..duno wat's wrong..argh..if i wanna get good results it's time 2 work 4 it now >.<

Monday, March 24, 2008

duno wat title 2 put =D

2.31am now..still not sleeping yet coz no mood. it's raining now ^^ my favourite weather of all haha..i enjoy sitting somewhere where i can look up at the raining sky and stone there. i used 2 do it when i was younger lol..i find it kind of weird but duno y i can withstand being alone haha,in fact i kinda enjoy the feeling of being alone =D can enjoy the peace and quietness haha..and i can go into deep thoughts,stone =D are these the symptoms of an anti social? =x i used 2 be a game freak but now im losing interest towards it. izit bcoz i dun haf the rite company 2 game wif or..? i really like dota a lot,it brought me a lot of frens. it is something that i can use as a social utility lol. is that the reason im still playing it now? i duno either..last time i've always wanted 2 be a good girl gamer. i hope that ppl will stop saying that girls can never be a gamer. i hate it when ppl say that. 4 this, i really tried very hard last time..but i duno since when i got tired of trying that i juz gif up lol. eventually when i stop trying i will get worse and worse,so gaming nowadays really makes me damn emo. when i play o2jam,i will compare myself now 2 last time. i can easily combo or pass those songs last time but i cant do it anymore now. the same 2 dota..when i was active i think i am much better than now..whenever ppl say i play badly they make me think back of last time..if i still had the skills i had back then..will they still look down on me so much? i think that im quite lifeless actually lol..a person who puts gaming at the 1st place,how much life could this person haf? =) im making myself think so much for all these trivial matters lol..but somehow it is bothering me..i hate the feeling. but wat feeling is this? i really duno =.=" actually im really sick of dota now..the reason im hanging on to this game would be the frens i made through this game i belief..i know that if i quit gaming im gonna lose a lot of frens who game lol. stupid huh not quitting because of that ^^" im already 21 this year but i duno y my thoughts and actions are like so childish. i can seriously say that i dun feel that i am like 21 at all lol..the way i act and a kid >.< sad sad..enuff of crap 4 2day..find this blogsite really useful haha! when unhappy or moody can straight away crap here XD

Saturday, March 22, 2008

my 1st blog at blogspot ^^

Yo everyone~
well this is the 1st time i blog in a blog site haha..been wanting 2 do this for quite some time but im just too lazy to go and create an account lol. the reason i name my blog "Piece of My Mind" because this is gonna be where i can emo lol..watever i think or feel which i dun think it's appropriate 2 tell others in real life can be posted here lol. so this is my emo space haha.
it's good 4 me coz im an emo person =P im also a thinker (thinks of a lot of stuff which is irrelevant when i've ntg 2 do). my 1st emo post would be about someone..actually im kinda down at the moment. i used to be very close with that person..we were close frens,he's the 1st person who cross my mind whenever anything happen. but things changed. suddenly we like very very far apart. i duno how or why did it happen,but i find it really hard 2 adapt. he is my sms kaki, my emo partner, my good fren. till now i still think of him as a good fren of mine but somehow i feel that he dun think so. i will still find him and try 2 chat wif him to c wat he is up to recently,but it is really difficult. our long conversations changed into short short talks. i try 2 start a conversation and he will only response wif "ooh","lolx" and "haha". in the end i give up trying..i know frens come and go but going so suddenly makes me feel like kena dump like that..maybe it's me who is thinking 2 much as usual..but really..he is always the 1st person who pops into my mind when there is anything and now i cant find this person anymore to tell him wat happened..argh 4get it..not the 1st time also anyway..time to move on i guess..