Friday, February 19, 2010

My Main CNY Activity =P

Since a week before Chinese New Year started, this activity already started among my friends haha. This one was at CK's house, after setting off the 孔明灯 =P

The reason I took this pic is because of his Playing Cards, it's from Ragnarok Online! So cute le..but too bad I didn't notice that my hand was shaking when I took this pic =(

You can still see the image on the card if you enlarge it I think =x

See my cards? From this, it became....

..THIS! Muahahaha! >=P

Not only Black Jack, still got a lot card games and 3 leg Mahjong as well haha. I don't why, but it's like a tradition(?) to test your luck of the year by gambling. If you lose a lot, means you should avoid going in Casino @ Genting for the rest of the year XD

Today is already the 7th Day, another 8 days to go. Hope all of you are enjoying your Chinese New Year as well hehe ^_^

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