Thursday, November 13, 2008

DuBai LifE PaRt 1

hahah..well I've reached Dubai few days already..I didnt know here got free wireless network haha. Luckily there are a few of them with laptop so I can borrow and use muahahah XD A day before I left for Dubai got sore throat, the moment I reach Dubai kena flu. Now better already coz keep drink water haha. Here quite ok lah for now, get to meet new ppl. The new Global Village is getting sucky, last time it's like so grand but so cincai -_-" We got no place to settle down yet T_T Dubai got some stupid new law which only allows 4ppl in masterbedroom and 3ppl in small rooms of a house but we have 18 of us in total haha. The 1st place we moved in was temporary, so crowded that we dun even haf enuff space for everyone to sit in the living room. But 1st day quite fun, play cards haha. I've won AED17 with only AED1 per bet hahah =P

Gaming with laptop really not so good, especially one of their laptop. Got virus 1 sumore like out of memory haha..laggy even when I play GemTD alone. O2mania and O2Angel can play..but the keyboard kenot support all keys T_T luckily got card games for me to pass time only haha. But not everything I can play coz they play poker with big bets which I dowan to play coz I havent even start earning money =.=" got 1 guy quite keng ler..juz by playing cards alone, in the 2-3 days time he won AED1100 haha! So i guess now u can imagine how big they bet huh? =P

The 1st house was terrible la, ppl gambling and smoking at the living room, really like Casino like that. We moved to another house on the 2nd day. That house...after cleaning it and arranging, we tot we can finally settle down. Who knows the next day only we kena kick out from the house coz those stupid watch guards and residents complain that we have to much ppl staying in the house. Damn it, y la they haf to so sibuk =.=" we didnt make noise, we stay a lot ppl y they haf to complain. Y can't they juz mind their own business =/ make until all of us after bz one whole day going to the warehouse to get stock and set up our counter, we tot we can go home bath but thanx to them, we haf to go back rush and pack and find another place to stay instead zzz!

*2/2/09* P/S: This post was actually written when I juz reach Dubai but typing halfway the wireless dc d so I couldn't post it and it was kept in my draft so I'm posting it now haha..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

RaNdoM PoSt~ =P

I'm leaving soon..almost pack finish already. Recently really seldom update my blog coz everytime I'm free I would be gaming until I sleepy or tired then I will go sleep so no time to jaga my dear blog =x Well after this post I duno when will I post the next one, only can hope got cc near the place I stay in Dubai, then got hope for me to update it haha..

To contact me there..u all can still get me through my Digi but I will be replying wif maxis coz Digi kenot send out haha..dun call me coz I will be charged very very "kaw" if I answer any call. I will definitely miss my frens =D souvenirs..wait me come back 1st hehe =P

Btw actually I'm kinda happy that in this year I have achieved things I wish I can do haha. The 1st one is to start my studies..which I did,not this year though haha..but still I'm glad finally I'm studying. The 2nd thing is I have always wanted a nice PC which will allows me to GAME, and I've finally got 1 this year haha..not bad loh, can support games that my fren's pc cant =P the last thing that I wanted was to go for braces, and finally, few days ago I've got it fixed on haha XD
Next target is to clear my "debts" haha..borrowed study loan from PTPTN =.="

Feeling like sore throat now..pls don't be it! Dun make me sick when I'm about to leave T_T haha..this 2 weeks damn enjoy..everyday not o2jam then Dota..I doubt I can do that in Dubai =/
Aiya watever la..havent go think so much already =.=" Juz go and face the 2 mths, watever happens dun care la..come back already then 4get it! >.<

Actually I'm having bad feelings bout my trip this time -__-" maybe coz of my past experience now b4 I go I'm already thinking of all the negative stuff I will face..haihz..anyway, 6am d..go sleep loh..nitez haha..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Open-Mindedness - 63.6%
2. Varied Interests - 57.1%
3. Sense of Humor - 57.1%
1. Selfishness - 81.8%
2. Appearance - 77.8%
3. Financial Issues - 63.6%
4. Lack of Essentials - 58.3%
5. Shyness - 54.2%

Dating Strengths Explained
Open-Mindedness - You are open to trying new things and entertaining new ideas, and this widens your pool of available guys.
Varied Interests - You don't limit yourself, and that's a dating asset. Your varied interests make you available and interesting to a wider range of guys.
Sense of Humor - Guys are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Selfishness - You think too much of yourself and your needs. You must learn to put your partner first and tend to his needs.
Appearance - Devoting a greater effort at making good first impressions is a must. Try to be fit and develop a style if you want to catch a guy's attention.
Financial Issues - Your financial situation is not in good shape, and this does not bode well for you on the dating scene. Try to get on top of your financial difficulties.
Lack of Essentials - Dating is difficult for you because you lack certain key things, which may include private space, a car, money, or a nice wardrobe. Work toward obtaining these essentials!
Shyness - You know all too well the limits shyness places on you. Putting yourself out there in social situations may be difficult, but essential to your dating success.

Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz by Dating Diversions

I've got so much weaknesses in dating =.=" perhaps it's a good thing that I'm single now? haha..

Friday, October 24, 2008

EnJOyiNg O2Jam Private Server in Malaysia XD

I notice that since my break from my blog, really not much of updates haha..actually another reason is that I've got nothing much to blog also..Nothing special happen recently that's worth writing in my blog haha. Just now I was viewing at my assignment folder in my PC and I notice that I've created quite a lot of print ad actually haha. Well although I didnt really created those print ads by scratch by somehow..I'm still proud of it =P I've decided to post my masterpieces here hehe ^^

My 1st Print Ad ^^
Print Ads for MKT224, our product,
Baskin Robin's Cendolicious XD

Print Ad for Newspaper Version 1

Print Ad for Newspaper Version 2



Banner Ad for Internet

Print Ad for ADV100, the lastest 1 =P

Besides this, to those of you who love O2Jam and missing it so much, be happy with the news I have here ^^ An O2Jam private server is UP visit (juz click it) for more info as well as downloads.

It's really nice to play back O2Jam..bring back so much memories to me haha. But kinda stress coz my skills deteriorate a lot =.=" See ya guys there hehe =P

Thursday, October 23, 2008


For the 1st time I'm actually not posting to share emo stuff but I'm posting about some happy stuff hahah..I've won some contest by Malaysia Today~ Woo Hoo! =P The contest actually juz require us to pose with their paper and let them take a picture of it. I really didnt expect to win at all =x although I still duno wat is the price yet but I am still happy haha. Been a long time since I've won anything =P

2day is terrible..2 test with 1 presentation in a row =.=" 1st test need thanx Melvin and Jacky for their tips and notes. Presentation was quite crappy actually, I recycled my assignment =x but thankfully my lecturer duno about it and he accepted it kind of well I think. 3rd test is the crappiest. I didnt study at all and didnt pay attention in class. Then her questions always seem so vague =/ My essay was made up of not what she taught but what I learned last sem from IMC =.="

My finals will be coming next week, I still haf 1 more week to study and prepare. Still got time to go photostat important notes to read haha (I dun haf any notes at all this sem besides ADV100's chapter 1 =x). Tips also need go get from my frens because of my frequent class skipping habit =.=" 2molo 1 more final presentation on impromptu speech and I'm done for good. =D

I would also like to tell all of u who's reading this that I will be leaving to Dubai and work for this 2 mths holiday. Leaving on the 10th of Nov. I will definitely miss my dear frens..and not to forget my dear PC T_T this time going from KLIA, woo hoo! No need go Singapore only fly off my heavy smoker and heavy drinker frens..want duty free ciggy and liquor call me la next year's january =) I will be using both my phone there..and I might not be able to online there..aiya cincai la..2 months only, dun think so much and it will pass soon ^^ the happiest thing would be I will get to c my dear sis ^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008


In this post..I wanna say sorry to Adrian. Really sorry..1st of all I made u moody coz of my noobness...then..because u dota wif me u lost ur hp. I feel really bad..u say u dowan to play already actually, but after a while u say ok and play..if only I didnt ask u stay..really sorry..

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'M BaCk ^^

I'M BACK! wahahaha...after struggling for the past 2 weeks, finally my assignments are ahead of ppl and I can relax a little XD left 2 more only..persuasive speech and print ad. Well, I'm ok now I guess..need thanx Chay always encourage me when I'm stressed out haha. Thanx a lot ya~ and sorry always bother u also =x

This few days keep raining ler..I'm taking public transport to college recently coz my mom is back, so let her use the car =D I seriously dun mind taking public transport to college but very irritating when it keeps raining heavily..even when I have my umbrella with me it's useless coz like Kenny said, "this kind of rain got umbrella also will fly off" haha. I totally agree with him after experiencing it 2day =/ class finish 4pm and I took 3 hours to reach home around 7pm T_T

Besides that, my finals coming soon AGAIN =P it will be on the 30th, 31st and 1st nov, which is in another 2 weeks time I think(?) XD This sem..I only know wat I've studied in Presentation Skills. Intro to Advertising is ok coz previously we have took the marketing subjects which have covered almost everything she is teaching now..but Intro to Journalism..I damn worry..duno wat've I really learnt lo..I only know inverted pyramid, summary lead, investigative report and featured article -_-" I duno how ler...haihz...juz wait and see ba..

Nothing much to write now..currently not feeling extreme towards anything haha..I seriously have ntg in my mind's so.........Blank =.=" time to rest I guess..

Monday, October 13, 2008

TiMe tO ChaNge?

Well actually I'm not exactly done with all my work yet..but something is bothering me so that's the reason I'm back to my blog haha. Have any of you ever felt like wanting to know somebody just purely because you wanna be fren with that person and not because u like that person? It might sound weird to some ppl, but it's not to me. It's not the 1st time I haf that kind of feeling toward someone.

The 1st time I think it's during form4 when I went for an Additional Maths camp at some skool. Well, that camp was on for 3 days and there were a lot of Malays coz normal SMKs have a lot of malays unlike my skool haha..during the camp, I actually notice a guy from Confucian, he kept looking at me, then I look back also, but we didnt talk haha. I didnt like him la, but somehow feel like being fren with him. Actually there was once when we were having our break in canteen he called me but I wasnt sure if he's calling me so didnt response lo. On the last day, that guy skip the camp half way haha..I tot no chance know him already 1 la..then mana tau during break time, one of his fren came over to me with a phone haha. That guy talked to me through the phone and we became frens till today =P

Perhaps I'm lucky that most of the time when cases like this happen, I dun haf to take the 1st step because they will. But not all the time it goes that way..there've been a few cases which I regretted even till now. Sometimes I'm worry if I approach a guy he will think that I like him or wat =( bcoz of this..I wonder how many possible frens I've lost haha..Well now thanx to frenster and msn, sometimes I manage to get the contact of the person I wanna know from my fren but it doesnt work everytime. In my previous post, I wrote b4 about a guy who work with me at 1u but I didnt dare to get his contact. After that case, I actually regret for almost 5months until I saw him again, which I took hold of the chance haha..

I'm not good with ice breaking la..I always keep quiet when I'm not close/duno that person. Unless it's msn or in game, then I can talk a lot haha. For me I think that always see and got talk b4 also not fren, it's like a quite weird to me =/
Duno ah duno ahhhh! =.=" How to change ler..I'm always like that =.=" that's the reason I not much frens in college too haha. I dun juz simply walk up to somebody and start chatting like how some of them can do =( SHiT wei...and I'm a mass comm student, GG sial... =.="

Thursday, October 9, 2008

说好的幸福呢 - 周杰伦

Yup I'm posting song with lyrics again haha. This is track #7 in Jay's latest album. I love it the moment I hear this song and I hope to share with all of you ^^ Can't wait for the MV to be release haha..enjoy =)


你的绘画凌乱着 在这个时刻
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了
情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呐
伴你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了
时间过了走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 却了 我哭了
一开始的不快乐 你用卡片拭写着

怎么了 你累了说好的 幸福呐
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦淹了
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
你不等了 说好的 幸福呐
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
只是回忆的音乐和还旋转着 要怎么停呢

你的绘画凌乱着 在这个时刻
我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了
情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呐
伴你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了
时间过了走了 爱情面临选择
你冷了 却了 我哭了
一开始的不快乐 你用卡片拭写着

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呐
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦淹了
我都还记得 你不等了 说好的幸福呐
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了

怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呐
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦淹了
我都还记得 你不等了 说好的幸福呐
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了

Jay Chou's 魔杰座

Jay Chou will be releasing his latest album 魔杰座 (Capricorn) on the 9th of October.
But his album is already available for download on the internet haha..

*9/10/08: I've already got the real names for his songs..if you want pls rename it after downloading =) the arrangement and names on the left are the correct ones, on the right are the wrong names*


The 11 songs in this album are:
1. 稻香
2. 魔杰座
3. 给我一首歌的时间 (女兒紅)
4. 蛇舞 (東方之殿)
5. 花海 (紅樓夢中)
6. 魔术先生 (失戀的青蛙)
7. 说好的幸福呢 (失落非主流)
8. 兰亭序 (從新愛)
9. 流浪诗人 (大灌藍)
10. 童年的时光机 (達芬奇的畫布)
11. 乔克叔叔 (小丑)

If you are interested to download the whole album, in good quality (320bits)
*P/S: A password is required when you extract the file. The password is "".*

I like Track #7 very much =D
To all Jay's fan, hope all of you enjoy his latest album ^^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This page will be inactive temporary due to my

freaking assignments which are piling up like


I don't even have enuff time to sleep what more to blog? =.="

Please wish me luck~*

Hope that I will be able to clear everything by

this week..tataz~

Monday, October 6, 2008

A MasteRpieCe oF MaStEr BeNaRD =P

Quote from Benard:
"LoL..ur very own Benard potrait lol"

haha..thanx for ur potrait..but I still wonder why u draw the lighter har?
and I look so evil T_T

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Metal or Ceramic? >.<

Hmm..I will be fixing braces soon, the orthodontist asked me to choose whether I would like to have the metal braces or the ceramic ones. Metal is the obvious one, but it allows you to play with the coloured bands making it real colourful haha.
The ceramic 1 is clear and not so obvious, can see the wire only from far. I really can't make up my mind =/

Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces

Moneywise I will prefer the metal 1 coz it's RM3200 while the ceramic 1 is RM4000. But lookwise, ceramic will be better? I'm not too sure also..maybe metal 1 will be fun coz I can play with the colour bands? XD I've got 2 more weeks to decide..wat do u guys think? =/

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My NeW GoaL =P

Well im setting a new goal for my blog which is updating it daily (or at least once in every 2 days) until I get bored of blogging =P I've juz signed up for nuffnang ads after seeing it on AhSung and Pui Mun's blog. Seriously I still haf no idea how it works haha..But no harm trying I guess? =P

My line is extremely bad today..since I woke up, it's been disconnecting every 10-15mins. The longest it stayed connected was only 28mins. Can you imagine my frustration of having to reconnect it every 10-15mins? Then I couldnt do my assignment coz my line cant stay connected long enough for me to complete my research =/

\See for yourself/

So boring la..and I wish I can get a new phone ASAP but I still dun haf any phone that I really like at the moment. Been using the old phone without camera, 3G, or even MP3 eversince my W900i was gone =( so I guess I will haf to wait till a phone can really attract me to buy it haha..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stupid LiNe!!

Damn it! It's getting worse and worse.....!! Really stupid! Feel like wasting my money using this line........Now kenot watch drama and kenot even game! Ping so damn high play wat! No game, no drama, only MSN. I didnt pay rm78 every month juz to chat wif ppl at home ok??? Seriously im getting really frustrated now! Call so damn many times to complain also no improvement. Wtf is this! Sumore calling to their customer service = wasting my phone credit. Everytime hold me for duno how damn long, and gif me the answer "I will forward ur case to the technical side". #$!@#% U need how many thousand years to forward to the technical side?? Ur technical side at North Pole now izit?? ZZZZZZZZZZz!!!! More and more kenot tahan it already! If after my fren tryout TimeLink and it's good, I will definitely change it. Im really sick of using wireless internet connection! Got connection like no connection! F*** it!!!!!!!


The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Greed:Very Low





Lust:Very Low


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

This is my result of the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz which I took from Benard's blog haha..not bad eh..but too bad I duno wat is sloth XD I will go check it out though =P if you guys wanna know ur sins too..juz try it out haha..

3/10/08, 3:41am - I found out d wat is sloth means laziness, which I haf to admit it's very true and it amazed me that the result is high only and not very high lol. The 2nd highest, gluttony, means indulging too much. Kind of..wat to do, I treat myself good ma. Pampering myself with good food and wasting my time gaming instead of doing something more meaningful haha..So I kind of agree with the result I got from this quiz haha..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jay Chou's 魔杰座

Jay Chou will be releasing his latest album 魔杰座 (Capricorn) on the 9th of October.
But his album is already available for download on the internet haha..
*9/10/08: I've already got the real names for his songs..if you want pls rename it after downloading =) the arrangement and names on the left is the correct ones, on the right is the wrong names*


The 11 songs in this album are:
1. 稻香
2. 魔杰座
3. 给我一首歌的时间 (女兒紅)
4. 蛇舞 (東方之殿)
5. 花海 (紅樓夢中)
6. 魔术先生 (失戀的青蛙)
7. 说好的幸福呢 (失落非主流)
8. 兰亭序 (從新愛)
9. 流浪诗人 (大灌藍)
10. 童年的时光机 (達芬奇的畫布)
11. 乔克叔叔 (小丑)

If you are interested to download the whole album, in good quality (320bits)
*P/S: A password is required when you extract the file. The password is "".*

I like Track #7 very much =D
To all Jay's fan, hope all of you enjoy his latest album ^^

Monday, September 29, 2008

TaGGeD bY Pui MuN

This is the 1st time I'm actually doing a "Tagged" haha..was tagged by Pui Mun and here it goes:-

1. How old are you?

~ 21 years, 2 months and 6 days old =)
2. Are you single?
~ Yea single now
3. In what age do you think you’ll get married?
~ I duno, I can't see the future =/
4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
~ I'm not with anyone now ^^
5. If not, who do you want to marry?
~ When the guy comes I will know?
6. Do you want a garden/beach or a traditional wedding?
~ I think a beach/garden wedding would be nice, I've always liked something different. I've even thought of scuba diving marriage LoL! but not for me la..
7. Your ideal motive?
~ Err...I really duno, never think of it =.="
8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
~ Honeymoon? I think I will like Switzerland, the Land of Chocolate and can ski haha.. =D
9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
~ Ask me when I marry then u'll know.
10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
~ Extravagant, D-U-H!
11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own?
~ Make up my own coz I think that vows should change according to the needs of ppl now lol.
12. How many layers of cake do you want?
~ Ermm..8 layers? 9 layers? both of it is the auspicious number for chinese haha.. =P
13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or a simple place?
~ Hotel gua..
14. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
~ Morning, so I dun haf to wait and wait until evening for the event haha..
15. You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
~ Outdoor, indoor is boring..everyone is doing that.
16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
~ Nope, a grand entrance for me would be better? XD
18. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding.
~ March of the wedding? Hahaha!
19. Are you a morning person or a night person?
~ Definitely night, to be more precise it's midnight haha..
20. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
~ I duno la..
21. What age do you want to get married?
~ Boss, u r repeating question #3, so pls refer back ^^
22. Describe your ideal husband/wife.
~ my ideal husband..Physically i've always loved guys who are tall and moderately built. Be better if he has got nice skin and fair, with funky hairstyle, a piercing or 2 on his ears. No need super leng chai, as long as I think ok then can already. Then, it would be nice if he love me more than I love him (who dont want that?), can tahan my emo'ness and mood swings, most important is I love him too? haha..
23. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
~ Depends on my mood loh...
24. Champagne or red wine?
~ Champagne I guess..dun really like red wine.
25. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
~ I will prefer days after so no need too rush..can rest well after the wedding before flying off straight. After all, you've got a lifetime with that guy, so why the rush rite? =)
26. Money or household items?
~ Money, coz u get household items from money ^^
27. Who will pay for the bills?
~ Him, I think it's guy's responsibility BUT I might help out once in a while.
28. Are you ready for married life?
~ Duno, but I think no gua..
29. Do you think you will still be a virgin until you get married?
~ Yea I guess..
30. Will you always be true to your wife/husband?
~ Yes I guess?
31. How many kids would you like to have?
~ Duno..when I'm married only ask me la..
32. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
~ I would prefer a new one coz it's juz the beginning of ur life, u duno how long u will be staying in the house. If u get an old house it might not last long enough for u and in the end u need to get a new 1,so y dun juz get a new 1 when ur juz married rite?
33. Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding or diamond wedding?
~ I want platinum can? Hahaha XD
34. What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?
~ Err...depends on where I'm having it. But I think most probably western, acceptable by everyone.
35. Will you record your honeymoon in a CD or DVD?
~ DVD out meh still CD? maybe by the time I get married it's Blu-ray already haha..
36. Whose wedding plans would you like to know next?
~ edward
~ wei jian
~ rachel kok
~ benard yap
~ kenny


Last friday, Chen Kai called me and say go genting. I was eager to go genting also,so quite excited la..15 minutes later, he called me back saying cancel coz Teck Lim ffk us and we cant find any one to replace him at such last minute. So I have been disappointed once already. Then juz now, Jiun Kit called me and say go Genting AGAIN. He say until like sure go already but too bad, about half an hour later he send me an SMS say cancel AGAIN! zZzZzz!! This time cancel because of Teck Lim again. ARGH! If next time havent confirm dun tell me la! Everytime give me the false hope of I can go somewhere play and in the end cancel it! Very sux 1 u know?? 2 times in a row d zzzzzzzzzz!!

I belief all of u know the feeling rite? U r mentally prepared to go somewhere and last minute ppl tell u it's cancelled! Especially when u r eager to go that place! Really sien already........

Sunday, September 28, 2008

PhOtO tiMe ^^

Finally I've got the photos and videos I took during my Redang trip =D Finish editting the size and capturing some of it out of the video already ^^ I wun be posting all of coz, so if u r interested to see all of it, click here.

~The Peaceful View of Redang~

Love this picture very much ^^

My Favourite "Hang"out Spot at Redang haha..

Clown Fish and Anemone

Can you spot the impostor? =P

Lionfish ^^

Ready to Go! =P

Jellyfishy~ ^^

kRaZy in action XD


the 1st puffer fish in black and white I mentioned ^^

The 2nd puffer fish in yellow and black which I mentioned also =P

Parrot Fish

I duno wat to call this.. =/ sea leaf? LoL!

I duno call wat again =x

PeaCe~ (^_^)V

Graduation =P

From Left: Darius, Waltives, Samantha, ME, Vincy

Me and Zainal the Dive Master I mentioned ^^

Me and Christopher the staff I mentioned =)

Eating coconut the with a coconut made spoon =P


I just like the colour so much..

Well that's all I'm posting here..can't wait to go another trip again haha..thanx for wasting ur time scrolling down all the way haha XD

Saturday, September 27, 2008

kRaZy tHe eMo 1 =P

haha..yea~ i changed my background pic. And yea~ it's another emo picture haha..I duno y, I am juz attracted by the art of emo. I do appreciate it and I think it's unique =x maybe because I'm an emo person too so I can understand this haha. Because the background picture is made up of mostly white so I changed my font to orange. Will it be too hard to read? I've set up a poll..pls do vote so I know if I should change it or not. Btw it's 1 week holiday for me haha. It's a Raya + Mid Term + Study break haha..3-in-1, Inti really good at this lol. Anyway..recently not much stuff to write.

I am still boring as usual,I am almost the same except the fact that I cant watch drama online anymore bcoz something went wrong wif my connection which I duno wat is it. Previously at least I can still game but also kenot d..line lag. Kenot browse sites well, kenot stream dramas, and kenot even game now T_T sad sad..but nvm least,still got MSN(?) haha..ANyway..time to sleep. Havent sleep since yday.
Good Morning (NIght) everyone =P

Monday, September 22, 2008

Frustrated ah!!

Damn sien la..last time I always complain my line cannot play games, but now..can play games but I cant stream drama..argh! Not only that..web browsing is freaking slow too but for game, thumbs up. Haih..y cant I haf it both T_T Moonlight resonance episode 39 and 40 came out on Sunday but my connection down 1 whole day so didnt get to watch. 2day can on9 back but I cant stream the drama T_T

Besides my line prob..2day I found out something haha..yday someone called me, we chat on the phone a while. Then suddenly came to the topic of him being a great flirter haha. When we met few years ago at WCG, he told his fren the next day that he like me. I was quite surprised actually haha..but somehow, we dun haf each other's msn/hp no plus my fren tell me dun date him coz he's a flirty guy so I listen to my fren and didnt think anything about it lo. After that..somehow we manage to get each other's number/msn and kept in touch as fren. He asked me yday jokingly if that was the reason that I didnt consider him last time ahah. He say gif me 24hrs to think the question haha. Actually I didnt answer 1..until midnite ntg do so sms tell him ya that was the reason haha..after that I asked him back if he really liked me b4, he replied me ya also..he said because I didnt responded so he gave up. Lol I really duno if he answered honestly or wat..but actually that time I got a bit attracted by him also 1, but ppl keep telling me he is a playboy, and age gap which I couldn't accept back then made me ignored him. Although now ntg already between us, thinking back still feel..haha..makes me wonder wat would haf happened if I really went out with him. Anyway, I'm glad to have a fren like you, allowing me to disturb u when I emo =x I'm really afraid that I will take you for granted like wat I did b4 to someone..hope that u can tell me when I've crossed the limit.. =(

..that is IF u ever read this blog which I doubt u will haha XD

Friday, September 19, 2008

BoRiNg Ah!!!

I'm so damn bored at home now!! I want go out but all kenot go out..! wtf is this wei!! I want play mahjong now!!! T_T that's all im writing this time coz im really too boring T_T

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

爱不疚 (Love Without Guilt)

This is the song that I'm in love with recently. It's one of the songs in the drama "Moonlight Resonance" ^^ hope u all will enjoy it~

*press play manually bcoz I think autoplay might be annoying for those who dowan to listen ^^*

爱不疚 - 林峰

收藏在眼眸 常徘徊左右 愛猜到沒有 
愉快玩笑後 能全然退後 你開心就夠
這種感覺太親厚 講一千句也不夠 
假使講了你聽到後 或會走 
這種戀愛太罕有 不須眞正擁有 
成全 衷心祝福然後 就放手
放手 放開所有 彼此更自由 
放手 其實我絕非愛得不夠 
放手 豁出所有 還有這個好友 
已經 已經足夠
遙遠是宇宙 靜靜在背後 去看守就夠 
這種感覺太親厚 講一千句也不夠 
即使一剎有過衝動 挽你手 
這種戀愛太罕有 不須眞正擁有 
成全 多捨不得仍然 是放手
放手 放開所有 彼此更自由 
放手 其實我絕非愛得不夠 
放手 豁出所有 還有這個好友 
已經 已經足夠 
放手 我的牽掛 找不到盡頭 
放手 期望你幸福甚麼都有
也許 愛很深厚 然而我早看得透 
放手 至可擁有

Monday, September 15, 2008

GiRLs Are DuMb?

Do you agree with the statement that Girls Are Dumb? I duno about u all but I agree with it. Girls are dumb....when it comes to love. Besides that, I dun think girls are dumb haha. Recently so many things happened to my gal friends. Wat they did really make me feel that girls are dumb in love, but I know they can't control either haha..actually i also got stupid before last time. I did many stupid things too even when I know it's not worth it. Anyway listen to the story and judge urself =)

Case #1:
I got a fren X (gal). We know since secondary skool. We use to be quite close during our skool years but some incidents happened and I stopped talking to her. After around 1 mth we start talking back but somehow I got the gap with her. So I'm no longer close with her and I dun really find her much. Her bf is another fren of mine,call him Y. He's my gaming fren and they 2 met also because of me and CK intro 1. Then they started dating around last year. Since she started dating she didnt really join us anymore. I dun care and dun mind anyway coz:

1) got bf is like that 1 loh
2) i also not close wif her d..she come out or not doesnt matter

whenever she got prob wif bf or feeling depressed she will call me and tell me. But when ntg happen she wun call me. Sometimes I really feel like being used. Anyway 4get it 1st..continue with the story. Last sat evening she call me again, tell me her stuff. Actually she is like kena control by bf already 1. Her bf want her do wat she do, but wat she wants her bf to do he wun do. Then when she ask her bf y like that, her bf will gif her 1001 excuses and in the end she will gif in. After telling me her things, I go on9 and watch drama. Nite time go pasar malam with frens. Around 2am she called me again. This time she was crying and tell me that her bf got another gal outside and she ended her call after she tells me that. Although I didnt wanna care but somehow I'm feeling worried -_-" i called her back, she still crying. Say feel san fu that she know already still haf to pretend duno and face him. She say wanna ask me fetch her back but she duno if she should juz leave like that. I tell u want I come la, then she ask me go fetch her. So I go loh, which I kind of regret now.

Reach there d, call her. She tell me she at the carltex below "little genting". Zzz..she say she wanna talk with that guy to settle. Anyway to cut the story short, in the end X still go back with Y. Ask me go there for ntg. Cry so much in the end still with him even when he cant answer the question "If Z(the 3rd party) cry and ask u be wif her again wat will u do". And make me drive all the way to cheras and sit there wait them settle. Until 6am only go home. And the worst thing is, after they ok back, not even a word of thanx from her. It's not that I'm helping bcoz I want ppl to thank me, it's juz that I feel that I'm being used again. Conclusion, X can tahan all this things and after she know Y got another 1 she still can 4gif him. So girls are dumb part 1.

Case #2:
My fren B, started with a guy about a mth ago. She was so happy that time from what I can see. Then a mth later, I heard they broke up. The reason was bcoz C (her bf) went back to his ex when she say she wants him back. B is still missing him if I'm not mistaken. Y be sad over a guy who leaves u the moment their ex find them back rite? Girls are dumb part 2.

Other examples are things that I've been through but too much already coz I really stupid b4 many times haha. Anyway I posted a poll already, vote and tell me whether u agree or not la haha..

Friday, September 12, 2008


U might be wondering "what body??" but I'm actually referring to the Thai horror movie named Body XD I believe the Thai title would be Vault #19.

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I duno if u know that I'm actually quite a big fan of horror movies especially Thai ones. Horror movie used to be dominated by Japanese with their "The Ring" series, and later took over by Korean with their the "Something" series such as The Phone, The Wishing Stairs and a lot more. Thai horror movie started gaining ppl's attention since "NangNak" if I'm not mistaken ^^ But the 1 I like best from Thailand is still "Shutter" =D For me, I think that Shutter really manage to scared me a little and those effects, nice! I think that "The Maid" of Singapore is not too bad either. The way they use to scared their audience, very different from the Japan/Korea type where they actually show you that the ghost is coming and scare when it suddenly move to that person's face. For The Maid, those ghost juz suddenly pop up out of no where and their sound effect is enuff to make a person jump up lol (referring to my friend =P)

Anyway, back to the movie Body. This movie I think that it's not too bad. The storyline is a bit unique. Not like the normal expected thingy. It was like kind of boring at 1st. Not much eerie scenes. But halfway through the movie, it started to be more interesting. The storyline was like "spaghetti" at the beginning, tangled up and we all wondering y this happen and y that happen. But the truth unveils at the ending of the story. And thankfully they haf the answers to all the mystery they created in the beginning of the story leaving us the audience satisfied as the movie end =D I'm not gonna tell u the story here coz dowan to be a spoiler haha. I think I will soon create a section in my blog with links to horror movies so you guys can watch it on9 if u r interested =P

I will rate 4/5 for the movie Body
*This is what I think only, if after watching you don't think so dun blame me =P*

P/S: The moral of the story is don't get a psychiatrist as girlfriend ;)
(If u wanna know y then watch urself la! =P)