Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emo Free Post =P

Noticed that my posts recently are really emo, due to my internship of course haha..Well sorry, but blog is the only place I can really let out everything as this blog belongs to me MuAhAhAha! >=)

Nothing much special recently. Working from Monday - Friday, lazing around from Friday night to Sunday =P Having really big problem with my biological clock because I tend to stay up till almost dawn on my weekends and holidays and when weekdays start, I have sleep before midnight to ensure that I can have sleep. I'm not the kind who can change my sleeping time easily, and I tend to follow the sleeping pattern. If I stayed up late for 3 days in a row, I will have problem to sleep early on the 4th day T_T The past few weeks I only sleep for 5-6 hours on weekdays and it's really suffering when I'm at work. I keep dozing off when I'm doing reports lol..

I've no idea why but I'm really playing DotA a lot, can say almost everyday. Could be the friends I'm mixing with, or could be now I really know how blissful it is to play game XD since working life start, I noticed that it is really lifeless. All I do is wake up, go work, wait lunch hour, back to work, wait finish work, go home, sleep. I hate routine work..and that is what I'm doing now..thankfully only 3 mths..If not I really don't know how to survive going through routine life every haha..

Very happy to have friends who support me, and listen to me complaining, whining, bitching or watever you call it =D they listen to me, and cheer me up. It's really the biggest comfort I can get, and I really feel much happier and when I'm down, thinking of the jokes they told me can really make my day ^^ Thanx you guys..really happy to have friends like all of you =)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Things didnt get is the 3rd week already..and all I did was reports and instincts are always quite true. I hate them more and more. Well not them..only some actually. They really thought interns are odd job workers. As if we were hired to do all the stuff that they do not want to do but needs to be done. Stuffs like sending a Dip Box to a promoter at Mid Valley just because they forgotten to bring along, and to send design to printing shop, and go again the moment u come back because they did some mistake on the design and needs to send the latest one instantly.

Only know how to say it's urgent, must fast. If so damn urgent you don't know how to do it earlier? Wait until last minute "blow" people do it for u? Got which thing that you ask us do is not urgent? Everything is urgent, everything must fast. But didn't see you guys do it urself? Reports assigned to you all throw to us, you thought we are there to learn data entry izit? I study until Diploma to do Data Entry izit? I purposely choose to intern at your f**king event company to learn data entry izit!!!???

Seriously I'm really getting more and more pissed off and depressed..I really don't know why I so stupid, give up MYC for this f**king stupid company which lie to people. What was promised during the interview and what we are doing now is totally different. On the 2nd day of my intern, I sensed something wrong..and I did clarify with them, and they assured me that this situation is only temporary. Temporary my @$$! Gonna be one month soon and we are still doing reports only.

Not only that, they even ask us to clean up the store room zzz!! And then when someone calls asking someone to carry some stuff up to office, the person who answers the phone will always say "Oh, ask the interns go" or when they were assigned to task they don't feel like doing "Oh, ask the interns do" or when there are afraid to pick up calls worrying that it is from unsatisfied client "Oh, ask the interns answer". Seriously I can f**king wait for my intern to really sucks....

I really regret didn't take my friends advice of working full time and just get someone to sign the stupid evaluation thingy. Not like that I learn anything from this stupid internship also. I also hate that I'm not allowed to change my internship because it will affect my grades.......this internship really sux.......I HATE YOU STUPID COMPANY!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I hate making decisions..I am a very indecisive person. I am always afraid of making the wrong choice. Everytime before I decide on anything, I will always gather opinions from people I know first. Be it on what hairstyle to try, what hair colour to try, to buy or not to buy and a lot more.

Choices is the most evil thing in the world. They will always make you choose only 1 out of many, and makes you wonder whether you've made the right choice? And what would have happened if you chose the other one. By choosing wrongly, it can affect you for a lifetime actually.

I am currently regretting badly for giving up MYC! to work for Ap* Id*as just because I signed the damn contract and I feel that breaking it is a bad thing to do. Now I regret, why didn't I just break off the damn agreement. Because I chose to stay on, I am very unhappy now. It's not that Ap* Id*as staffs are unfriendly, but what they told me during the interview, and what I'm doing's not the same. I am really unhappy, I agreed to work with them even though their company is quite far away from my house because I thought I will be able to learn how to conduct events, the operations and steps and all.

But too bad, I'm wrong. They actually plan to place the girl interns at office only to do paperwork. Damn it, if I wanna do paperwork I need to purposely go until Kelana Jaya or not? I can just simply enter any company near my house, especially at Mid Valley area, with so many research companies. The reason I do not want to join those company is because I WANNA LEARN HOW EVENT COMPANIES WORK! I WANNA LEARN HOW TO ORGANIZE EVENTS! I WANNA LEARN THE PROCESS OF BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER OF AN EVENT!!

I did not join that company, travel so far away just to do paperwork!! During interview, I was promised that I can work outside, handle events and all. But after today's meeting, from what the boss say, I got a feeling that female interns will only be at office handling paperworks..he said "We will arrange you interns to see how it is at the outlets, except David bla bla bla...". David is another intern, and he gets to train promoters, perhaps go out with them to check how the outlet is going and so on. While us girls? We wun get to learn, we will only get to see at the outlet how the promoters work.

I've been event/roadshow promoters myself, do I need to see how they work? I know myself how to work as a promoter ok? After the meeting, i went and discuss with my supervisor about my job scope. She said I can request to work outside, but not recommended..because? Petrol, toll and parking will be at my own expense. Zzzz!!

I dowan to complain, I tried to let go of MYC, and work with this company. But I really can't do heart is not with them. I am unhappy..I am sure I will get more field experience from MYC but.......I've wrote an email to Ms Naomi, hoping that she can help me with it. Hope the MYC is still available..if it is, I will quit this 1..sorry, I know it's bad..but only 2nd day and I'm emo'ing like @$!%! already..I don't know how much longer can I last...

Wat I feel now is regrets..and I hope I can do something to solve it. I dowan to regret for my life because for internship, I chose to gave up my 1st choice for something that is not what I want...