Sunday, April 18, 2010

Job Fair @ Mid Valley

I went to Job Fair which was held at MVEC last Friday with Jayleo and Clevermunkey. We were supposed to meet at 11-11.30am but clevermunkey was late and asked us to go ahead first. It was a good thing that we applied for Express Pass because the queue without the pass was so long -_-"

The main entrance to Job Fair

People walking around looking at what's available

After entering to Hall 1, we went to some booth to see what job they have to offer, and only then I realised that I actually need to hand in my resume to them, and I've only got 1 copy with me =x So just halfway through, we have to go out and photostat my resume lol.

Jayleo's target XD

While going out, Munkey called and told us he's here. We were going out to meet him, but halfway through, I lost jayleo and I saw my secondary school friend in some room attending a talk. She asked me to go in so I thought why not?

Talk with tips on resume writing and interview skill sponsored by Kiwi.
Presented by: Daryl of Jobstreet

A lot of tips and useful information were given by Daryl. He taught us the fresh graduates on how to write an impressive resume, and what we should and shouldn't do during an interview. Jayleo later joined me in the talk, and both of us left Munkey outside =x

After the talk ended, jayleo was talking to a guy and I was wondering who he is. So I asked him, and found out that he's a blogger too~ He introduced himself as Specs =D Nice to meet ya ^^ We went out and meet up with Munkey.

Look at the shoes, got claw below!

Job Fair is Good!

Specs, Me and Jayleo

Everyone was hungry so we decided to makan 1st before we continue with the job hunting process. Lunch at McD!

Lunch McValue meal FTW~

Jayleo eying on the Fries LoL!

After refilling our stomach and resumes, we went back to the Job Fair again. Walked around and I dropped my resume at a few company. Wondering if any of them will have me =( Not long later, Jayleo was enquiring about a post offered by Sony Malaysia.

Talking with the Sony people

He told us to go ahead first, so we went on to the other halls. I dropped a few more resumes, and when we are done, went outside to wait for Jayleo.

Specs and Munkey while waiting for Jayleo.

Me and Munkey

Don't know why he's the only one with that pink sticker on his visitor sticker

After Jayleo was done, we grouped again and went behind the fair lol. The 3 of them were checking the maps and company list to see if any was missed out.

3 serious looking guys =x

After checking the list, we concluded that we are done, so off we go. But at the exit, something caught everyone's attention..

Ferrari on display!

It's actually some automobile company who's offering jobs too. There was Lucky Draw by the company, and the car above is the prize! We filled in quite a number of slips haha..let's see if any of us is lucky enough to get that car =P

We watched "When in Rome" after the Job Fair. I was the one who persuaded them to watch that actually haha..but seriously I was expecting it to be better after watching the trailer. But too bad, the trailer was better than the movie itself =(

So that's the end Job Fair, and Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair will be coming up next =)


algin said...

lol,i like thae 100k jobs

Spectre said...

hoping to land 100 k jobs ^^! but i will settle with better offer !

HenRy LeE ® said...

ALL THE BEST! Hope they will call u for interview soon! I look so formal... finally... hahaha! XD

thanks for the pic... grabbing it soon! :D

-JayLeo™- said...

the car is nt d prize la >< lol
nice post.
hope all 4 of us will get some good opportunities from this visit

kRaZy said...

haha everyone also want that.

wootz! =P

ya hope so =/

wei u all tell me it's the prize loh! cheat me 1?? T_T

kenwooi said...

i also want 100k job! =/

ShiN said...

find one for me!!!

kRaZy said...

I believe everyone want that XD

kRaZy said...

find wat? lol

"I" the writer said...

HAHAHA! "I" was there too, damn alot of people made me & my co-workers leave within 15mins ;)

kRaZy said...

Lol I was there early so it's not that packed =)