Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celcom VS DiGi Part 2

Previously I wrote a post by the title Celcom VS DiGi Live at my blog just because I think it's quite funny seeing both Telco ads appearing at my blog the same time.

Who knows, there's more to it! I saw a video which was shared on Facebook by my friend and it's featuring Celcom and DiGi too haha. The moment I saw it, I know I have to make a Part 2 in my blog XD

Videos on Facebook can't be embedded here, so I went and search in YouTube. I'm surprised there's more video on this! So behold all,Celcom VS DiGi Part 2 *grins*

*Video 1 and 2 quite violent. I shall rate them as 18PL xP You have been warned!*

1. This is the video I saw on Facebook. It's funny but too bad no audio =/

2. Funny, but violent =x

3. This is the original DiGi ad with something was added on behind =P

Hope you guys enjoyed it like I did haha! I love the word they used, "Pwned" LOL!


cr3ap said...

Yerrr all also like so cruel and evil :D
Really pawned kao kao. You really like pawned that word huh. Seems like you play dota too much already :D. Any new changes on dota? :D No time to play yet still ongoing exams.

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

It's pwned, without "a" XD latest version now is 6.66 loh, ES ulti got changes, Doom's devour skill also changed. I like the new Doom haha..

NGoNgexz said...


PeckWm said...

This is funny! LoL