Friday, January 8, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Watched this movie at Mid Valley just now with Wateva/Jr/Ryan. Super super super disappointed with the movie. According to the poster above, this is supposed to be one of the scariest movie of all time? Please...who are you trying to cheat?

This movie sux. I know it's an independent movie but who say that independent movie must be sucky? Transamerica is an independent movie as well but it's great. Ok let me start with why I think this movie sux.

First of all, as Jr predicted, this movie is like Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project, where the whole movie is shoot by a hand held camera so you can expect a lot of shaky scenes. To tell the truth, I didn't watch any of that 2 before, I've only heard of them so I thought that getting headaches after watching is like a bit exaggerating. But this movie really gave me a headache -_-" I don't know if it's my seat or it's the movie but I just can't watch this comfortably.

Second would be the storyline. It's so draggy, and boring. Only the ending part was like a bit scary. The front part all..kind of waste time. The setting of the story is only the living room and the bedroom (most of the time, bedroom). Starting till mid, only can hear sounds and see light movements.

Third, the ending was really really disappointing. I was like "WTF? End already?? Zzzz!!". Credits also don't have. Just 4 rows of words, and blank screen. Argh!

So for me, this is the "siong che" movie of 2010. I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch it. It's not even scary and it's draggy....

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