Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm a Tooth Fairy..

Tooth Fairy lives in a community of our own. There are a lot of Tooth Fairies around (if not how do you think we can collect teeth of little ones all around the world!?) being assigned to different places.

As a Tooth Fairy, a handheld GPS is a must have for us. We get orders and locations from "The Upper People" to collect tooth of little ones. *winks*

This is my trusted partner, I call him...The Ultimate! (sounds cool doesnt it?)

Next, to ensure that my operations are smooth and that I don't leave behind any traces, I would definitely need a pair of rubber gloves! It might be something small BUT it plays a big role. You wouldn't want to leave fingerprints behind and later to be identified, right? *grins*

*Wriggle wriggle*

You might wonder, " do Tooth Fairy avoid waking up the kids while collecting their teeth?". Well you guys are lucky, I'm gonna share it with you today ^^

This is our secret!

Sleep spray made from concentrated college lectures and instrumental indie rock. Just a spray can put anyone into a deep long sleep.............

.........just like her!

With the child being asleep, we can continue with our operations smoothly. But we must still stay alert and be prepared to use the spray on their parents in case they come into the room unexpectedly.

Small size test tubes must be brought along so that the tooth we collected can be kept and labelled accordingly.

Well, this is something for the "Administration Department" who wants us to keep a record of the tooth we collected =/

Last but not least, a sack filled with currency of the countries we are appointed to.
You wouldn't wanna give RM to kids at..let's say, Canada, would you? Imagine what would happen if we gave the wrong currency..

MOMMMMY!! The Tooth Fairy came and took my tooth but he left an unknown coin under my pillow!! I've been shortchanged!!!

We, the Tooth Fairy, have a reputation to keep and we will never let the children accuse us of shortchanging their tooth. *Professional smile*

I've disclosed the secret of the Tooth Fairy. I'm gonna be hated by all other Tooth Fairies BUT it will be worth it IF Nuffnang gives me a pair of invites to the special screening of Tooth Fairy this 25 January *grins*

P/S: This is just a made up story by me, it has nothing to do with anyone or anything. If it does, then it is just mere coincidence =x

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