Friday, February 19, 2010

Sky Lantern (孔明灯)

This is the very first time for us to set off a Sky Lantern (孔明灯) . According to what I heard years ago, it is actually already banned in Malaysia =x I don't know how my friend got his hands on them, but, no harm trying right? =P

CK invited all of us to "Bai Nian" at his house, I didn't expect that there will be a Sky Lantern there haha. When I reached, they told me about it and all of us start thinking what to write.

CK as the host started writing first. He is holding his phone because he is searching some chinese words that he has forgotten how to write haha.

This is what CK wrote and wish for. Actually still got another part but I didn't take the photo. He was actually asking for certain numbers to kena for lottery XD

From yours truly, simple and covers everything =P I wrote in English because I'm not chinese ed, can't write chinese well haha.

This is written by Lisa, CK's gf.

By Kim Yang, but too bad his last wish didn't came true =P

By Kim Yang's gf, Mun Yee.

By the person who brought the Sky Lanterns, Teck Lim.

Chee Meng's wish, mostly on career haha.

Written by Kim Yang on behalf of Jiun Kit because he still haven't reach. On his request, I have to mosaic his 2nd wish XD

Lighting up the lantern after we have all wrote our wishes.

Put it on the floor, waiting for it to fly off.

Camwhore a bit 1st =P
From Left: Mun Yee, Kim Yang, CK and me

Flying off already, see it's already floating off the ground

Last picture of it after it has set off

Everyone stayed and watch until it became a small dot. It's quite fun actually haha. I hope that all of our wishes will come true and all the best to all of my friends in the Year of Tiger 2010 *Rawr~!*

5 comments: said...

ya!!! so lucky that u can hands on the kong ming deng! i hav no chance until now! haha

kRaZy said...

haha, my fren bought 3. Ya so glad that I get to try XD

Wooi Kit said...

nice... :)

Ryan said...

Nanti kebakaran berlaku :D

kRaZy said...

@wooi kit: ^^

@Ryan: haha wun la..