Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Treats~ ♥

I went to One Utama this afternoon, planned to shop but when I reach there it's so empty and no sales, so my mood to shop went off. I ended up walking around only haha. I passed by "The Cocoa Trees", a shop which sells imported chocolate and a tag caught my eye.


*Btw, it's Cadbury made in Australia and taste much better than those made in Malaysia so it's pricier than the regular ones you see in supermarkets. *

How can a chocoholic like me resist it? So, I went to the rack and started looking at the flavours they have. Black Forest, Hazelnut, Top Deck, bla bla bla..all try before already. But wait! Spotted something beside Crunchie.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Rocky Road!

Wow, now this is really something that I haven't tried before! Without hesitating, I picked up that lovely bar of chocolate and paid for it =P Haven't tried it yet, will tell you all if it's nice when I do haha..

A few shops ahead, I saw the cute cute pink "Sticky" shop and I walked into it under a trance XD They have new Sour Series candy and finally they have Lemon! Was so tempted to get a jar, but it costs RM13.90 le =/ So I continue looking around until I saw...

This big packet for only RM5!

Just because there's no jar and the candy are not equally cut but it doesn't really matter to me lol.

It says thank you to me for bringing it home =P

I wish they have loose pack for Lemon flavoured candy but too bad they don't T_T Same as my Rocky Road, it's still unopened and I'm planning to give some to my friends. There's really a lot in it lol. Hope everyone will have a sweet day like mine =P


Glo-w~* said... Belgian ecturer always says cadbury is not chocolate, it's candy. real chocolate comes fom belgium. he sasy la^^ i prefer dark choc^^

elynn-p :] said...

awww...looks cuh-yute, gal...

HenRy LeE ® said...

the no.1 reason of kencing manis & karies gigi... LOL... the cadbury consider cheap when it comes to non-tax free places. Haha...

I still have two bars with me. One is tiramisu cadbury... yummy! :D

The CleverMunkey

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeap.. That one is nice.
I always buy cadbury when I visit Labuan, Sabah.
FREE TAX! so I can sapu all 'unique' flavour tht are not available anywhere else. :D
P/s: Chocoholic is sexy! LOL XD

Grace said...

Rocky Road looks super yummy! Omg i want!

kRaZy said...

I guess I will still call it chocolate =P I like all sorts of chocolate be it milk or white or dark XD


Got 2 more bars 1 dun talk so much xP

Ya! Duty Free Zone is like heaven to me! But I haven't been to any for quite some time =(

I will try it now =P

POSH76 said...

dah le lapo tngk candy cam sedap ajer

Dylan Phuah said...

now im craving for something sweet!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Dylan u have craving much lately. Go check doctor maybe pregnant liao..

Nom Nom Nom~ I didnt know Aussie Choc and Malaysia Choc is different. Now i know~!!!

kRaZy said...

memang pun sedap =P

buahahaha =P

ya a lot ppl don't know about that too, but aussie's cadbury is the best~ (among cadbury la XD)

k e l y n said...

i wan i wan!

M a n n R u i said...

i ate that rocky road before
don like the cherry cherry jelly
awww it taste like antibiotic to me XD

kRaZy said...

Haha, come kl =P

I like the jelly haha, try it b4 in blackforest..