Sunday, February 16, 2014

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition is finally here! ♥

Happy Chinese New Year from Celcom First! May you be blessed with good fortune and prosperity. Usher in the Year of The Horse with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition. Enjoy these special offers on the fastest network.

As a Malaysian, I am sure all of you will not be able to resist PROMOTIONS/FREE GIFTS right? With Celcom, you can get both! 

When you purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition, you can enjoy a FREE Moschino case worth RM189
I just love the simple and cool design of the cover!

And when you sign up for any Celcom First with mPro plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 in ANY colour, you can enjoy the Samsung GALAXY Gear (Orange) at only RM288!

O....M....G! How can we resist it?

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 comes in Black, White, Black with Rose Gold and White with Rose Gold. It has a sophisticated design, 5.7 inch HD screen to enjoy a more vivid viewing experienceand also the all new S pen for easier and smoother navigation on your phone  

This phone is just perfect for me because phone's design is one of my main concern, and I love watching drama/movies with my phone as well and I am a forgetful person therefore I can now write notes easily with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

You may ask, there are so many telcos out there, why choose Celcom for for your Samsung GALAXY Note 3? Simple! It's because Celcom is  the fastest network that lets you get online anytime, anywhere. With the network that keeps you connect 24/7, your mobile experience is brought to life. Now you can truly enjoy it without compromise.

They are consecutive winners of Frost & Sullivan Awards, further enforcing their status as Malaysia’s best network. Celcom is also known to have one of the best packages and plans. This time is no different. And at anytime you need help with anything, Celcom Customer Service is always ready at your service, eager to help you find a solution. You will definitely end up with a big smile on your face.

For more information, you can visit and make sure you don't miss your chance to grab this great promo from Celcom!! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is how I feel now T.T

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Self Reminder

I will not drink when I'm down or emo anymore T.T

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Luck Streak

This year has been a pretty bad year for me. Getting jobs that's not what I want, and 4 car related issues up to date. into an accident few days ago. Settled with that guy already, thought wait till weekend only go fix my own car coz I need car to work. But who knows today on my way to work, the most shocking thing happened.

Was driving on highway, and suddenly "BAMM!!". The fking bonnet's lock spoiled due to my accident I guess, and I didn't realised it as well after accident, so slammed onto my windscreen. Really fked up. But thankfully my windscreen is tinted, and I managed to get to the emergency lane safely after that. So ya..from a minor accident the a serious one now T.T

I really duno why the fuck this year so bad luck la..please let me stay safely can? T.T basically i'm working for ntg this year income all go to fix car already...Just ranting a bit, I'm still glad im unharmed =)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely Weather \(≧∇≦)/

It's been raining a lot recently, and the weather is so cooling. Totally loving it~ and hope it will be here to stay.

It's my birthday yesterday, and nope I did not celebrate it as I'm not the type of person who will purposely celebrate my own birthday unless my friends planned for me =x But nonetheless I'm very happy to receive all the birthday wishes especially from those who's really dear to me. Their wishes meant a lot to me, one of them was even in NS and yet he still remember my birthday. Was really touched.

And thanx to the technology nowadays, i received a couple of birthday songs sung by my friends as well on Whatsapp lol. I may not be seeing any of them in real life, but it just felt so warm =)

Once again, a very big THANK YOU to all of you. I love you guys!