Sunday, August 24, 2008

La La La~

Finally I'm feeling much better..not so down like starting of the week. Can say that I am BACK =D This 1st half of my holiday seriously I didnt do anything much. Work at WGT kick off, watched 2 movies and <4bia>, rest of it I'm mostly sleeping at home, "boiling" the drama<糖心风暴II之家好月圆>, then SDO-X or GGC at home haha. Seriously the drama is damn good compared to the other dramas recently. If any of u is interested to watch it too u all can <<click here>> to get to a blogsite with the links to every episodes of the drama. Such a nice guy to create such convenience for us haha. Previously my classmates made a plan to club yesterday, which I said see 1st coz that time very no mood. But yesterday I woke up at 10.30pm haha, yeah u didnt see wrong,it's 10.30PM =D after 1 hour like that..suddenly feel like want go club pulak. When I call them, all on their way d or no slot d T_T So in the end, I still stay at home and watch back my old drama, Forensic Hero II, until 1.30am like that only I go back sleep until 9am this morning XD after wake up, brush teeth, I'm off to SDO again haha.. then 11something Wei Jian called ask me go watch 4Bia with him and Kim Yang. I said ok loh..he bought tickets for 1.35pm but we reached there around 2.15pm thanx to the massive jam and heavy rain. Miss 1 part of the show T_T I've been anticipating for this movie so long and I can't watch the whole thing T_T but I have to say, that movie is GOOD! For those of you who are do not watch Horror movie often, I wouldn't recommend u to watch it coz you are definitely gonna get scared the hell out of you ^^ I like the last story the most, it's really freaky. But it depends on individual of coz haha..but overall, I think it's not bad ^^

After movie Wei Jian went and fetch Jiun Kit and 4 of us went to Desa Petaling to play badminton. After playing not long suddenly headache -_-" After badminton go Cowboy and eat dinner. It's been raining almost whole day le..freaking cold. This morning after wake up actually got a bit not happy 1. Wanna thanx ahSinGz for cheering me up. Thanx for always listening to my crap at msn haha. When I got the chance I will surely go Penang and meet u all up. All of u have been great and caring fren to me ^^ Argh I still havent visit my grandma in Perak ah..I duno when go le..and I duno if I should drive or take bus. Take bus to Ipoh then I still need transfer bus to Batu Gajah and take taxi sumore. If drive..I scared dangerous only matter wat I should go back but I really muz make up my mind soon =.=" I'm listening to hardtrance -> BassControl3 by BassAgent at the moment while thinking something stupid =D Wish everyone a great monday for 2molo ^^ Nite nite~~

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