Sunday, October 5, 2008

Metal or Ceramic? >.<

Hmm..I will be fixing braces soon, the orthodontist asked me to choose whether I would like to have the metal braces or the ceramic ones. Metal is the obvious one, but it allows you to play with the coloured bands making it real colourful haha.
The ceramic 1 is clear and not so obvious, can see the wire only from far. I really can't make up my mind =/

Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces

Moneywise I will prefer the metal 1 coz it's RM3200 while the ceramic 1 is RM4000. But lookwise, ceramic will be better? I'm not too sure also..maybe metal 1 will be fun coz I can play with the colour bands? XD I've got 2 more weeks to decide..wat do u guys think? =/

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