Friday, April 30, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

We should never take anything for granted, and that includes our dear lovely world. Do you think that everything that exist now will be here and remain the same forever? NO it won't! If we do not start appreciating things we get from the world, soon there will be only memories left.

Extinctions are supposed to act as a wake up call for us fellow humans, and if we continue to ignore it, soon it's not only the flora and fauna that will face extinction but us as well! Every small little effort counts, and do not think that saving just "one piece of paper" is useless because it still helps.

Sloggi who realised this crisis that our world is facing decided to do something to save the environment! It's really very thoughtful of them to come up with the Sloggi's Love World Series which is made of the hardest material to be decomposed, plastic bottles!

Sloggi's Love World Series undergarments are made of 90% polyester, where the yarn material is produced by 100% recycled bottles. This will definitely help to stop pollution, and with less pollution, we can all live in a safer and better environment =)

I've created a video for this entry as well, hope you all will enjoy it ^-^

P/S: This post is for contest purpose only. I do not wear Brassiere ala Plastique but I do love Sloggi =D

P/P/S: It is not drawn by me, it's drawn by a fren of mine, Jiun Kit.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day At Damansara

Went out with Jayleo today for the Croc's Warehouse Sales @ Ikano. We wanted to see if we can get any nice deals there haha. Our plan was to go to his college first to settle his things, then go over to the Crocs Warehouse sale and have a look. I drove to his place to meet him first, then follow his car =P

Today is supposed to be Preview Sales, and supposedly only certain group of people can enter BUT they did not check at all lol -_-" It wasn't really that big, but there are a lot of Crocs on sales there, and some of it are even still selling in their shop now. Crocs shoes at the warehouse sales is ranging from RM80-100, while the original price is ranging from RM130-230 lol.

We saw some people who are actually buying a BOX of Crocs shoes =.= I know la it's almost 50% off, but need to buy so many pairs or not? How many pair of feet do you have anyway =x We walked around for only 15mins then went out already haha. None of us got anything from the warehouse sales =/ but I saw my friend, Botakai there haha.

On our way to Ikea, we passed by Brands Outlet and Jayleo told me their shirts are nice and cheap. Curious, so I went in, and...I bought 3 t-shirts for RM50 LOL! They really have a lot of graphic T, and the designs are too cute for me to resist =x

The 3 T-shirts I bought lol

Next we went to Ikea to have lunch, Curry Puff + Bottomless softdrink XD The curry puff is quite nice lol. Sit there makan and chit chat for about an hour, then went to The Curve jalan jalan.

Jayleo looking at girls(?) =P

Acting cool haha

We sat there a while, and look at a group of people opposite us, trying to figure out their relationships haha! We were like:

Jayleo: I think that girl is the maid of the lady sitting there.

kRaZy: Yameh? I think she's the sister of the kid la not maid.

Jayleo: But she looks like the maid, and the other 1 also looks like maid.

I think that 2 lady is friends, and that 2 is their maid?

The discussion above went on till they left, and we finally know who's the maid and who's not. We even mistook a staff who works there as a maid XD Quite mou liu, but funny at the same time haha. Went back home not long later. Happy I got 3 new T-shirts XD

Ip Man 2 Premiere Screening @ Pavilion

Went for Ip Man 2's Premiere Screening yesterday at Pavilion. I reached Bukit Bintang around 5.30pm because I'm afraid of being caught in jam later on lol. For this screening, we* have planned to gather 1st and collect 1 whole row and sit together =P

*Note: We = Alvin, Baboon, Cloudfly, Jayleo, Jason, Me, and our invited friends. Shin was late so he sit in front =x

We gathered at Pavilion's GSC by 7.30pm, and collected our ticket around 8pm =D Saw Wen Pink there, and I wanna thank her for exchanging her seats with us because we got wrong seats =x

After ticket collection, Baboon went and take his dinner first while we went to Baskin Robbins for Pink Day =D Cloudfly and Shin met us up there.

Nic posing with our invites XD

The 11 of us sitting in a row =P
(11 because Jason didn't bring anyone with him =P)

I invited my fren Tele for this screening ^^

The movie, it's not bad but it didn't give me the "WOW!" feeling after watching. I guess I shouldn't be expecting too much of fighting scenes because this is a movie about his life, and not all about fighting lol.

There are 3 scenes that I really like a lot, which is Sammo Hung VS Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung VS Twister and Donnie Yen VS Twister. Watching the kung fu movements in this 3 fights are really quite awesome.

And same as the other Donnie Yen's movies, the signature "eye-swollen-face-swollen-going-to-lose-and-sight-out-of-focus-but-win-in-the-end" scene of his is once again repeated in Ip Man 2 lol. Anyway, Ip Man 2 is not bad in my opinion, but one shouldn't expect too much out of it =D Rating from me would be 7/10 maybe haha..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

I am an adventurous person who loves traveling around. But it is also a must for me to get internet connection everywhere I go because I need to keep in touch with the others. That is the reason I chose Wiggy from P1 as my travel companion.

It is very small, and ensures that I can stay connected always almost everywhere I go. Be it I'm in a roadtrip to Penang or going South to Johor. Besides that, Wiggy also provides an extremely stable and fast connection for me.

Even when I'm away on vacation, if there is any urgent emails that I have to reply, it's not a problem as long as I have wiggy by my side. I've gone through a lot of highs and lows with Wiggy.

And also thanx to Wiggy, I can watch Project Alpha instantly every midnight! Now, I can be the first to know what's happening in the latest episode of Project Alpha Season 2. Besides that, it also ensure that I can take part in the contest by Ruumz giving me a chance to win some Goodies Bag.

When I'm bored, all I need is a Wiggy!

P/S: This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2. Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colour Of The Month, Red

Went for my monthly braces appointment just now. The thing that I await the most when I go for the appointment would be "What colour next?" XD I've tried quite a lot of colours and styles, so far my favourite is still multi colour =P

The colour bands available today, not much =/

And finally I've decided to try Blood Red =P

It turns out much much better than I expected LoL! Kinda like the red bands now =x I wanted to try the glow-in-dark bands la, regret a lot that I didn't try it when they have it in stock last October T_T

Anyway, my nice nice ortho Dr Choo promised me that she will try and get the glow-in-dark bands for me haha. Can't wait to try it.

P/S: I don't know why I feel like such a kid writing while this post XD

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Treats~ ♥

I went to One Utama this afternoon, planned to shop but when I reach there it's so empty and no sales, so my mood to shop went off. I ended up walking around only haha. I passed by "The Cocoa Trees", a shop which sells imported chocolate and a tag caught my eye.


*Btw, it's Cadbury made in Australia and taste much better than those made in Malaysia so it's pricier than the regular ones you see in supermarkets. *

How can a chocoholic like me resist it? So, I went to the rack and started looking at the flavours they have. Black Forest, Hazelnut, Top Deck, bla bla bla..all try before already. But wait! Spotted something beside Crunchie.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Rocky Road!

Wow, now this is really something that I haven't tried before! Without hesitating, I picked up that lovely bar of chocolate and paid for it =P Haven't tried it yet, will tell you all if it's nice when I do haha..

A few shops ahead, I saw the cute cute pink "Sticky" shop and I walked into it under a trance XD They have new Sour Series candy and finally they have Lemon! Was so tempted to get a jar, but it costs RM13.90 le =/ So I continue looking around until I saw...

This big packet for only RM5!

Just because there's no jar and the candy are not equally cut but it doesn't really matter to me lol.

It says thank you to me for bringing it home =P

I wish they have loose pack for Lemon flavoured candy but too bad they don't T_T Same as my Rocky Road, it's still unopened and I'm planning to give some to my friends. There's really a lot in it lol. Hope everyone will have a sweet day like mine =P

Free Body Treatment @ My Body Secrets

I've got a FREE Body Treatment Voucher worth RM388 from Tian Chad's blog about 2 weeks go. Few days ago I finally called them to make an appointment today lol. My Body Secret has just opened recently and they are located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

They actually let me choose a facial treatment or body treatment, and I chose body treatment which I kinda regret now =x

Took this while waiting in the consultation room

Extremely love their purple theme ^^

The flower scented tea they served me~

Ok, let me tell you why I regret choosing the Body Treatment over Facial Treatment. Well it's not because their Body Treatment is bad, it's just that after the treatment only I realised, only one time cannot see result 1 unlike Facial Treatment lol =x

The free Body Treatment includes analysis on your body (height, weight, BMI) and also your eating habit and diet. After analysing, the will introduce their slimming packages to you and see if you are interested. Next would be the Body Treatment aka Slim Wrap lol.

I remember seeing it when I was younger in Phua Chu Kang series where PCK's wife Rosie when to a slimming center with her friend for slim wrap and they both fainted coz it was wrapped too tightly XD This is the very first time I'm experiencing it myself =x

Anyway, maybe it did shape my body for a while lol. It was nice to try =P Thanx Tian Chad for the free voucher. If you are interested, check out his blog to get the vouchers before it's finished ^^

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Healthy Morning XD

I felt really unhealthy for sitting in front of my PC only the whole day. So I decided from today onwards, I will spend my morning to go jalan-jalan at the playground near my house ^_^

Only this morning I realised that my stamina deteriorated a lot -_-" To tell the truth, I didn't really jog much because I'm panting like mad after jogging for like 5 minutes only? lol. So I just did brisk walking for 40minutes like that XD Slowly pick up la, dowan force myself, later pengsan there how? xP

A group of aunties dancing there.
I heard them dancing to the song Fire Burning by Sean Kingston ok? XD

Nearby is another group doing "Hei Gong" (not too sure =x)

I spotted a few guys playing basketball there and I couldn't resist but to walk over and asked if I could join them haha. Shot a few hoops for warming up, then played a game with them. Missed freaking a lot of shots at first but eventually I picked up later and my shots are getting better =P It was really great and fun as I really miss basketball very very much!

At the last point of the game, an accident happened. With my fingers straight up I kena hit by the ball, and sprained the middle 3 fingers =.= The other 2 not so teruk, but middle finger now swollen to 1 1/2 of my usual size T_T

I feel good that I'm actually doing something else besides sitting in front of my PC =D Anyone interested to join me? =P

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

Everyone have a place which they would wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. The most common dream destination would be Japan, Korea or Europe I believe. For me, my dream destination would be to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

Why? Because I've once heard from a friend of mine that the gentle giant whale sharks can be found there, and Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. It would definitely be every diver's dream to be able to dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

All types of corals and fishes you can see there

You get to see gigantic fish too

And look at this blue starfish!

But planning for a trip can be a hassle especially when you know nothing about the location. You do not know where to stay, to eat or what promotions are available for the location.

Well thankfully, we have! is a site by MAS to provide information to travellers around the world. They will recommend hotels and restaurants to dine at, as well as highlighting the promotions for the location you chose.

For now, they have data for Malaysia, Asia and Africa only, but soon to expand their database with more places such as Australia/New Zealand, North and South America as well as Europe =) is also one of the sponsors for Project Alpha Season 2~ Below are a few episodes of it, and I would say I'm loving it so far! ^^

P/S: This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2. Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How To Encrypt Your Blog Post

Previously, I saw someone with password protected blog post and I was wondering how they did it. So I Google around for information and what I found was Blogger do not provide password protected post =( But fortunately, I found an alternative which is to encrypt it instead~

A sample of encrypted post with password

Fang asked me how I encrypted my post few days ago, so I thought why not make a tutorial right =P Let's begin!

Step 1:
Paste this code between your blog's <head> and </head> tag

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

Step 2:
Click here to create your encrypted post.
Create a password at the Key section, type in your content at the Plain Text box. When you are done, just click encrypt and the encrypted post will be shown at the Cipher Text box.

Step 3:
Select the type of encryption you want at the HTML Code box. You can check out the different types of encryption here.

Step 4:
Copy the code and paste it into your blog post and you are done.

Step 5(a):
By default it will show the hyperlink with the words "Show encrypted text", but you can change it to whatever that fits you.

Step 5(b):
Another option is you can create a button for it instead like mine. You can click here to generate your own button. Save the image, upload it to your post and add in the decrypt link to your button image.

<a target="_blank" href="">

Let's say the code above is your image's code, just replace the link at "href=" with the link you got from your encrypted post's generated code.

Hope you all will find this tutorial useful =) Feel free to leave a comment or questions ^^

PC Fair @ KLCC

I went to PC Fair last Sunday with Henry, Alvin and his friends. Well I have nothing to buy actually, I just thought go jalan-jalan and find Kyrilx who told me he will be at the WCG room the whole weekend.

When we reached there, met up with Alvin and Nic at the KLCC's Food Court for lunch. After lunch we walked over to the Convention Center for PC Fair. WCG's room was located at 3rd floor, when I reach there I call Kyrilx but he didn't answer T_T

I still went in anyway and tried Guitar Hero XD It's nice to play, but I kept pressing the wrong key. Need sometime to get used to it haha.. Not long later, he sent me an sms telling me that he's not because WCG canceled the tourney so we left and continue to walk around.

Alvin met another friend too in another hall, and he joined us. The 3 of them were busy taking photos of the hot show girls XD With 3 big DSLRs around me, I didn't really took much photo with my phone's camera haha.

Got this free Polaroid photo from Western Digital.

I forced asked them to teman me take photo with the mascot again XD It is actually a contest, and the 1 with the funniest pose will win a camera I think. I only found out about the contest part after asking the staff if we are allowed to take photo with the mascots.

Saw this really cool Red Glitter guy in the hall selling speakers

Beautiful weather with beautiful view~

At the 2nd last hall, things sold there are more general and not specified or grouped. There were GPS, camera gadgets, printers, cables, softwares and much much more. We saw Olympus booth, and I took a card which says 3D effect but I couldn't figure out what's 3D about it until Alvin showed me XD See this...

1. The plain looking 3D card that I took from the counter

2. And here comes the Magic!! A camera will actually pop out from the card when it's in front of the special webcam by Olympus!

3. The magically popped out camera

We finished walking around 4pm. Went to A&W to yamcha, and Jayleo asked if we would like to go to Sg Wang to catch Mayday (五月天) perform. We went there, and waited for almost 2hrs, but it started to rained heavily when they were about to perform =.=

The crazy fans who stood under the rain for their idol

I decided to go home, because it's raining and it's not like we can see anything by standing far far behind. Anyway it was great to meet Alvin, Nic and Bert. Thanx for reading my boring PC Fair post.

P/S: If you want PC Fair gals photo, kindly visit Alvin and Henry's blog =D