Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Luck Streak

The 1st thing I did today after wake up was to get to the dental clinic. The pain is really unbearable..can't even sleep properly and my painkiller is not working well. Went there, the dentist check to which tooth is the one that is causing all this pain. It's the one I suspected when checking out myself haha. I had a filling for that tooth many years ago I think, could be when I was in primary or secondary.

Anyway, the dentist say he need to take off the filling so he can check if the decay continued even after filling. Gave me a jab and he remove it. Result is, yes T_T It was so bad that it has reached the nerves area (No wonder why so damn freaking pain!). He said, he will try and do put some medication and we will see if it can heal in 2 weeks time. If it does, great! If it doesn't, GG..I will have to go for the root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is removing all the nerves inside and leaving my tooth there, empty inside..the reason why extraction is not in my option is because I'm having braces, extraction will affect my braces treatment.

He asked which do I wanna do. I chose the medication treatment of coz! I don't wanna lose another teeth! At least still got 50% chance according to him, and that root canal treatment will cost around RM600-Rm650. This month really bad luck..even Siew Ching also notice that. I'm still very worried bout the barring...haih...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another emo post

This month hasn't really been great for me.. Let me start off with the good stuff first. First of all, My Birthday of coz ^_^ Although there isn't any grand celebration but I'm glad to have frens who still remember my birthday even without the help of Friendster/Facebook birthday reminder haha. Those who celebrated with me,asked me out and wished me, thanx a lot! Really appreciate that. 2nd thing would be my secondary skoolmate + quite good fren, Kim Yang is finally in a relationship! Woo HOo~!! Congratz my friend! I hope that you and your gf will be sweet and loving, and it will be a smooth sailing journey for both of u ^^

Yea~ end of good news, let's get to the bad part =P First of all..been freaking busy and rushing assignment. Every week will have like either 2 assignments due, or 2 tests, or 1 test + 1 assignment. Really stupid, wanna game cannot, wanna go out cannot. Not that I can't, unless I wanna flunk my exam of coz lol. It's really tiring..and as if that is not enough, still need to add in uneccessary arguement with some random small potato in my group. Things duno do, arguement know how to start. Keep wanna "cari pasal" with us, people discuss he dowan join, go watch Michael Jackson. Then when people discuss finish d, decided on what to do, come and tell us he want to shoot other things. You thought we very free now izit?

Discussion is the time to express ur ideas,

Somemore give what stupid excuse saying, "My idea you all ban la! Ideas from the 4 of u must use la? Like that fair?" Why is it not fair? We were all given a chance to voice out our idea during the discussion, you don't grab the chance, that is your problem. Then he insist on using his idea, go confirm everything with his frens himself but we are not gonna freaking go all the way to klang to shoot his fren, who is not professional as well! (He say we are not using a professional subject)

After that still got a long story but I don't really feel like spoiling the rest of this post. I've already wasted a quarter of it on him. He's not worth so much of my blog space =D Next~! Just got notified that I've been barred for Media Issues yesterday. I hate her now. Most of her classes chit chat with students and sometimes Do-Your-Own-Work class. So since I'm gonna waste time at the class, why can't I stay at home and do assignment instead? What for I waste petrol, toll and parking just to attend that kind of class? Yes I admit, I skipped a lot of the classes, but have I ever handed in any assignments later than the due date? Have I asked stupid questions regarding ur teachings like that idiot someone who made the whole class kena scold for half an hour because of one stupid question? Just because I skip your class doesn't mean I don't do my work! I did put in effort in your assignment too ok? Your classwork, I completed it seriously and not crapping or half done like some others! And you are being bias to me just because I am not attending your class! Went to HOP, he said he can't decide, write an appeal letter and see how.

Last but not least...I'm having a terrible toothache now T_T It's not from my braces so I'm afraid that it might be tooth decay T_T was sleeping just now and I woke up coz the pain was really terrible...ate painkiller, I think 2molo need to go visit a dentist already...

If you guys are still reading, thanx for having the patience to finish of this long and grumpy post =P