Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling so much better =D

I'm really feeling so so so much better after I've got the answer haha. Yay~ I dun need to wonder or guess already ^^ and I know what I should do now too hehe..

This coming Monday I will be going to Pulau Redang!! Gonna go take my advance diving license haha. Previously I've already got the Open Water license so now go take higher level 1. Finally I can go to Redang for a holiday. Although I will miss my 1st day of class but nvm la,1st day usually nothing 1 haha. I hope that I will be able to really enjoy myself for this trip. Meet some great new friends, buy back my baby shark tooth necklace and get my license! =D I will let go of the past (certain only =P), dowan think luu..this time for real ^^ I will try and get a camera so that I can post some pics in my photoless blog haha. Redang, here I come!!!

Wish me luck hehe..hopefully can know a leng chai there,not too bad huh? =P
Havent go already think so much haha..

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