Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anub'seran, The Nerubian Weaver

The reason I'm blogging about Nerubian Weaver is not because I love this hero nor because I have anything guides or strategy to share.

Ever since this hero came out (I forgot which version already), everyone kept saying that it is an ant which I strongly disagree because I believed that it is a spider due to it's name. Weavers are usually used to describe spiders because they weave spider webs.

I always argue with my friends saying that it is a spider and not an ant but to no avail =/ Well today I'm going to proof that I've been right all this while!! I went and Google for it and this is what I found.

1. From Bay 12 Game Forum:

Name: Anub'Seran

Race: Spider (Like the warcraft 3 nerubians)

Concept: sneaky,wise,calm

Bio: Anub'Seran is a spider that comes from the deep cave
Kingdom of Spiders, they are well developed and have 2 eyes,and a slightly bigger head. They have their own language called "Anbumes", they prefer to not fight but if needed they will. Most of them have an urge to climb

2. From WikiAnswers

Q: What is Nerubian Weaver?

A: The Nerubian Weaver (Anub'seran) is an arachnoid ranged hero in PC game Warcraft III, Custom Map "Defence of the Ancients: AllStars". Its primary attribute is agility and it has 4 abilities: "Watcher", "Shukuchi", "Geminate Attack" and "Time Lapse" (Ultimate).

3. From WoWWiki

Nezar'Azret, a nerubian queen in the Third War.

It is also known as Spider Queen. S-P-I-D-E-R Queen and NOT Ant Queen ok! I found this article from WoWWiki. You can click on it to read the full article about Nerubian Queen.

So last but not least, once again I would like to say to all of you who've argued with me all these years, Anub'seran aka Nerubian Weaver is a SPIDER not ant!! That's all =D

P/S: Feel tak puas hati? Feel free leave your argument at my comment space wahaha! ^^


DauS said...

nerubian weaver, one of my favourite heroes! :D

kRaZy said...

Icic..for me ok ok lah. I wouldn't mind using it haha.

cr3ap said...

Lol, it is a spider theoretically, but ingame it does looks more like an ant which is why the reason people call it an ant :D

kRaZy said...

Haha but it's still a spider! So people should start calling it a spider as it is =x