Friday, January 22, 2010

Changed My Blogskin

I changed back to my old blogskin again because I really can't stand the black background of my previous blogskin. I don't really like dark coloured backgrounds..

This blogskin still needs editing, but I'm quite tired now, been editing it for 2-3 hours X_X So sorry ya, it's a bit messy now..

I need help, does any of you know how to add in menu bar which contain Home, RSS Feed, Comments and Login function? I have it in my previous skin but don't know how to add it myself T_T

Btw which do you prefer? My current blogskin or the previous one? And what do you think of my current skin? Please leave a comment thanx~*


Finally I manage to add those buttons doesn't really look that nice =x Use it 1st, next time find better one only replace it XD


FeeQ said...

u really like purple ya XD...but I still prefe the previous one...

I U only want the background to become white, u just need to change the code only XD

kRaZy said...

That skin is created by someone 1 ler..not me. And that design wun look that good if I change it to white =(

Dylan Phuah said...

this one looks nice... its neat and fresh. most important thing is, its not dull looking.
for the menu bar, i cant help you with that cuz i dont know too. i got my template from other sites.

neways, like the new look.

shengfatt said...

i hate dark colour toooo....
hope this may help,

nanged u. Nang this to read about the official letter that i received from Google!

Supia Chao said...

I prefer white background! This is nice and neat.

Himmat Singh said...

Hey there...I think you can add the menu by going to edit layout and add links...I think lah.

This layout is nice, too bad I dont know ur previous one...hope to hv u link to me too if u can.


kRaZy said...

Dylan, Supia:
thank you for ur precious opinions =D

thanx! I will try and see if it works ^^

lol, it's ok. thanx a lot. Hmm I only link people after I start getting to know them >.<

Joey.K said...

i like bright background also...=)
previously the purple skin makes me think that you are a very cool girl... =P

kRaZy said...

Haha, I am cool wat *cough cough* =P

Joey.K said...

lolz...then i should use COLD instead of COOL...=P