Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells Like Sensitive

Sensitive men are cool aren't there? It's really hard to find a guy who will be sensitive enough to know that you are unhappy even when you are trying to hide it, or someone who knows what are the things that will hurt others. He must also be sensitive enough to know care about other's feelings when he's perspiring like mad and emitting body odour to others =x

But sensitive is not good for everything, especially sensitive skin =( It's really sad that in the market there are a lot of products which is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Thankfully, Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant Spray series are "sensitive" enough to come up with something for those with sensitive skin yay~!
It is not only gentle on the skin with soothing aloe vera to pamper the sensitive skin, but provides long lasting protection from sweat as well! It is also anti whitening to minus white marks on body and clothes, and consists of 0% Alcohol too!

Not only that, I think that sensitive smells the best too among the Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant Spray series =P so IF I have a sweetheart, he will definitely smell like Sensitive, something for someone with a sensitive heart and skin =P

Btw, enjoy the few episodes of Project Alpha below =)

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

One fine morning, Aunty Pei Li went to the market wanting to get some fish for lunch. Off she went but...

...the market is empty! Curious to find out what happened, she decided to find her regular fish seller Lei Mai Yu.

Lei Mai Yu was very depressed with the bad business.

She asked Lei Mai Yu why the market is empty, and to answer that question he brought her to...

Pizza Hut!? Why Pizza Hut?

She wondered why Pizza Hut was so busy while the market is empty

*Closer Look*


*15 minutes later...*

Extremely tempting Fish King Pizza by Pizza Hut served by a very friendly waiter with a great smile, no wonder why Pizza Hut business so good!

Fish King pizza finally arrived!

Lei Mai Yu and Aunty Pei Li can't help but to stare at the pizza with awe~

Fish King pizza is Hot and Oven Fresh~!

With a zest of lemon to enhance the taste of the Fish King pizza

Stringy Mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza~

A slice of Fish King pizza, loaded with crabsticks, yellow onions, roasted caspicums, juicy pineapple with a cool lime mayo sauce as base and topped with mozarella cheese with a fish finger made of specially-imported Alaskan Pollock!

Good stuffs are meant to be shared with others ;)

Fish finger made of specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, not something you can find everyday~

Aunty Pei Li's attention was 100% on the Fish King pizza that she didn't even notice when did Lei Mai Yu went missing. She looked around and saw...

Lei Mai Yu is ordering a Fish King pizza without her!! How could he...! =(

Even Lei Mai Yu the fish seller who've seen and tried fishes all over the world couldn't resist the temptation of Fish King pizza by Pizza Hut!

As Pizza Hut's slogan goes, "Eat·Laugh·Share", Lei Mai Yu decided to share the Fish King with Aunty Pei Li.

So they ate, they laughed and they shared the pizza moment together ^^

This is our Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut, what about yours? ;)

P/S: This post is for contest purpose and it's a collaboration of kRaZy and Clevermunkey~ hope you guys enjoyed it ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

I think that as a celebrity, grooming is very important because how they look would be how they stay in their fan's mind. Nobody will adore or go crazy after a person who's droopy looking, with messy hair flying all around the person's face and the worse of all, a sweaty and stinky person.

Below are the 2 celebrities that I think needs deodorant, and I am being very fair by choosing one from each gender =P
Mariah Carey, the well known diva. I never expect that I would be able to find a photo of her with sweat stain at armpit for she's such a diva that I thought she should be more well aware of how she looks. She really needs a deodorant.

Next we have Mr George Clooney! Look at this man! His pants and shirts are literally soaked with his sweat eeewwwwwwww! Is there any of you girls out there who wants a hug with George Clooney now? =P I think I spotted sweat dripping off his moustache as well? =x

*photo credits to*

If I have the chance, I will definitely introduced them to Adidas Action 3 Intensive Anti-Perspirant Spray! As they are celebrities, they tend to be out and going more than us, therefore they might not have much time to "touch up" their deodorant in the middle of the day.

With the Intensive Anti-Perspirant Spray, it will last them almost throughout the day, and this can assure them that there will be no more ugly photos of them with sweat stains published. They can always stay as the elegant ones and become the idol of everyone again ;)

Btw, enjoy the few episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 below =)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wiggy Design

I would definitely have my Wiggy with chibi version DotA characters on it =D

Do enjoy the following episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 below ^^

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy and fell sick T_T

Will write new posts as soon as I'm better and done with my stuff

Hope that you all will still visit my blog =D

Have a nice week ahead~ ^^

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Descent 2


"The Descent 2" picks up immediately after the events depicted in "The Descent." Sarah (MacDonald), emerges alone from a cave system following an expedition with her five friends in the Appalachian mountains. Distraught, injured and covered in the blood of her missing companions, Sarah is incoherent and half-wild with fear. Skeptical about her account of events and convinced Sarah's psychosis hides far darker secrets, Sheriff Vaines forces her back into the caves to help locate the rest of the group. Trapped by falling rocks, the rescue party are driven deep into the caverns, and as one by one the fate of the missing girls is revealed, Sarah is forced to confront her deepest fears.

Before I watched this, I thought that I have not watched the prequel before. But at the middle of the movie when those "crawlers" made their appearance, it was then that I realised that I did watch a movie featuring creatures like this before.

This movie in my opinion is quite plain. It is like repeating what have happened in The Descent, except that this time there are new characters ready to be ripped apart by the "crawlers". The gore level is lower than what I expected too. Only 1 part of the movie made me go "eeewww..." because I didn't expect the hand to be chopped off at the moment lol.

Besides that, I think that the way this story end is a bit sucky =x Everyone dies, and the last survivor who escaped thanx to Sarah, ended up ambushed and thrown back to the cave -_-" I would rate this movie 6/10, there is just not enough suspense/horror/gore in this movie for me =/

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Descent 2 Screening at e@curve

Went for the Descent 2 Screening on the 18th May at e@Curve. Once again I got my invites thanx to Nuffnang yay~! Recently most of the movies I've watched also because of Nuffnang =P

As usual, we have to be there an hour before the screening to collect our tickets. I met up with Henry and Baboon who were already queuing up. W3ndee was there too with Fiona =D I also met Jiayeen for the very 1st time =P

Ticket collection started. The guy collecting ticket is Tallboyz XD

Loads of I ♥ Nuffnang badges for the Nuffnangers~

Munkey and W3ndee while queuing up~

Wondering why Jayleo's name was not mentioned? Because he was late XD he came only after we've collected the tickets~

Today besides the screening of The Descent 2, it is also a very special day for Fariz~! It's his 2Xth birthday =D (X because I know he will kill me if I put in the number XP). Henry as his kawan baik came up with a small birthday surprise for him =)

We actually prepared a cake with candle and sang him a birthday song at the cinema's entrance =x a bit paiseh but for a friend's birthday, nvm la XD

Fariz posing with the cake

The lovely Tiramisu from Secret Recipe =P

Movie review will be in my next post. Nice to meet everyone there, including Jackie and Ryan =P
Oh ya, during the funny, there was a funny incident that happened. I don't know if anyone else noticed it but I heard someone farted freaking loudly =x He/she was a few rows in front of me XD


Do you agree with the statement of my title that Football = Adidas? I do not know about you but I personally agree with it very much.

When one mentions football, a lot of people will relate it with Adidas. Why? That would be because one of the main focuses of Adidas is football kit and associated equipment. Adidas also provides apparel and equipment for all teams in Major League Soccer.

Adidas remain a major company in the supply of team kits for international football teams. Current examples include Scotland, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Venezuela and Ukraine.

Football fans will usually will hope to get whatever their favourite football player is wearing, and Adidas being one that have sponsored so many football teams around the world will definitely manage to attract a lot of football fans to get their merchandises.

Even among my frens who are crazy over football, everytime we are in a shopping center, they will definitely go in the shop checking out the latest football jerseys/shoes. Sometime I think Adidas is for football fans is like Zara for ladies lol =P

Btw they are having an event, Adidas Pure Game South Africa which will be held at Mid Valley from 19th to 23rd May. Another reason on why Football=Adidas ^_^

Do enjoy a few episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 below =)

Align Center

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Who do you think will win the World Cup this year? Although I'm not really a fan of football, but still I do watch World Cup. Perhaps it's due to everyone around me are into football lol. Once World Cup starts, you can't escape from it. Everyone will talk about it be it your family or friends, colleagues, or anyone.

In my opinion, the happiest people in town during the World Cup season would be *drum rolls*
You cant deny that their business booms during World Cup season =P Even I do follow my frens to mamak stalls to join in the World Cup fever lol.

Anyway back to the topic, who do you think will win the World Cup this year? I believe a lot of people will say Brazil? =D For me, I support Portugal and Brazil, don't ask me why for I doubt I can answer you =x And I think BRAZIL will win the World Cup this year...again! XD

Anyway, in conjunction with World Cup 2010, Adidas and P1W1MAX are definitely not missing out =P Adidas Action 3 came up with a Special Edition Adidas Pure Game set. When you purchase the set, you will also get a RM30 P1W1MAX voucher and a LIMITED EDTION South Africa 2010 Key ring as well! It's a promotion that should not be missed!

For more info on the promotion, you can check it out at In the meantime, do enjoy the following Project Alpha Season 2 videos ^^

P/S: This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2. Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Rojak @ SS15, Subang Jaya

I went back to college last week, and was craving for Indian Rojak, so I decided to satisfy my craving at the famous rojak stall near my college~ The stall is located in front of SS15's KFC.

There's always a queue no matter what time you are there

Their price list

The rojak guy skillfully cutting the ingredients

A plate of delicious rojak =D

All the ingredients are fresh, taste good and it comes in a generous portion ^^ What I love about the rojak from this stall is the sauce actually. The sauce contain a lot of crushed peanut, and they added sesame to it as well which made it taste better~ The crackers are crispy as well.

I would say it's the best Indian Rojak I've had so far =) if you know anywhere with better rojak, pls tell me so I can go check it out XD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Molten Lava @ 1 Utama

Last Wednesday, I was invited by Botakai to makan at Molten Lava in 1 Utama. Molten Lava is a shop specialised in Churros, which is also known as Spanish doughnut. As a dessert/snack lover, how can I not try this right? =D

The modern looking Molten Lava, located near Cold Storage

Churros with Cinnamon Sugar

Churros with Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle

Churros with Sambal Ikan Bilis

Churros with Molten Chocolate Dip

Look at the rich chocolate dip =D~

This is the first time I ever tried Churros, but I can say it's really love at first bite! The outer layer is very crispy, while the inner part is super soft and fluffy! It tastes good with any topping or dips, and my personal favourite would be Churros with Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle because I love caramel and chocolate XD
Price: Ranging from RM4.80 to RM6.50

Funnel Cake with Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle

Funnel Cake with Banana, Caramel and Ice Cream

Funnel cake with Strawberry and Ice Cream

Funnel cake got it's name from the funnel used to create it. It is made of very thin layers weaved like a web, therefore it's crispy if compared with Churros. I like the Funnel cake Strawberry and Ice Cream, both of it complement the funnel cake crispy texture well in my opinion =D
Price: Ranging from RM6.50 to RM10.50

Filled Churro
Clockwise: Chocolate, Dulche De Leche (Milk Caramel), Strawberry

Filled Churro is almost the same as Churros, except that is's bigger and there's filling inside of it. Filled Churro is bigger in size, so it's fluffier if compared to Churros. With the generous amount of filling, you can feel it flowing out with every bite you take~
Price: RM4.50 each

Tart of the Day

Roti Paratha with Banana and Peanut Butter (RM5.00)

Adorable looking cupcakes~ (RM2.80)

There are other things on the menu besides Churros, and they have Custom Made Cupcakes as well. Birthday Cupcakes is the new in thing now ;)

Tom Yam Fried Rice (RM6.80)

Looking for something more filling? Fret not as they have rice and noodles too, and I can assure that the rice and noodle taste as good as the Churros =D

Molten Lava is located near Cold Storage in 1 Utama

Overall I think the price is reasonable for good food like this =) Besides it's not like you can find Churros easily, so it will definitely be worth making a visit to Molten Lava ^^ Do check out the shop if you happen to be in 1 Utama~ Remember to share with me your dining experience at Molten Lava after you've tried ^^

P/S: Credits to Henry for the photos ^^