Thursday, August 21, 2008

HoLiDaYiNg =)

Haven't been blogging in the past few days coz I'm really not in the mood to blog. But I'm feeling much better now..can let go a bit already on those things that happened recently =) I actually planned to really go somewhere to have fun for my holiday but those things that happened changed my mind. No mood go play already lol..

What have I been doing for this few days? Everyday SDO, msn, drama and sleep. I really sleep a lot this few days. Especially on last sat and sun. Sleep, wake up, play computer a while, then go back sleep till the next day haha..Sleeping Spree =D then my fren Ben called me and ask me if I was interested to work for a game event. I agreed almost instantly coz I got ntg do also anyway and the job is to play games with people only, y not? haha..then the day b4 I work only I know that the event I will be working at is the WGT kick off! o.o Woo Hoo~! For me I think this is something quite big haha..being able to work at the launching of one of the big game events in Malaysia. But too bad la..this year WCG no dota, only CS,Need for Speed, FiFa and COD. =( all of those games I'm not really so into it so..those players I don't know. If Dota is available then I will get to see a lot of my frens whom I've not seen for some time. Anyway the event was great. A lot of ppl from the media is there. I might appear in some of the magazines or newspaper who cover the news XD but most probably even if I appear also as some "ke le feh" behind only la haha..
I think that it is really interesting to be able to work in that event. I'm studying mass comm and I'm really into event organising. That day I have to arrive 4 hrs before the event start to set up the venue. So I can actually see how they do things from scratch. Then they have press release and press kit as well. But too bad I can't take a copy of the press kit to have a look haha..the saddest part is that I don't have a camera T_T if I have I can take loads of pictures to post here >.< sumore that day I make up and style my hair nicely le =( must really get a new phone asap =(

It's not the first time I work in an event. I really enjoy working in events. It is so fun. Ya it will be long hour and tiring but the satisfaction is there if everything manage to go on smoothly. Most of the time I work as promoters at event but I somehow prefer working as crew haha. We will get to meet different people at each event which can help to widen our social circle. Event is usually fun, so even us as the crew will haf fun during the event too =) Yalah sometimes b4 event start maybe will kena pressure by those above us in order to get everything prepared but when it's done, we get our reward too =P That is what I'm planning to do after completing my diploma. I wanna be an event organiser ^^ yup I know it will be challenging and tiring, but I really think that the satisfaction you get when ur event is successful really pays off all ur hardwork hehe..1 more year to my internship. I'm planning to get internship at Event Company. By then I will know if it's really what I want haha..

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