Saturday, August 30, 2008

LoNeLy =(

It's Merdeka's eve now..everyone is having fun outside,counting down and enjoying but i'm home alone again as usual. 1st time hear me say I'm lonely huh? Haha..but seriously, im like losing frens coz I'm the kind who duno how to maintain frenship well lol. Always afk in msn so no time to catch up with ppl. Last time my phone will always be ringing and I will be bz sms'ing with someone from day to night. But that is last time..this is no longer happening =( It is kind of sad..I've never really had a best fren. Maybe because I'm diff from the others so hard to find someone who can understands me and someone who can be there for me always. Use to have one..but i no longer haf a fren like this. Everytime when something happen..seriously, I can scroll my phonebook from A-Z 3 times and not even a name in it can make me feel like telling them that I'm not ok and hope to find someone to talk to. Pathetic right? Haihz..seriously down. In college le..1 year ady,people I know from college is like less than 50 i think. So sux ler.. T_T how le how le? I also duno.

Whenever I tell my fren about this they will always ask me to get a BF haha.. -_-" if got I no need wait la..BF say find then find 1 meh. How to find? They will haf the tag "I'm Your BF" on them? I think that getting a bf is like shopping haha. U need to look around first and see if there's any shirt that can attract u. If u found it, then u need consider other factors like does it match u, can u afford it, is it suitable for u and most important, is it available XD If u really like the shirt but it doesnt suit u ,no point buying it right? Or perhaps u really like the shirt and everything else is fine but when u r about to pay the sales assistant tells u that someone has booked it and it's the last piece haha. Nice or not this example? =P

Oh no..kRaZy's Disease is attacking again haha. Talking nonsense ady =x anyway wish all Malaysians:




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