Monday, April 19, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair @ Times Square

Yay~! The long awaited Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair is finally here! It's not an ordinary event, it's a record breaking attempt for "The Largest Blogger's Gathering with Deodorant Street Fair"! I'm now (part of) a record breaker =D

I took public transport to Times Square that day. Was supposed to gather at KL Sentral monorail with LittleMonkey(FeeQ), Jayleo and Spec, but FeeQ was late so the 3 of us went to Times Square 1st. Once we reach, went to the main entrance of Times Square to have a look at the Street Fair.

I was so busy looking at the fair that I didn't notice Supia, Lemon and her bf was there lol=x Sorry~ not purposely 1 haha..

His orange camera so striking

Takuya Jayleo XD

The 3 colourful gals XD

Soon, the others reached too and we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast~ they have an extremely cheap breakfast set where you can get any 2 donuts + coffee/tea for only RM5.50!

FeeQ and his smaller monkey XD
The monkey is so cute~

Group photo *credits to FeeQ*

Nuffnang's staff busy packing our goodies bag =D

The registration began at 10am, and most of us were in front of the queue lol.

We were required to change into the Red Gatsby T-shirt provided by them in order to play the games. Well the T-shirt is not too bad actually, design is not too bad and quality is good =P After changing we were given a sticker with number on it to mark how many bloggers were there.

Lemon trying to crush the peanut XD

Don't we look like the red army LOL!
All of the bloggers were asked to gather and move to the back for a photo shoot session =)

SS with Jayleo

Another SS with Baboon =P

Jayleo and Vince92 aka the Pervert of Innit =P

After the photo shoot session, we continued playing all the games there! There's game that you will see at a normal street fair, but a bit disappointing that the "Air Bag Sumo Wrestling" game was no where to be seen =(

The making of Fariz VS Henry XD

Henry posing before the fight

Another SS shot, Jayleo hates Jason I think =P
Btw Jason, your blue contacts very nice le~

Gatsby Deodorant has brought out the inner kid of me LoL! I was literally running around, playing every single game they have haha. I even forced asked the others to teman me rock climbing! It's the 1st time I'm trying lol =P

Standing in front of the "mountain"

All of us lazing + queuing up there

W3ndee and Fiona came over to join us a while~

It's my turn finally, gearing up =)

Off I go, climb climb climb~

And surprisingly, I made it to the top! Used 1 min and 30 secs to complete it~

LittleMonkey and kRaZy

The sense of achievement is so great wei! I was told by the Gamekeeper that I'm the first gal who made it to the top =D Baboon, Jayleo and Vince92 climbed it too after me and all of us succeeded =P Oh ya, I met Shii Teck there too who was queuing up behind us ^^

Around 1.30pm, everyone is getting hungry so we decided to stop playing and get our lunch 1st. They decided to have lunch at Old Town White Coffee.

All red only one Purple hahah XD

My cute cute bearbrick (not original la..)

This part is the most awaited part by those of them who were present I guess -_-" Since even if I don't write about it they will, ok lah I will write this myself. Let me make this short story real short and simple.

Passed by Kindori while walking back to the Street Fair, kRaZy wanted to try this ice cream for some time already and they are having some promotion.

So kRaZy went in to get her Kindori ice cream happily but her happiness did not last long because...

Her ice cream just fell off the cone before she even get a bite on it T_T

With the empty cone still in her hand, she was laughing like mad while feeling sad that the ice cream was gone juz like that T_T

Thankfully, the shop owner pity me and replaced a new 1 for me haha. Baboon also buy 1 after that =P We then head on back to the fair for the 1st Lucky Draw session. All of us was hoping that one of our names will be mentioned for the 10 prizes, but too bad..none of us kena =(

Vince's friend, Joanne won a Nintendo Wii, congrats~ *jealous jealous*

Continued playing games to collect more coupons to redeem free gifts later. Now that we've had our lunch, more energy to run around XD

Played real life Snake and Ladder game, last minute lose to Jayleo because he climbed the longest ladder to the top T_T

I tried the Gladiator too, that thing is too heavy for me to sway and hit Henry XD
I ended up jabbing him with it only lol

You can now have a look at how I battled Henry thanx to Vince92 lol

Fish the Deodorant
Round 1: Baboon VS Jayleo
Referee: Vince92
Winner: Baboon (?)

Round 2: kRaZy VS CloudFly
Referee: Spectre
Winner: CloudFly (he's good at fishing the deodorant loh!)

Throwing Bull Ring, this game freaking hard =.= I didn't kena even once

Btw, around while I was playing golf at the end, I saw some of the Gatsby staff panicking and ran straight to the Rock Climbing section. Was wondering why so I look over and I saw this...

Wow! The whole pillar fell down! Luckily no one was hurt..

Imagine if you are climbing halfway and you saw the pillar falling on your right lol

5pm and all the game counters are closed. I've already redeemed my stuffs around 4pm, but in that one hour time I managed to get another 30point to claim more stuff XD

Gatsby goods for redemption~ they have almost everything!

While waiting for the 2nd round Lucky draw, more photos are taken XD here are some of the random and candid shots of us..

Yours Truly (^_^)v

CloudFly and Specs

Fariz and Henry

And this is what happens to the ambassador's posters when the event ends LOL!

These are what I've redeemed.
1st Row: Wet Tissues X 4
2nd Row: Moving Rubber Mat Type (S), Oil Clear Sheets X 2, Out Class X-tra Strong Clay (Limited Edition)
3rd Row: Facial cleanser, Moving Rubber Wax Spray

The reason that I redeemed so many packets of wet tissues is because I find them handy especially when you are attending some outdoor events. It can instantly freshen you up. Another reason is because I don't really have much use for those hair products or deodorants =x

It was a tiring but extremely fun day! All of us had a lot of fun and it was nice meeting everyone. Besides those mentioned above, I have also met Aidi, Jloi, Tian Chad, Lady V, Teh Tarik, MsXeroz, SimonSeow and Tallboyz. I hope I didn't leave anyone's name out. If I did, pls remind me ya =S

Last but not least, I would like to thank Henry for being our photographer of the day =D I had so much fun playing games that I didn't really took much photos haha. Those without watermark are grabbed from him =P


algin said...

@@ i wan gooooo T_T

Allison said...

looks like a very fun event :)

CloudFly said...

wah,u really took many photo ya

jfook said...

A fun event yet I missed it. :(

kRaZy said...

Too bad~ =P

Yes it was really really fun! =D

I took like 15 photos only, others I took from Henry haha..

U exam ma, hopefully they will have such fun events again ^^

Glo-w~* said...

Asking feeq to PS me in^^ lols...jeles of the fun n freebies!!!

taufulou said...

ahh. so this is the event that every 1 been bloogging about it~

looks fun~

HenRy LeE ® said...

u kept jabbing my face... hahaha... anyway it was a fun event! really enjoyed with all of u guys! :D

kRaZy said...

haha u ask FeeQ to do it la =P

yup it is~ a lot of other bloggers attended it too ^^

Because I dowan to be like Fariz XD

ohmywtf said...

aww...seem really fun and i missed it! :-(

Spectre said...

this gotta to be unforgettable event for me coz

1)U drop very expensive ice-cream and took me and other by surprise

2) it's the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia according to the Malaysia Book of Records

3) meet lotsa blogger!

4) have lotsa fun!

Hope to attend similar event in future!

kRaZy said...

Why muz the I dropped my ice cream part be the 1st reason! >.<

w3ndee said...

such a long post! nice one darling :>

ilyana said... look so happening there.

Xiaopei said...

I've been there too :)

Matjoe said...

I've been there too. had a really good time.

really enjoy reading this super long entry.

fiona06 said...

haha should have join u guys! wendy and I super paiseh over there. u must have played alot coz redeemed so many things. oh! and what happen to the icecream? lol

fiona06 said...

haha should have join u guys! wendy and I super paiseh over there. u must have played alot coz redeemed so many things. oh! and what happen to the icecream? lol

-JayLeo™- said...

fiona and wendee should join us for lunch la.
timothy spent us !!!

kRaZy said...

because I really enjoyed every moment of it haha..

yes it is =)

I know coz I saw u in some's blog, I 4got who ady >.<

Oo really? Haha thanx, lucky it didn't bored u =P

Lol no need paiseh 1 ma, actually you all can join us and have fun together. All of us also very cincai 1 haha..

kRaZy said...

the ice cream didnt stick the cone well, and when I'm closing my bag, slanting the ice cream a bit only, it fell off from the cone =.=

Wooi Kit said...

Yer....! I wan go but clashed with my class timetable... >.<

kRaZy said...

Wooi Kit:
lol really wasted loh =x

ezrasang said...

ahhhhh how I wish I was around in KL! >.<

-JayLeo™- said...

it's 1 of d best ever bloggers gathering. (my 1st ever bloggers gatherin too)
coz i've met krazy, monkey, fariz, vince, spectre, cloudfly, supia, baboon (always see him), fiona, wendee, etc etc. lol

Wee Sheong said...

so nice! i wish i was there too :(

Kenzo said...

T_T why i'm not there =(

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Wowww !! So nice !! ^_^

dhiyafaris said...

so much fun!!!
i was there too..


Jack Ng said...

nice .....