Thursday, August 14, 2008

ReSt iN PeAcE...

Today is definitely not a good day. This afternoon received a call from my dad telling me that my grandma is going soon, he ask me if I wanna go c her for the last time..she might not be able to make it bcoz today is the 14th day of the 7th Lunar Month..know as ghost festival to the Chinese. I didn't know it's today because all my frens keep telling me it's saturday. So I told my dad 2molo only go visit her bcoz I got exam. Later that fren ask me go Dota, i reach the cc not long only,a call came from Kyle. He tell me iDanz aka Daniel passed away in accident on his way back to KL few hrs ago. I was already very very shocked from the news. Then I already no mood Dota. Lost that game again new game..start not long only, another call come. This time from my dad. He tell me that my grandma really can't make it and passed away already. What is this wei! In 1 hour time i received 2 calls to inform me someone has passed away..then ppl start calling me to tell me about Daniel's death..seriously life is really damn fragile. 3 deaths within 1 month time..and 1 of them is the same age as me. I really can't help but think..who will die next? Will it be me? Or someone really close to me? I really can't take it..

Anyway..Daniel,Wah Li kau fu,po po...Rest in Peace. I'm really sorry that I couldn't see any of you for the last time..really sorry..

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