Monday, January 4, 2010

Shopping @ Sunway Pyramid

It was already the 2nd last day of sales. So as a kiasu person, I called Siew Ching to go Sunway Pyramid together and see if there's anything else I can grab before the sales is over =P Our first stop was Kitschen and I found out from Joey that they are having some competition where you can legally camwhore in their fitting room with their latest collection. Woo Hoo~! So me and Siew Ching camwhore a bit la while trying the clothes although the competition is over already haha =x

Ok lah I admit my camwhore skill sux =/

After that continue shopping till we reach the center court of Sunway Pyramid. We were facing the back of it, and I thought it's some circus thingy so go and see. Mana tau, it's their Christmas and New Year deco haha. Their theme is Magnifique Christmas, with a lot of mannequins dressed like masquerades.

The entrance

Siew Ching and some Greek statue =x

That day, didn't get much stuff. Siew Ching bought 2 tops, while I only got a T-shirt from FOS lol. Sad..well that is because I don't even really know what kind of shirt am I looking for haha. Just walk around, randomly browsing but have nothing in my mind =( I'm really bored of jeans and t-shirt, would love to change my style but duno change what style la. Hmm, what do you guys think? =P

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