Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Greed:Very Low





Lust:Very Low


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This is my result of the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz which I took from Benard's blog haha..not bad eh..but too bad I duno wat is sloth XD I will go check it out though =P if you guys wanna know ur sins too..juz try it out haha..

3/10/08, 3:41am - I found out d wat is sloth means laziness, which I haf to admit it's very true and it amazed me that the result is high only and not very high lol. The 2nd highest, gluttony, means indulging too much. Kind of..wat to do, I treat myself good ma. Pampering myself with good food and wasting my time gaming instead of doing something more meaningful haha..So I kind of agree with the result I got from this quiz haha..

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