Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog To Impress or Express?

This is something that came to my mind few days ago. Blog, also known as web log, is supposed to be like a virtual diary where you write down things that happened to you and all. Majority of the bloggers would say that blogs are supposed to be an expression of the blogger itself and not to impress others, but I don't really see much of it happening now.

Nowadays with so many companies that provide ads to our blog, the purpose of blog begin to change. More and more people hopes to earn easy money through blogging. They want to increase the traffic of their blog and in order to do so, they start to "Blog To Impress".

No strangers will find your everyday life interesting unless you are someone Big and Famous, which explains why the Paparazzi exists. So to attract more people to read their blog, they will blog about things which they think people will be more interested in, such as all the "How To's", or some breaking issues that everyone already know about but can't get enough of them.

Some create fake profiles, with fake photos, and fake stories but presenting it in a manner as if everything is true. For example, pretending to be a rich, pretty and popular gal and bitching about everything but in real life, she could be someone who is rejected in class and have no friends. All of this, just to get people to read your blog. Is this the purpose of blog?

And there is a type that I don't really like, the type that ask every single person to link them up. Perhaps they hope that their name can appear on every single blog to show that they are famous? Who knows, but for me, exchanging links should only be done after some time, when you start to know the person better, or IF you really read their blog. What's the point of adding a person's link that you don't know and you won't read their blog?

I'm not saying that everyone should just blog to express and not impress, but don't let Impress take over Express. Of course, everyone will feel happy when their blog's traffic increases, but wouldn't it be more satisfactory if the traffic increases because you are being yourself instead of pretending to be someone else? ^^

Anyway, it's just my opinion. Hope no one would be offended by it =)


Nikel Khor said...

money gal car is so important

from Nikel Khor

Weird Dan said...

Many things I can agree with you. Used to blog to express, until when people started reading, you need to know how to blog for your readers.

Quality is good :)

kRaZy said...


Lol, ya..well if you write better and make ur blog nicer, it is a way to say that you are respecting your readers but shouldnt overdo it too much..

shengfatt said...

express urself through words in blog and let the words in ur blog to impress others....

kRaZy said...

yea! i like it haha..

♥Baboon♥ said...

agree with Shengfatt,

I do still blog walking and ask people to visit back my blog so that I know more bloggers.
I wouldn't have know you if I did not blog walking here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, blog walking can be interesting and fun, especially, if you're new to all the blogosphere.

I still think blog to express is better and more personal and impressing others.

Are we blogging for ourselves or for the others??

kRaZy said...

yea~ if u didnt blog walk to my blog i wun know u :P

of coz blog should be for ourselves but nowadays more and more ppl are blogging for others instead of themselves.