Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who is it...?

It's 8.06am now..i was home juz minutes ago after da kei overnite. Something happened as I reach my house. I saw a moth inside the flew out when I was about to reach my house. The moment I saw it, my mind automatically tells me that "someone" is visiting me. The reason I think so is because Chinese believe that the moths are spirit of family member/friend who passed away coming back to visit us for the last time. It's like the moth is waiting for me to come home..and after it flew out,as I was quite afraid of moth I open the grill and enter quickly..but after I enter,I peep outside but the moth is gone suddenly. Then I thought I should go out and see the moth. But I really couldnt spot it's like it has vanished. Although I duno who was it who waited 4 me to see me for the last time..but I do wish that may their spirits be in peace. I will miss all of u.

Actually I did wonder too if it's my grandma. I havent went to her place for the ceremonies yet. I wanted to go at first but they want me to do a lot of things which makes me feel like I'm really really bad for not being by her side when she passed away. It's not that I dowan to pray to her before she is burried but..I'm really not willing to all those ceremonies they require me to do..If it's really her then I will feel very guilty coz I didnt even see her after her death and she is came back to see me and even waited for me..u can say I am superstitious, but I do believe in these things.

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