Saturday, August 30, 2008

LoNeLy =(

It's Merdeka's eve now..everyone is having fun outside,counting down and enjoying but i'm home alone again as usual. 1st time hear me say I'm lonely huh? Haha..but seriously, im like losing frens coz I'm the kind who duno how to maintain frenship well lol. Always afk in msn so no time to catch up with ppl. Last time my phone will always be ringing and I will be bz sms'ing with someone from day to night. But that is last time..this is no longer happening =( It is kind of sad..I've never really had a best fren. Maybe because I'm diff from the others so hard to find someone who can understands me and someone who can be there for me always. Use to have one..but i no longer haf a fren like this. Everytime when something happen..seriously, I can scroll my phonebook from A-Z 3 times and not even a name in it can make me feel like telling them that I'm not ok and hope to find someone to talk to. Pathetic right? Haihz..seriously down. In college le..1 year ady,people I know from college is like less than 50 i think. So sux ler.. T_T how le how le? I also duno.

Whenever I tell my fren about this they will always ask me to get a BF haha.. -_-" if got I no need wait la..BF say find then find 1 meh. How to find? They will haf the tag "I'm Your BF" on them? I think that getting a bf is like shopping haha. U need to look around first and see if there's any shirt that can attract u. If u found it, then u need consider other factors like does it match u, can u afford it, is it suitable for u and most important, is it available XD If u really like the shirt but it doesnt suit u ,no point buying it right? Or perhaps u really like the shirt and everything else is fine but when u r about to pay the sales assistant tells u that someone has booked it and it's the last piece haha. Nice or not this example? =P

Oh no..kRaZy's Disease is attacking again haha. Talking nonsense ady =x anyway wish all Malaysians:




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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling so much better =D

I'm really feeling so so so much better after I've got the answer haha. Yay~ I dun need to wonder or guess already ^^ and I know what I should do now too hehe..

This coming Monday I will be going to Pulau Redang!! Gonna go take my advance diving license haha. Previously I've already got the Open Water license so now go take higher level 1. Finally I can go to Redang for a holiday. Although I will miss my 1st day of class but nvm la,1st day usually nothing 1 haha. I hope that I will be able to really enjoy myself for this trip. Meet some great new friends, buy back my baby shark tooth necklace and get my license! =D I will let go of the past (certain only =P), dowan think luu..this time for real ^^ I will try and get a camera so that I can post some pics in my photoless blog haha. Redang, here I come!!!

Wish me luck hehe..hopefully can know a leng chai there,not too bad huh? =P
Havent go already think so much haha..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank You..

It's 7.22am of 27th August 2008 now..finally..I've got the answer. Thanx you for giving me the I will know what I should do. Sorry again...this would be the last time I say sorry to u ^^

Sunday, August 24, 2008

La La La~

Finally I'm feeling much better..not so down like starting of the week. Can say that I am BACK =D This 1st half of my holiday seriously I didnt do anything much. Work at WGT kick off, watched 2 movies and <4bia>, rest of it I'm mostly sleeping at home, "boiling" the drama<糖心风暴II之家好月圆>, then SDO-X or GGC at home haha. Seriously the drama is damn good compared to the other dramas recently. If any of u is interested to watch it too u all can <<click here>> to get to a blogsite with the links to every episodes of the drama. Such a nice guy to create such convenience for us haha. Previously my classmates made a plan to club yesterday, which I said see 1st coz that time very no mood. But yesterday I woke up at 10.30pm haha, yeah u didnt see wrong,it's 10.30PM =D after 1 hour like that..suddenly feel like want go club pulak. When I call them, all on their way d or no slot d T_T So in the end, I still stay at home and watch back my old drama, Forensic Hero II, until 1.30am like that only I go back sleep until 9am this morning XD after wake up, brush teeth, I'm off to SDO again haha.. then 11something Wei Jian called ask me go watch 4Bia with him and Kim Yang. I said ok loh..he bought tickets for 1.35pm but we reached there around 2.15pm thanx to the massive jam and heavy rain. Miss 1 part of the show T_T I've been anticipating for this movie so long and I can't watch the whole thing T_T but I have to say, that movie is GOOD! For those of you who are do not watch Horror movie often, I wouldn't recommend u to watch it coz you are definitely gonna get scared the hell out of you ^^ I like the last story the most, it's really freaky. But it depends on individual of coz haha..but overall, I think it's not bad ^^

After movie Wei Jian went and fetch Jiun Kit and 4 of us went to Desa Petaling to play badminton. After playing not long suddenly headache -_-" After badminton go Cowboy and eat dinner. It's been raining almost whole day le..freaking cold. This morning after wake up actually got a bit not happy 1. Wanna thanx ahSinGz for cheering me up. Thanx for always listening to my crap at msn haha. When I got the chance I will surely go Penang and meet u all up. All of u have been great and caring fren to me ^^ Argh I still havent visit my grandma in Perak ah..I duno when go le..and I duno if I should drive or take bus. Take bus to Ipoh then I still need transfer bus to Batu Gajah and take taxi sumore. If drive..I scared dangerous only matter wat I should go back but I really muz make up my mind soon =.=" I'm listening to hardtrance -> BassControl3 by BassAgent at the moment while thinking something stupid =D Wish everyone a great monday for 2molo ^^ Nite nite~~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HoLiDaYiNg =)

Haven't been blogging in the past few days coz I'm really not in the mood to blog. But I'm feeling much better now..can let go a bit already on those things that happened recently =) I actually planned to really go somewhere to have fun for my holiday but those things that happened changed my mind. No mood go play already lol..

What have I been doing for this few days? Everyday SDO, msn, drama and sleep. I really sleep a lot this few days. Especially on last sat and sun. Sleep, wake up, play computer a while, then go back sleep till the next day haha..Sleeping Spree =D then my fren Ben called me and ask me if I was interested to work for a game event. I agreed almost instantly coz I got ntg do also anyway and the job is to play games with people only, y not? haha..then the day b4 I work only I know that the event I will be working at is the WGT kick off! o.o Woo Hoo~! For me I think this is something quite big haha..being able to work at the launching of one of the big game events in Malaysia. But too bad la..this year WCG no dota, only CS,Need for Speed, FiFa and COD. =( all of those games I'm not really so into it so..those players I don't know. If Dota is available then I will get to see a lot of my frens whom I've not seen for some time. Anyway the event was great. A lot of ppl from the media is there. I might appear in some of the magazines or newspaper who cover the news XD but most probably even if I appear also as some "ke le feh" behind only la haha..
I think that it is really interesting to be able to work in that event. I'm studying mass comm and I'm really into event organising. That day I have to arrive 4 hrs before the event start to set up the venue. So I can actually see how they do things from scratch. Then they have press release and press kit as well. But too bad I can't take a copy of the press kit to have a look haha..the saddest part is that I don't have a camera T_T if I have I can take loads of pictures to post here >.< sumore that day I make up and style my hair nicely le =( must really get a new phone asap =(

It's not the first time I work in an event. I really enjoy working in events. It is so fun. Ya it will be long hour and tiring but the satisfaction is there if everything manage to go on smoothly. Most of the time I work as promoters at event but I somehow prefer working as crew haha. We will get to meet different people at each event which can help to widen our social circle. Event is usually fun, so even us as the crew will haf fun during the event too =) Yalah sometimes b4 event start maybe will kena pressure by those above us in order to get everything prepared but when it's done, we get our reward too =P That is what I'm planning to do after completing my diploma. I wanna be an event organiser ^^ yup I know it will be challenging and tiring, but I really think that the satisfaction you get when ur event is successful really pays off all ur hardwork hehe..1 more year to my internship. I'm planning to get internship at Event Company. By then I will know if it's really what I want haha..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who is it...?

It's 8.06am now..i was home juz minutes ago after da kei overnite. Something happened as I reach my house. I saw a moth inside the flew out when I was about to reach my house. The moment I saw it, my mind automatically tells me that "someone" is visiting me. The reason I think so is because Chinese believe that the moths are spirit of family member/friend who passed away coming back to visit us for the last time. It's like the moth is waiting for me to come home..and after it flew out,as I was quite afraid of moth I open the grill and enter quickly..but after I enter,I peep outside but the moth is gone suddenly. Then I thought I should go out and see the moth. But I really couldnt spot it's like it has vanished. Although I duno who was it who waited 4 me to see me for the last time..but I do wish that may their spirits be in peace. I will miss all of u.

Actually I did wonder too if it's my grandma. I havent went to her place for the ceremonies yet. I wanted to go at first but they want me to do a lot of things which makes me feel like I'm really really bad for not being by her side when she passed away. It's not that I dowan to pray to her before she is burried but..I'm really not willing to all those ceremonies they require me to do..If it's really her then I will feel very guilty coz I didnt even see her after her death and she is came back to see me and even waited for me..u can say I am superstitious, but I do believe in these things.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ReSt iN PeAcE...

Today is definitely not a good day. This afternoon received a call from my dad telling me that my grandma is going soon, he ask me if I wanna go c her for the last time..she might not be able to make it bcoz today is the 14th day of the 7th Lunar Month..know as ghost festival to the Chinese. I didn't know it's today because all my frens keep telling me it's saturday. So I told my dad 2molo only go visit her bcoz I got exam. Later that fren ask me go Dota, i reach the cc not long only,a call came from Kyle. He tell me iDanz aka Daniel passed away in accident on his way back to KL few hrs ago. I was already very very shocked from the news. Then I already no mood Dota. Lost that game again new game..start not long only, another call come. This time from my dad. He tell me that my grandma really can't make it and passed away already. What is this wei! In 1 hour time i received 2 calls to inform me someone has passed away..then ppl start calling me to tell me about Daniel's death..seriously life is really damn fragile. 3 deaths within 1 month time..and 1 of them is the same age as me. I really can't help but think..who will die next? Will it be me? Or someone really close to me? I really can't take it..

Anyway..Daniel,Wah Li kau fu,po po...Rest in Peace. I'm really sorry that I couldn't see any of you for the last time..really sorry..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 DowN, 3 to Go!!

Muahaha! 2 papers over already, 3 more to go. Psychology ok lah..IM ah...sure no A already 1 =(
cant focus study ler..always open my notes and I will be reading it but I'm juz reading it without knowing wat im reading LoL. Then read halfway I will go see this and that, play this and that or think about something unrelated haha. My mind is wandering around like a wanderer XD I think it's because holiday soon and I really can't wait for it haha. I WANNA GO HOLIDAY!! Who's not from KL and dun mind to invite me to their place and play? =D

I need to go somewhere relax! I need to go somewhere different and do something different! Actually I still wanna go Redang the most T_T but nvm gonna be posting a new poll, it's something that came to my mind at random and I would really like to know what ppl thinks ^^

Saturday, August 9, 2008

HoW CouLd tHis HaPPeN to Me T_T

It's friday yesterday, due date for our last and final project. I thought that we can just hand the thing in and I will still have 2 days left to study for my finals which will be starting on Monday. Slept only 1 hour then went to college for the some touch up and conversion of files. From 10.30am till 5pm and we thought "Yes! Finally done!" But we are so wrong T_T we went to our lecturer to get the permission to use one of the lab because only the lab has Macromedia Director. He came over and have a look at our almost completing work, then he ask, "Hey,how come your video got no welcoming screen? where is the disclaimer? your profiles? information?". We were all like WTF!? We need all those things?? It was 5.30pm then and we were supposed to hand in by 6pm =.=" None of us saw the example he showed others because most of us late enrolled and didnt went for class in the first 2 weeks. All of us quite devastated but thankfully, the lecturer pity us and willing to extend the deadline to Monday 9am.

Confession of a student who haven't studied:
Die la..I really what also havent start studying ah T_T I am scared now T_T I dowan to fail T_T my IM coursework now only 9.XX/20 and I dont think we will get high marks for the project which carries 20%. I'm GG'fied this time T_T hopefully I can finish my part today then I will study!!! I really will appreciate my last day tomorrow IF I can complete my work for 2day *hopefully* and hope I really will study =x The reason I'm so free to blog now is because I'm downloading the QuickTime Player setup which is needed for my project. 88% only now haha..

To aLL oF yOu WhO WiLL Be HaViNg ExAm:
GooD LuCk FoR YoUr ExAM!
aLL Da BeSt!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ScReWiNg PeoPLe iN tHiS PoSt =)

Finals next week..I still haven't started studying and there are assignments which I need to do. WTF la! I've been skipping many classes, and now still need meet deadlines. No need study already loh. Die la..recently I'm like changing into an anti-social =.=" all I want to do is stay at home alone. I'm not interested in going out with my friends, even class also I lazy go. Losing my motivation to study day by day. I know I should appreaciate that I have the chance to study but somehow..history seems to be repeating itself again. That's what happened in my secondary school years. I lost motivation to study and skip school often. All I like is gaming..that is something I can do everyday without doubt but why cant I do the same for study T_T quite worried also will I really turn into an anti-social who just stays at home alone all the time not wanting to know and care what's happening outside. My life is a mess, and I admit I've got no discipline. What would you expect from a person who has got loads of freedom since the age of 15? I can do what I like when I want and when I feel like doing it. I've spoilt myself with that lifestyle dun manage my time well..I still do wat i want to do whenever I want. That includes gaming till early in the morning and skip class >.< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 51);">BITCH. Many headed snake and bossy. Want to know how am i doing with my part dun ask me directly but keep annoy ricky. I was in a real bad mood when Ricky told me wat happen. So i sent an SMS to her to tell her anything ask me directly. She replied me saying that I'm action and this and that. Next morning, I thought dowan so bad la plus I reacted in such manner coz I was in a bad mood so I said sorry maybe i misunderstood her to give her some face. BUT that BITCH go tell everyone like she was RIGHT and I AM WRONG!
damn her la..I give her face dowan go so over then she say like this. Now I've learnt my lesson, dont be soft hearted to those u F***'ed because if u do so they will thought that you are afraid of them and giving in.FOR YOUR INFO I DONT GIF A DAMN ABOUT YOU BECAUSE IM NOT EVEN FRIENDS WITH YOU IN THE 1ST PLACE! Go get a life, and I dun care even if we don't talk anymore coz I've nvr ever talked to u anywat until we were in the same group. Advice for u, dun always think that ur the smartest person on earth and like to count so much carry calculator with you wherever u go la!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NeEd a BreAk..

I think i really need a break. It's not that I've work hard though haha..but I somehow feel that I need something different, even if it's just for a little while..i shouldn't be feeling any stress actually because I have a "dun care" attitude which I know too haha..but I don't know why I get emo and moody so easily. Seriously damn down..and I always don't know who to find when I'm really emo. Usually I will end up going to cc and DotA to release emo. It works sometimes, but sometimes it backfires by making me even more emo haha..

I really want to go to Pulau Redang, actually planned to go with my college mates but it was canceled due to "Hungry Ghost Festival" which will be starting on the 16th of August according to my friend. I really miss my previous trips to Redang and I would really like to replace the baby shark tooth necklace i bought from there. Mine broke off.

This holiday most probably I will be going back to my mom's hometown in Batu Gajah to visit my grandma. My uncle passed away recently..previously the 2 of them were staying together but now that my uncle is gone she will be staying alone. She called me when my uncle passed away but all she told me was that my uncle was admitted to hospital and NOT he passed away. After 11 days only I know the truth, when my sister sms'ed me last saturday to tell me that my uncle actually passed away. I feel kind of guilty because I was never really that close with any of my relatives and I haven't been visiting her during CNY holidays for the past few years coz I don't feel like going back. Now I'm really feeling bad and I pity her that she is now staying all alone and she's got health problem. I actually wanted to go Penang for my holidays but how can I continue with my plan after hearing my grandma's condition now lol.

Sometimes when we feel empathy for someone it will bring lots of thoughts to ourselves. Besides my uncle passing away, my paternal grandfather is having some complications too and might be leaving anytime. It was only then I know how it feels when someone "left" you. I cant stop myself from imagining how will I feel if any of my family left me. I've never given a thought on this before. But I am growing older day by day and so are they..even though I am not the family type girl but I think I can really feel the pain..

Argh..forget it. Concentrate on my studies and assignments better..Finals is starting next week! And i'm still blogging haha..hopefully after typing it out I will feel better. This few days emo till not sleeping well and this morning didnt sleep drive to college. When I was about to reach college I hit someone's car because i dozed off =.=" thankfully no serious damage to both cars. In fact only my car was damaged lol. 2nd accident in 3 months time >.<

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My BloG's NeW LooK aFteR "ReNoVatiOn" =P

haha finally i took a bit of my time to "renovate" my blog a's not so empty now and has got MORE COLOURS =D i wanna thank >>>Edward<<< for helping me to figure out how 2 edit HTML so that i can attach the emo pic to my blog's background tired,everyday sleep less than 6hrs and im only sleeping in the's not that i dowan to sleep but i can't sleep T_T *sob sob* perhaps it might sound a bit weird for u all,but i need mood to sleep LOL! when i am moody..i can go to the extreme that i dun even haf the mood to eat or sleep =x it's bad but wat to do..used to it d's saturday evening now,weather in KL if freaking hot this few days. havent been raining for quite some time...crossing fingers hoping that it will rain soon. cant stand the heat wave..even sleeping also can sweat =.=" for my blog "renovation" i will stop here 1st coz er..kinda lazy hehe ^^" i've included links to songs that I Like and not everyone like =x juz click on the link to listen and feel free to leave a comment at my Shoutbox. damn i love playing with colours now haha! XD