Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mist Club @ Bangsar

Went to Mist Club yesterday. Fredrick asked me to join him go and I haven't been to Mist Club before so I agreed. Every Friday is Lollipop @ Mist Club and tonight's theme is Phat & Furious where they have loads of awesome cars parked around the Club. Most of the cars I saw is Mazda Rx8, all with different themes and designs. It's really cool seeing so many nice cars there ^^

One of the car featured there, goes by the theme of Need For Speed.

Closer shot of the car

Awesome looking cars outside, wild party people inside =D

Dj doing their thing. One of them is the featured Dj Monkey

I met Adrian, and he brought me up to the VIP area to join some private party there =D Thanx a lot Adrian. You really saved my day night =P He introduced some of his friends to me as well. Besides that, I also saw some of my super-long-time-no-see friends XD

Adrian getting cranky and the blur me =x

Most unexpectedly,or should I say expected? *Unexpected is because I don't know he will be there, and expected is when I see Rx8 cars all over Mist Club* I met Wayne when I was going in the club. His car was one of those that were featured at the club. (The Need For Speed car is his =P) Since saw him, so I asked him to take a pic with me *grins*

Me and the GODmother XD

Got kinda tired after dancing for quite a while at the dance floor, so decided to take a seat and rest. While sitting there with nothing to do, I randomly snap some shots to be uploaded here haha. (Ya I already planned to blog about it the moment I'm there haha)

Love the light effects a lot ^^

Took this from the VIP area. Everyone is partying hard and having fun at the dance floor =)

The limited Lollipop tee for the 1st 50 ladies =D

Overall, I think Mist Club is not too bad, kinda happening. The crowd there is made up all races, and younger groups. Quite a lot of hot chicks XD Music wise, I still prefer Poppy =/ Anyway I would still say, it's worth checking out Mist Club ;)

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Kyuubi_85 said...

wah, having great time eh.. :D

kRaZy said...

yup i sure did =P

Michael Yip said...

The 'Cop' car don't look like a cop car at all. LOL.

It's been awhile since lat went to Mist. Sigh...

kRaZy said...

haha, I'm not too sure coz I don't play NFS =x

cr3ap said...

Nice car theme of need for speed police car

Regards from cr3ap

Wayne said...

Haha googled out ur blog ~.~ din know u post my pic here

kRaZy said...

welcome to my blog XD wat u typed to get my blog lol?