Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day Out To Mid Valley

Been wanting to watch 72 Tenants of Prosperity for a week or so. Was really super boring yesterday and really can't stand staying at home anymore, so I called Fish and see if he wants to watch it. He said OK and off we go =D

72 Tenants of Prosperity is not bad la, quite funny and it's not the lame type of funny ^^ After the movie ended, we decided to catch another movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

There's another 45 minutes before the movie starts, so we went and walk around and spotted a shop name Jonker's Street dessert. Since we've not try this before, so we decided to check it out.

There have many varieties of dessert available and Fish chose Sea Coconut & Sweet Corn.

I had too much cold stuff previously, so I decided to order a Bubur Cha Cha.

Fish and his dessert, his not bad, sweet and refreshing.

Me and my Bubur Cha Cha, I don't like it, the santan is salty type instead of sweet =/

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is not bad, I kinda enjoy watching it. And I heard from my friends that all the girls are now going crazy over the main character now lol.

By the way, Love Potion #31 is back!! Spotted this when we walked past Baskin Robbins. Do not miss the chance to try this "lovely" flavour =P

So, that's all for the day. 2 Movies and loads of desserts, what else can I ask for? Haha..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

July Baby's Personality ^^

I'm a July Baby, and I got this from an email that tells about personality of people born at different months.

I cut this out because to post everything is too long =x I think that it is quite accurate for me lol. Any other July babies here? What do you think about this? =P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

0%|||||||||||||||||||100% Recovered =P

I'm all recovered keke. But the thing is, I don't know what to update in my blog because for the past few days I've been in my room sleeping and watching TVB drama only.

Nothing much interesting because there is nothing interesting in my room besides my dear beloved PC and my loyal N85.

I really have nothing to update at the moment actually =x This post is something that is very forcefully written actually to proof that I do Update XD

Hope there will be people asking me out, then I can go out, take some pics, and post something more interesting instead haha.

P/S: Giving out hints already, see who will get my hint la =P

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Getting Worse..

I want to recover la!! I want to eat CNY cookies!! Not only I'm sick, can't even get proper rest. Yesterday slept at 4pm wake up 8pm, then till this morning 7am sleep until 10am and I woke up myself. I just can't sleep back no matter how I try.

Really sore throat came back due to lack of rest I think. Only 7 more days of CNY, please let me sleep normally, and let me eat well for another 7 days T_T

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Sick Again T_T

Got sore throat a few days ago, but it wasn't so serious yet. But after another 2 days, still haven't recover and it got worst at CK's house. Kept sneezing while playing cards haha..

Now officially sick, with bad sore throat and running rose. Slept almost whole Friday, and finally I stayed at home. Been going out everyday since the 1st Day of Chinese New Year and screwed up my sleeping time teruk teruk as well.

Go out at night, come back morning, sleep at afternoon, and wake up at night again. That's the reason why I got sick I think haha.

Hope I can recover soon =/

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Main CNY Activity =P

Since a week before Chinese New Year started, this activity already started among my friends haha. This one was at CK's house, after setting off the 孔明灯 =P

The reason I took this pic is because of his Playing Cards, it's from Ragnarok Online! So cute le..but too bad I didn't notice that my hand was shaking when I took this pic =(

You can still see the image on the card if you enlarge it I think =x

See my cards? From this, it became....

..THIS! Muahahaha! >=P

Not only Black Jack, still got a lot card games and 3 leg Mahjong as well haha. I don't why, but it's like a tradition(?) to test your luck of the year by gambling. If you lose a lot, means you should avoid going in Casino @ Genting for the rest of the year XD

Today is already the 7th Day, another 8 days to go. Hope all of you are enjoying your Chinese New Year as well hehe ^_^

Sky Lantern (孔明灯)

This is the very first time for us to set off a Sky Lantern (孔明灯) . According to what I heard years ago, it is actually already banned in Malaysia =x I don't know how my friend got his hands on them, but, no harm trying right? =P

CK invited all of us to "Bai Nian" at his house, I didn't expect that there will be a Sky Lantern there haha. When I reached, they told me about it and all of us start thinking what to write.

CK as the host started writing first. He is holding his phone because he is searching some chinese words that he has forgotten how to write haha.

This is what CK wrote and wish for. Actually still got another part but I didn't take the photo. He was actually asking for certain numbers to kena for lottery XD

From yours truly, simple and covers everything =P I wrote in English because I'm not chinese ed, can't write chinese well haha.

This is written by Lisa, CK's gf.

By Kim Yang, but too bad his last wish didn't came true =P

By Kim Yang's gf, Mun Yee.

By the person who brought the Sky Lanterns, Teck Lim.

Chee Meng's wish, mostly on career haha.

Written by Kim Yang on behalf of Jiun Kit because he still haven't reach. On his request, I have to mosaic his 2nd wish XD

Lighting up the lantern after we have all wrote our wishes.

Put it on the floor, waiting for it to fly off.

Camwhore a bit 1st =P
From Left: Mun Yee, Kim Yang, CK and me

Flying off already, see it's already floating off the ground

Last picture of it after it has set off

Everyone stayed and watch until it became a small dot. It's quite fun actually haha. I hope that all of our wishes will come true and all the best to all of my friends in the Year of Tiger 2010 *Rawr~!*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mission Fail

Well last month I was hoping that I can have "Number of posts = Number of days every month", but too bad failed =(

I'm a very moody person, even something small can make my mood go from up to down. To those of you who didn't notice, something went wrong with my blog, everything screwed up and no matter how I try I just couldn't fix it.

So everytime I login to my blog, I feel very sad to see my blog is at the state it was at, and my mood to blog goes away.

Actually I can fix it earlier but was a bit busy because Chinese New Year was coming and all, so I procrastinate till yesterday =x

Finally, my blog is back to normal. So I will be blogging again keke. I don't think this month I can achieve 28 posts, so I think I will try and achieve it next month instead =P

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone ^^

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog is Fixed! =D

Yea..i re-edited everything, anyway got my blog back to normal so expect updates from me soon =D

(No updates today bcoz it's already 7.16am @_@)

Thanx to those who still visited my blog even when I didnt update! Love ya all~!!


Guys more "Leng Chai"

Girls more "Leng Lui"

Working ones Earn more $$$

Studying ones get better results

None in any of the category above, do what good what =P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Premiere Screening of Valentine's Day

I took part in the Valentine's Day contest by Nuffnang last month, I wrote about spending my Valentine's Day with Ashton Kutcher. On the day that they are sending out the invites, I checked my email at the morning and I didn't receive the notification, so I though that I didn't get it this time and gave up.

Luckily I checked my mail the next day, because if I didn't I would have missed the screening LOL! The email arrived on Friday evening lol =x Was so super duper happy to see that email =P

The invites I collected on that day, looks much better than Tooth Fairy's invites XD

Look at the seats =P

This time smart already loh, go collect the invites earlier haha XD the collection starts at 8.30pm, and I reach around 8.40pm. Long queue, and although my seats are not that good, at least not 2nd row from the screen like last time XD As usual, movie review will be written at a seperate post ^_^

Once again, thanx Nuffnang for the invites. The movie is great =D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Zinger Tower Vouchers Arrived Finally

Those of you who read my blog would have know that I took part in the KFC Zinger Tower Feed Me Fast Contest and won 2 Zinger Towers =P They are supposed to email the winners, but after a week I still didn't get any emails from them. They asked the winners to email them instead =/ I think this contest really sux but I still want my burgers so...unwillingly email them my details.

Another week later, there's a package for me. Wee~~ Finally my burgers are here XD

Eagerly open it =P

There's a letter inside, open it as well. I was expecting vouchers inside but...

.....they gave letters instead haha.

So finally I've got my burgers =D haven't claim any of it yet. Chinese New Year now don't really have the time for fast food haha. Anyone wanna eat with me? =P Let me know, I might give you one keke >=P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sorry for the lack of update. I feel very frustrated when I can't fix the problem I'm having now with my blog, resulting me to lost the mood to blog as well. I'm still trying to fix it, but I really don't understand what is the problem. Anyway, updates will be posted soon.

Thanx for visiting =)