Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mission Fail

Well last month I was hoping that I can have "Number of posts = Number of days every month", but too bad failed =(

I'm a very moody person, even something small can make my mood go from up to down. To those of you who didn't notice, something went wrong with my blog, everything screwed up and no matter how I try I just couldn't fix it.

So everytime I login to my blog, I feel very sad to see my blog is at the state it was at, and my mood to blog goes away.

Actually I can fix it earlier but was a bit busy because Chinese New Year was coming and all, so I procrastinate till yesterday =x

Finally, my blog is back to normal. So I will be blogging again keke. I don't think this month I can achieve 28 posts, so I think I will try and achieve it next month instead =P

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone ^^

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