Thursday, June 18, 2015


Can't believe I'm back so soon lol. Too many thoughts on my mind, not feeling well and I can't sleep. Don't wanna spam my Facebook either as some of my friends are already complaining that I'm too emo lol. I really need a place to share my I am.

Made a new friend like few months ago, he was friendly and easy going so we got along quite well. I considered him as real life friend even though we have never met before. When I treat someone as friends, I expect them to treat me back as a friend, not a temporary refuge place.

Everything was ok until one random day he start to hate losing, he's blaming and scolding everyone in game when losing a game. As a friend I don't like to see him in that state, so we all tried to cheer him up but all we got was cold treatment. I asked what happened and what do you want but all I got was a damn "nothing".

I wanna tell u something, you are a f*-king possessive and selfish friend. You expect people to be there for you while you may come and go as you wish. You emo me for playing with others while you can just leave party without a single word and start game with others, to the extent of not even replying my PM and making me think what did I do that offended you bcoz I cared as a friend.

I am angry of course, but you said sorry so I forgive you. And few days later you repeat the thing again. How hard is it to just say "Hey I'm joining my friends, play later"? Will I be angry if you tell me? Definitely no because we all have our own friends and it's totally fine as long as you inform instead of just running off without a word and leaving someone else behind wondering if they need to wait for you or not or else you might be f**king emo again if I started the game without you. End up I waited for nothing while you are having fun with others.

That is the stupidest thing I've done, to feel guilty, to care for a selfish person. And you have the cheek to pm me to ask me to play with you bcoz the others went off. And how dare you get angry with me for saying no after what you did? How dare you get emo because I'm playing with someone else and not you.

Do not say Sorry if you don't mean it. Don't ask for forgiveness if you intend to repeat in just a span of few days time.
I don't forgive people easily but I still did, and you just repeat the whole fking thing then ask me why am I angry. Really, lol.

You made to decision to unfriend me, then don't f**king come back to me. Don't f**king add me back. Don't f**king PM me anymore. I am not your f**king pet, not one that u can come and play with when you r happy and ditch when u r bored. F**k off you f**king loser.

I admit it's my fault for caring too much, I should've just ignored you earlier. I shouldn't even bother about your f**king mood. From today onwards, do what you want, say what you like, I don't give a damn anymore. You should know from the moment you unfriend me there's no turning back, and you will no longer be regarded as a friend to me. Don't bother coming back either, you are not welcomed ^_^

Well on a side note, besides this asshole ex friend, I did meet another new friend who treats me with much more respect and concern and I'm really grateful to know him. Who knows, one day he might hurt me too but at least he has earned enough credits to do so in future. I will not blame him for sure, and I will definitely remember all of his kind words and deeds. I do hope the day won't come though...I've had enough of all this back to square experiences..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This Is Still My Refuge Place

After so long, I still can't find a better alternative than blog when you have things happening around you and you don't know who to tell. Typing things down will definitely make you feel much more relieved at the end of the post.

Looking back at my old posts, to be honest I haven't really changed much compared to 4-5 years ago lol. My thoughts and opinions are still more or less the same. I guess it's a bad sign that I did not progress in terms of mental development? Haha..I wish I can stay 23 forever T_T

Back to my blog today to write about you being yourself. To be or not to be? People always say that others who can accept you for who you are are not worth your time, but is that really true? And can you really walk the talk? Saying is much much much much easier than doing.

I thought my post is gonna be longer than this, but as I reach here I realised I don't have much things to write anymore, at least not for now..maybe I will be back again when I feel like it?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition is finally here! ♥

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This phone is just perfect for me because phone's design is one of my main concern, and I love watching drama/movies with my phone as well and I am a forgetful person therefore I can now write notes easily with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is how I feel now T.T

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Self Reminder

I will not drink when I'm down or emo anymore T.T