Monday, October 13, 2008

TiMe tO ChaNge?

Well actually I'm not exactly done with all my work yet..but something is bothering me so that's the reason I'm back to my blog haha. Have any of you ever felt like wanting to know somebody just purely because you wanna be fren with that person and not because u like that person? It might sound weird to some ppl, but it's not to me. It's not the 1st time I haf that kind of feeling toward someone.

The 1st time I think it's during form4 when I went for an Additional Maths camp at some skool. Well, that camp was on for 3 days and there were a lot of Malays coz normal SMKs have a lot of malays unlike my skool haha..during the camp, I actually notice a guy from Confucian, he kept looking at me, then I look back also, but we didnt talk haha. I didnt like him la, but somehow feel like being fren with him. Actually there was once when we were having our break in canteen he called me but I wasnt sure if he's calling me so didnt response lo. On the last day, that guy skip the camp half way haha..I tot no chance know him already 1 la..then mana tau during break time, one of his fren came over to me with a phone haha. That guy talked to me through the phone and we became frens till today =P

Perhaps I'm lucky that most of the time when cases like this happen, I dun haf to take the 1st step because they will. But not all the time it goes that way..there've been a few cases which I regretted even till now. Sometimes I'm worry if I approach a guy he will think that I like him or wat =( bcoz of this..I wonder how many possible frens I've lost haha..Well now thanx to frenster and msn, sometimes I manage to get the contact of the person I wanna know from my fren but it doesnt work everytime. In my previous post, I wrote b4 about a guy who work with me at 1u but I didnt dare to get his contact. After that case, I actually regret for almost 5months until I saw him again, which I took hold of the chance haha..

I'm not good with ice breaking la..I always keep quiet when I'm not close/duno that person. Unless it's msn or in game, then I can talk a lot haha. For me I think that always see and got talk b4 also not fren, it's like a quite weird to me =/
Duno ah duno ahhhh! =.=" How to change ler..I'm always like that =.=" that's the reason I not much frens in college too haha. I dun juz simply walk up to somebody and start chatting like how some of them can do =( SHiT wei...and I'm a mass comm student, GG sial... =.="

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