Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jay Chou's 魔杰座

Jay Chou will be releasing his latest album 魔杰座 (Capricorn) on the 9th of October.
But his album is already available for download on the internet haha..
*9/10/08: I've already got the real names for his songs..if you want pls rename it after downloading =) the arrangement and names on the left is the correct ones, on the right is the wrong names*


The 11 songs in this album are:
1. 稻香
2. 魔杰座
3. 给我一首歌的时间 (女兒紅)
4. 蛇舞 (東方之殿)
5. 花海 (紅樓夢中)
6. 魔术先生 (失戀的青蛙)
7. 说好的幸福呢 (失落非主流)
8. 兰亭序 (從新愛)
9. 流浪诗人 (大灌藍)
10. 童年的时光机 (達芬奇的畫布)
11. 乔克叔叔 (小丑)

If you are interested to download the whole album, in good quality (320bits)
*P/S: A password is required when you extract the file. The password is "".*

I like Track #7 very much =D
To all Jay's fan, hope all of you enjoy his latest album ^^

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