Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KFC Malaysia disappointing Fans on Facebook

This is what happened yesterday on the 19th of January, 2010. As I've mentioned previously in my post KFC Zinger Tower Feed me Fast Contest, KFC Malaysia is having a contest that's runned on Facebook.

I took part in the contest too, with a lot more other Facebook users. There is a thing call Bonus Hour in the contest, where the daily winners will have to wait for it be announced, then be the fastest XX person to upload a proof of purchase of any Zinger Tower related product to win KFC vouchers. They will announce beforehand if there will be a Bonus Hour or not for the day, so we will have to continue waiting to win.

On Sunday, after the Daily Contest ends, they said that they won't be Bonus Hour today but there will be a big one tomorrow, meaning Monday.

This statement kept many of the fans waiting on Monday, because they made it sound like there's gonna be Bonus Hour on Monday. So many of the fans waited on Monday for the whole day and they ended up being disappointed of course. Many of them left comments asking, "Where is the Bonus Hour?", and this is what KFC Malaysia replied..

According to them, they didn't state that they will be a Bonus Hour on Monday and fans should refer to the daily post for info and updates. Ok so fine, some of the fans accepted it because KFC Malaysia is right, they really didn't say that they will be a Bonus Hour on Monday directly.

Then Tuesday, which is yesterday, 19/1/10, I joined again hoping that I can win the Bonus Hour vouchers. Well, I did qualify for it for the 2nd session and was quite happy then. When they announced the Daily Winners, they stated that there WILL BE A BONUS HOUR TODAY.

I was quite excited that there is a Bonus Hour because that is the reason I joined this contest for, the KFC Vouchers. So I waited for the Bonus Hour after it was announced at 3pm. One hour, two hours, three hours! The seventh hour is 10pm, and I begin to get impatient so I posted a comment asking when is the Bonus Hour.

To my surprise, there are a lot more who's waiting for the Bonus Hour like me. We were all starting to get impatient because, hey, 10pm already, still no news. A lot of us have been waiting since the Bonus Hour was announced at 3pm ok?

Anyway, I still waited till 12am, because by doing so, I can say that THERE IS NO FREAKING BONUS HOUR ON 19/1/10! Not only that, there wasn't even any updates or whatsoever to tell us what's going on. A lot of us who waited for the Bonus Hour left various comments and uploaded screenshots, demanding an explanation.

Click to Enlarge

But there is something more disappointing the Bonus Hour that didnt came, look at the screenshot below on what KFC Malaysia have to say regarding the matter yesterday.

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Ya, that's all they have to say for yesterday, technical error. Just one freaking TECHNICAL ERROR made don't know how many of us waiting for the whole damn night! For me, it's only one night, but for a lot others, it's two nights in a row straight! What's worse, this is the one and only reply they gave to all of us regarding this matter.

No further explanation, or details were given. They say they are gonna compensate the Bonus Hour by giving it out today but what's the point?? It's only for the daily winners of Day 10, but not us who waited the whole damn night for it! More questions were posted after that, but none were replied by KFC Malaysia.

Seriously, irresponsible. You think with just a post, saying that there's technical error can compensate all of us for the time spent in front of the monitor waiting for the damn Bonus Hour? And questions were left unanswered, details not clarified.

Anyway, I won't give a $#!t about this stupid Contest anymore. I won't waste another day waiting for the Bonus Hour that is once again promised today but God knows if it will come or not.

To you guys who's joining, have fun. Good Luck, and hope your Bonus Hour comes =)

UPDATED on 21/1/10, 1.26am
KFC Malaysia deleted all the screen shots that were uploaded by the disappointed fans regarding the Bonus Hour that never came. So this is how you handle issues, with a "Delete" button :)


Kellaw said...

sabar. we all sama sama boycott kfc for the month ok?

vkvun said...

I also participate in it, but lazy to wait for those clues. haha.

mr duck said...

haha. jom boycott kfc!

KwOnG FeI said...

kfc? i dun like the contest as hw it run..
thus, i never bother to join..
i dun really like competition requiring you to purchase and purchase and purchase ..
anyway, KFC ranking in msia has dropped down..
they r trying to relive back with all sort of such games

Simon Seow said...

KFC? I rarely eat. Maybe once a year.

kRaZy said...

kellaw: u more cham than me loh >.<

vkvun: lol, i ntg to do ma..

mrduck: ya jom! haha..

kwongfei: it doesn't really require us to purchase much stuff, just that we have to wait more..anyway, today they kena flame again for another incident.

simon: lol..i eat maybe like once in 2 mths haha..

cr3ap said...

Patience my gal, don't be angry or upset anymore. What's is done is done. That's fate. You already got something so just took what you have and leave the rest for the others. What's is gone is gone, there is no use angry over something that is past. Cheer up and today is another good day.

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

I hate the way they handle it..that's all. Not because I can't get the vouchers or wat..

shengfatt said...

same case happened to me!!!! better buy one and eat, stop playing the game!

nanged u. nang this and Stop using Internet Explorer now!!!

Aj said...

KFC got somekind hidden agenda.. i dunno.. i hate guy with white beard and same with the clown with big red shoes

kRaZy said...

shengfatt: so u waited also like me? damn them la..i also dowan play ady. Plus I don't really eat KFC anyway..I just thought if can get then can treat my frens go eat..

AJ: lol, u anti fast food? =P

..nOj.. said...

on sunday i dont think kfc said there will be a bonus hour, they only mention a BIG ONE. they give much more burger on monday right? thats the BIG ONE on my opinion.

will not boycott kfc coz ive already won on day 2.

Wen Pink said...

well they say they will compensate. let's hope they will!

Elaine New said...

i stopped joining all these stupid contest in fb. haha. learnt my lesson.

Brain Cell Killa said...

i gave up on KFC a loooooong time ago.. prefer ayam penyet nowadays. hahaha

kRaZy said...

noj: i know, so i didnt blame them for monday, but wat about tuesday? i've a screenshot of them saying directly there WILL BE bonus hour ok?

wen pink: They are just giving away Bonus Hour today which is only for today's winners. Those who won yday will not be able to take part in it..they thought that just by giving a bonus hour today can cover up what they did yesterday but it cant!

kimi.jay: haha..I'm not a big fan of them anyway..I just thought it would be nice if I get to win this. Can treat my friends go makan together..

izzahfarhana said...

thats why some people very particular when their name not in the list but they eligible for it because of the btw you still can join for bonus hour eventhough u're not the daily winner on that day. Each winner is only entitled to win a maximum of 2 prizes only throughout the contest period (includes both daily wall post & bonus hour).

Dear all, all past winners are entitled too. we were referring to day-10 winners as they are the winners for the day. Hope this clears up the air..<--from KFC.

they supposed to use clear wordssssss

Supia Chao said...

Pity you. I have never been a fan of KFC. lol. Think this will be a lesson for all of us to learn. Contest on facebook is not that functioning.

Steven said...

Forget KFC; Kenny Rogers FTW

Zool Blogger said...

Hm.. luckily i'm not obsessed about this contest..
Don't waste your time anymore..


Aidi-Safuan said...

last time, mcD organized a contest which the winner got an iphone had no prob at all. haha...

funny lar KFC

kRaZy said...

Even in their rules and regulations, they wrote that Bonus Hour is only eligible for Daily Winners..and now they are saying it's open for all the winners? Jokers..

Supia, Steven, Zool Blogger:
Well ya, I know now..I don't really bother about that contest anymore. But still, their attitude of ignoring so many Fans without a proper explanation, this is what that really pissed me off and made me decided to write about this.

Lol, no idea..this is the 1st time I actually take part in contests like this haha..

KaorU IchibaNa said...

y lar they did that so??
kesian to all those who are waiting lar..nvm
dont need to wait anymore BONUS HOUR

go to nearest KFC and buy one,thats faster

ps:got ur nuff MILO

kRaZy said...

Well, I will choose to go McD instead of KFC I think =P

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

Good post. I was frustrated with KFC myself. My experience was during the
"KFC happy morning breakfast" contest. I wanted to participate but was disqualified because i dont have enough receipts for my entry. I submitted 300++ photos. then they say i misunderstand the T&C. OK fine. But then, whats the point of having a competition, where you gotta go camp at KFC for receipts. The winners all have 300++photos too, meaning that they have to get 300++ receipts!


RaDeN_PaRJoE said...

Small matter, since all of you had the proof on KFC facebook just make a froud report to Kementerian Hal Ehwal Pengguna via online.

kRaZy said...

We've learnt our lesson I guessed. They all cover up their mistakes by putting the blame on us. They didn't even follow the contest mechanic as stated, they just changed it as they wish, especially to cover up their error.

Kinda hard for contest because in the T&C, they always have "The organiser reserves the rights to change ______ without notice".

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

thats y KFC is going down down down..Bad Service, Bad system..

zhOprenIa said...


kRaZy said...

ya..if like that, they better dun organise any more contests..

yup, really sad to see their attitude like this